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Difference Between Zoospore And Zygote

Difference Between Zoospore And Zygote

Different organisms have various types of reproductive systems in their life cycle. However, they serve a similar purpose of producing a new organism or an offspring. The organisms are produced in two reproductive ways. They are Zoospores that are formed by asexual reproduction, and Zygotes are created by sexual reproduction.

Table of Contents:

  • What is Zoospore?
  • What is Zygote?
  • Difference Between Zoospore And Zygote
  • Practice Problems
  • Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zoospore?

Zoospores are spores that are produced by asexual reproduction methods. It is capable of moving and growing into a new organism without the process of fusion. Organisms such as algae, fungi and protozoans come under zoospores. These organisms have a tail-like structure called a flagellum that allows them to move or swim. 

Zoospores are created in the sporangium by the process of mitosis. Protoplasm multiplies fast to generate zoospores, which in turn form an endospore. They lack cell walls, so they are not immune to the harsh environment. They are unicellular and hyaline. 

What is Zygote?

Zygote refers to the diploid cells that are produced by the haploid gametes as a result of sexual reproduction. Zygotes are formed when male and female gametes are fused by the process of fertilisation. Zygote is also called a fertilised egg or ovum. During the first week of conception, the Zygote starts to develop. It carries all the genetic information to develop into a new organism. Thus, Zygote is the key link for the survival of species from one generation to another. 

Zygote is formed in plants and animals. It is generated in the female reproductive system of plants and animals. While it is developed, the zygote is divided rapidly by mitosis and forms new cells to grow into a new organism. Zygote contains all the chromosomal components required for the formation of an offspring. 

Difference Between Zoospore And Zygote



Zoospores are the asexual spores that are generated by species like plants and fungi.

Zygotes are diploid cells that are produced by the fusion of two haploid cells (egg cell and sperm cell).

They may be diploid or haploid. 

They are usually diploid.

They are motile due to the presence of flagella which helps in locomotion.

They are non-motile in nature due to the absence of flagella.

Zoospores are found in lower kingdoms 

Zygote is found in the higher kingdoms such as Plantae and Animalia.

They are formed inside the zoosporangium

They are formed by gamete fusion (fusion of male and female cells)

After germination, zoospores are formed into a new organism.

The zygote has to undergo development to form an embryo, and the embryo then develops into a new organism.

Occurs in dispersal.

Occurs in a very little part in dispersal.

Practice Problems

Q1. Which of the following is used for the purpose of locomotion?

A. Sperm
B. Flagella 
C. Zygote
D. None of the above

Answer: B. Flagella 

Explanation: Zoospores have a tail-like structure called flagellum or flagella that allows them to move or swim. 

Q2. Which of the following is related to a sexual reproduction method?

A. Pollination
B. Zoospores 
C. Zygote
D. None of the above

Answer: C. Zygote

Q3. Zoospore is a ___________.

A. Multicellular
B. Unicellular
C. Both a and b
D. None of the above

Answer: B. Unicellular

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is fertilisation?
Answer :
Fertilisation is the process of fusion of male and female gamete to form the zygote, which later develops into an embryo.

Q2. What is meant by gametogenesis and embryogenesis?
Answer : 
Gametogenesis is the process that occurs before fertilisation, whereas embryogenesis occurs after fertilisation.

Q3. What is the female gamete called?
Answer : The female gamete is called ova, which after fertilisation, is called an ovum.

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