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NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English: Download Free PDFs

NCERT Class 6 English Solutions: Class 6 is the beginning of Secondary Education and this where the base for the entire education starts building. The class is essential from the conceptual point of view. For the child of class 6th, the transition from class 5th to class 6th also seems tough. They view the slight increase in the syllabus as a giant pile-up of study material. Regarding English, class 6th becomes all the more critical because this is the class where the crucial concepts are taught upon which your entire English knowledge will be built upon. The subject, along with the class, becomes essential and complete knowledge of the book helps a lot.

Aakash provides NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English which have been prepared by the Subject matter experts and senior faculty at Aakash. As established earlier, having a good knowledge of the books places you at a significant advantage and helps you to score well in the examinations. It is not only the aspect of exams which is important but also the subject in consideration is English. The language helps you to be fluent in your communications, be it spoken or written. English language plays a significant role in your personality and gives you confidence which helps you in other subjects and your life in general.

You can download these NCERT solutions for Class 6th English in the form of a PDF file where they have been compiled based on the chapters.

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Honeysuckle: Chapter-Wise


Chapter 1 Who did Patrick’s Homework

The very first chapter of the NCERT book for class 6th Honeysuckle is “Who Did Patrick’s Homework?” The story is based on the life of a boy whose name is Patrick, and he is interested in sporting activities as compared to studies. One thing that he loathes more than anything is the task of doing homework. Fortune favored him once he saved an elf from a cat. The elf burdened with gratitude offered him a wish, and Patrick asked the elf to do his homework till the semester ends. The story takes a turn when the elf asks for Patrick’s help in doing his homework, thus bringing him close to his studies. Thus, Patrick got interested in his studies and eventually scored good marks in his examinations.

Chapter 1 (Poem) A House A Home

NCERT textbook for Class 6th Honeysuckle begins with the first poem being “A House, A Home.” The poem is based on the differences between a home and a house. The poet goes on to list the differences that are there between the two entities. The poet paints the picture of the house as only a structure that is made up of bricks, stone, and other building materials and has other entities of a house which are doors, windows to name a few. He goes on to clarify that a house is not a home until people live in it with their loved ones.

Chapter 2 How the Dog Found Himself A New Master

The second chapter in the textbook Honeysuckle is “How the Dog Found Himself a New Master?” The story describes a time when the dogs roamed freely, and the man did not yet tame them. The time described is one where a dog is not man’s best friend. So, what happened? How did man tame the dog? The chapter talks in this context.

Chapter 2 (Poem) The Kite

The second poem in the book Honeysuckle is “The Kite”. The poem paints a beautiful picture of how a kite takes flight, and remains in flight in the backdrop of the beautiful skies. The poem has a beautiful rhyming collection and is written by Harry Behn.

Chapter 3 Taro’s Reward

The third Story of the textbook Honeysuckle “Taro’s Reward” is based on a very hardworking and obedient son Taro. Taro is shown to work very hard to fulfill all the wishes his parents have, and the story further reveals that he is rewarded for his obedience, hard work, and dedication towards his parents. The story is ideal for teaching a moral lesson to students of class 6th that they should always respect their parents and never shy away from working hard.

Chapter 3 (Poem) The Quarrel

The third poem in Honeysuckle is named “The Quarrel”. The poem is based on a widespread event in the life of brothers and sisters- a quarrel among them. The poem depicts their quarrels where many a time they cannot even justify the reason behind their quarrel and no matter how much they quarrel they make up in the end.

Chapter 4 An Indian-American Woman in Space: Kalpana Chawla

The fourth chapter in the NCERT textbook Honeysuckle is based on real-life events and depicts the life of a Karnal born girl. It narrates a motivating story of how a girl from Haryana went on to become the first Indian- American woman to travel to space. We are, of- course, talking about Kalpana Chawla. The story also ventures into what happened with Columbia that led to the unfortunate crash that killed the people on board.

Chapter 4 (Poem) Beauty

The fourth poem in the NCERT English textbook Honeysuckle is “Beauty”. The poem shows the beauty of each and everything around us, utilizing the most beautiful words.

Chapter 5 A Different Kind of School

The fifth chapter has a story of a boy who visits the school run by Miss Beam and gets a personal experience of the teaching methods of this unique school. The school is run with the aim to teach all the required components of a student’s academic life along with inculcating all the moral values such that the students turn out to be model citizens.

Chapter 5 (Poem) Where do all the Teachers Go?

The fifth poem in the NCERT English textbook tells how a teacher is exceptional for a student, how students cannot comprehend their teachers to be less than superhuman.

Chapter 6 Who I am?

The sixth chapter deals with individuality. It brings us in sync with who we are. The chapter sheds light on the people being unique in their sense and how they need to respect those unique aspects. The chapter makes us realize that everyone has some special skills and talents and those need to be nurtured in a specific way to understand ourselves better.

Chapter 6 (Poem) The Wonderful Words

The sixth poem in the book deals with the importance of language, and it poses the question of what would have happened if there had been no words? The poet makes us visualize a world where we have an idea but do not have the means to explain or share that idea.

Chapter 7 Fair Play

The story is the English rendition of a very famous Hindi story written by a very celebrated author of Hindi Literature – Munshi Premchand. The story deals with the importance of the position of justice or a judge, over the bond of deep friendship between Jumman sheikh and Algu Chaudhary.

Chapter 7 (Poem) Vocation

The poem in the 8 unit of the NCERT textbook Honeysuckle describes the imagination and longing of a young boy who gets to see men working on his way to school pr market and he innocently wishes that he could have their freedom and work like them.

Chapter 8 A Game of Chance

The story shows a young boy Rasheed who is visiting an EID fair accompanied by his uncle. The kid visits a stall exhibiting a game of chance and falls for the ruse. The stall owner takes advantage of his innocence, and Rasheed ends up spending all his money and wins very little.

Chapter 8 (Poem) What If

The poem deals with our varying fears of a situation which can be simply put into words by a question, starting with “what if……” the poet expresses many worries of the sort and explores these avenues.

Chapter 9 Desert Animals

This particular chapter in Honeysuckle is an informative one, and it tells the readers a lot about desert animals. It deals with their habitat, what they eat, how they cope with the conditions and similar aspects of their life.

Chapter 10 The Banyan Tree

The final chapter in the book portrays a story of a fight between two rivals in nature- a cobra and a mongoose. The fight is witnessed and depicted through the eyes of a young lad who is sitting under a banyan tree at his grandfather’s place while the fight takes place.

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Supplementary (A Pact With The Sun): Chapter-Wise

Chapter 1 A Tale of Two Birds

The story paints a picture of how someone’s upbringing can affect their entire personality. Two birds in the story get separated initially due to a storm and end up with different upbringing. One grows among a band of robbers and is prone to their ways, and the other is nurtured by a hermit and is therefore soft-spoken and polite.

Chapter 2 The Friendly Mongoose

This is a story from the Panchatantra. The story brings us the moral lesson of why hasty decisions are wrong. The story depicts how a decision was taken in a hurry that cost an innocent animal its life.

Chapter 3 The Shepherd’s Treasure

The story has been taken from the Iranian folklore, which narrates a shepherd’s tale of being rewarded by the ruler of his country for his honesty, wisdom, and empathy. The story serves as an inspiration for the young reader to inculcate these very habits in their personality.

Chapter 4 The Old-Clock Shop

The narrator sets the scene in an old clock shop where the owner receives a rather unfriendly gentleman at a late hour. The visitor does not seem interested in buying, so what is the purpose of his visit? This question has been answered in the story.

Chapter 5 Tansen

This chapter is an abridged version of the life of Tansen who was among the nine gems of Akbar’s court. Tansen was a great singer, and he is considered to be the greatest that ever lived. The chapter sheds light on his talent, his personality, his music, and the cultural traditions of the Mughal court.

Chapter 6 The Monkey and the Crocodile

The story is the very famous tale of money and the crocodile, which shows their short-spanned friendship and emotions which changed from caring to betrayal. The story also shows that one’s intelligence should always be depended upon for survival.

Chapter 7 The Wonder Called Sleep

The chapter deals with the importance of sleep. The chapter discusses what happens during sleep and how the body undergoes several repairs and functions which aid in the flawless running of the body.

Chapter 8 A Pact With the Sun

This is an emotional story where the writer shows an ailing mother with a sweet innocent daughter who enters a pact with the rays of the sun where they would have to come the following day to ensure a healthy recovery of the mother.

Chapter 9 What Happened to the Reptiles

The chapter is all about the balance in the biosphere and how the reptiles had maintained that balance.

Chapter 10 A Strange Wrestling Match

This is a funny thriller story where the character Vijay Singh had a boasting weakness. He wished to see a ghost to teach a lesson and is suggested to visit a desert which is haunted. He is unable to say ‘no’ and further in the story. He is offered a gift in the village by an old lady. What happens with the ghost further is given in the story.

Why Aakash’s Latest NCERT Solutions for Class 6th English?

Here at Aakash, special care is taken while preparing these solutions that these solutions be in an elementary language and self-explanatory. This solution PDF provides a one-stop-shop, and you do not have to wonder about searching for more. The solutions PDF takes into consideration every aspect of the chapter and explains it for the students.

Highlights of Class 6th English Aakash NCERT Solutions

  • The senior faculty members at Aakash prepare all the solutions.
  • The syllabus is covered completely.
  • The language used in the solutions is straightforward.

FAQs for Class 6 English NCERT Solutions

Q. Where can I get the NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English by Aakash?

A. The NCERT Solutions for class 10 English by Aakash can be downloaded from the official website of Aakash.

Q. What is an excellent way to study for Class 6?

A. The best way to study English for class 6th is to first go through the textbook and then go through the solutions PDF provided by the faculty at Aakash. If you are in a hurry, then NCERT solutions class 6 English is the best way to study.

Q. Where can I get the Aakash NCERT Solutions for Class 6th English for downloading?

A. The Aakash NCERT Solutions for class 6th for downloading is available at the official website of Aakash. Here the solutions are available in PDF format where they are demarcated on the basis of chapter.

Q. Can Aakash NCERT Solutions for class 6th English be accessed exercise-wise?

A. The student can access the solutions based on the exercise if they do not want complete solutions. The same can be accessed by visiting the official website of Aakash and then browsing on to the page of the solution where the student may find the link to a specific website.

Q. How are the NCERT Solutions for class 6th helpful?

A. Most students do not know how to take care of a critical problem & fall short of marks in a scoring subject like mathematics. In any case, most neglect to comprehend such issues, and without learning specific skills, it is not possible to score good grades in the exam. It is one of the primary subjects, and there are different confounded arithmetical concepts. These concepts have to be explained lucidly to the students. The students should not compromise on marks and should follow the NCERT solutions diligently.

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