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Class 12th BSEB 2024 Syllabus

Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) releases the syllabus for Class 12th for streams and all subjects. The Bihar Board syllabus for Class 12th is released for all the subjects separately. The BSEB 12th syllabus is released on the official website of the Bihar Board in a PDF format. 

Provided below is the detailed subject-wise class 12th BSEB syllabus 2024. 

Subject-Wise Class 12th BSEB 2024 Syllabus

On this page, we have provided the detailed BSEB class 12th syllabus for all subjects in Science, Arts and Commerce stream. To know more about the syllabus for other subjects, students can visit the official website: 

BSEB 12th Physics Syllabus 2024

1. Electromagnetic inductions
2. Magnetism
3. Magnetic effects of electric current
4. Current electricity
5. Electrostatics
6. Elasticity
7. Oscillations
8. Rotational motion
9. Gravitation
10. Circular motion
11. Interference and diffraction
12. Kinetic theory of gasses and Radiation
13. Surface tension
14. Wave motion
15. Stationary waves

BSEB 12th Chemistry Syllabus 2024

1. Aldehydes, ketones and carboxylic acids Aldehydes and Ketones
2. Alcohols, phenols and ethers Alcohols
3. Halogen derivatives of alkanes (and arenes)
4. Organic compounds containing nitrogen
5. Coordination compounds
6. Solutions and colligative properties
7. Chemical thermodynamics and energetic
8. Electrochemistry
9. Chemical kinetics
10. General principles and processes of isolation of elements

BSEB 12th Maths Syllabus 2024

1. Applications of the definite integral
2. Differential equation
3. Continuity
4. Integration
5. Differentiation
6. Circle
7. Mathematical Logic
8. Pair of straight lines
9. Matrices
10. Trigonometric functions

BSEB 12th Biology Syllabus 2024

1. Ecology and Environment
2. Reproduction in Organisms
3. Biology and Human Welfare
4. Genetics and Evolution
5. Biotechnology and its application

BSEB 12th History Syllabus 2024

  •  Indian history part-1
    • The Story of the First Cities
    • Political and Economic History
    • Social Histories
    • A History of Buddhism
  • Indian History part-2
    • New Architecture
    • Religious Histories
    • Colonialism and Rural Society
  • Indian history part-3
    • Colonialism and Indian Towns

BSEB 12th Political Science Syllabus 2024

1. Contemporary South Asia
2. International Organizations
3. US Hegemony in World Politics
4. The End of bipolarity
5. Cold War Era

BSEB 12th Geography Syllabus 2024

1. Geographical Perspective on Selected Issues and Problem
2. Resources and Development
3. Transport, Communication, and Trade
4. Human Settlements
5. Human Activities

BSEB 12th Accountancy Syllabus 2024

1. Company Accounts and Financial Statement Analysis
2. Statement of Changes in Financial Position in Financial Position
3. Accounting for Shares and Debenture Capital
4. Accounting for Not-for-profit Organizations
5. Reconstitution of Partnership

BSEB 12th Business Studies Syllabus 2024

1. Nature and Sight of Management
2. Principles of Management
3. Entrepreneurship Development
4. Consumer Protection
5. Business Environment
6. Planning
7. Financial Market
8. Business Finance
9. Business Finance
10. Organizing

BSEB 12th Economics Syllabus 2024

1. Determination of Income and Employment
2. National Income and Related Aggregates
3. Simple Applications of Tools of Demands and Supply
4. Types of Market and Price Determination
5. Government Budget and the Economy


Question: When will the BSEB board class 10th exam be conducted?
Answer: BSEB has conducted the Board 10th exams from February 15 to February 23, 2024. 

Question: From where can I download the BSEB time table for 2024?
Answer: Students can download the time table from the official website biharboardonline.gov.in. The detailed steps are also provided above on the page. 

Question: What is the minimum score required to pass BSEB board class 12?
Answer: The passing marks for BSEB board class 12th are 30% marks in theory part of each subject and 40% marks in practical part of each subject.

Question: What is the minimum score required to pass BSEB board class 10?
Answer: The passing marks for BSEB board class 10th are 30% marks in theory part of each subject and 40% marks in practical part of each subject.

Question: When will the BSEB board class 12th exam be conducted?
Answer: Bihar Board 12th exams have been conducted from February 1 to 12, 2024.


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