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Mach Number

Mach Number Classification and Significance

We all are aware of the fact that an aeroplane travels significantly faster than other forms of transportation. Have you ever thought about how quickly an aeroplane can fly? But what if planes travel far faster than the speed of sound? The aeroplanes are subjected to a shock wave, which alters the plane's blade. The Mach number is extremely essential in studying these topics. The Mach number allows us to compare the speed of an item to the speed of sound. It may also be used to determine if a flow is incompressible or not.

The Importance of the Mach Number

Mach number is a useful metric for comparing the speed of an item to the speed of sound. It is a parameter that represents the speed of a flying item in air. It has a wide range of applications in dynamics of fluids. The Mach number is extensively studied in order to have a proper understanding of the motion of rockets and aerolplanes. It is a dimensionless number that expresses the ratio of an object's velocity in a medium to the speed of sound.

The sign 'M' is commonly used to denote the Mach number.
Mach Number = speed of object/ speed of sound

M = v/c

  • v is the speed of an item in a medium with respect to an external or internal boundary
  • c is the speed of sound in the local medium

When an aeroplane is crossing through the sky, the particles of air closest to the plane's body are disrupted. When an aeroplane travels at a faster speed, it compresses the air surrounding it. By assessing the Mach number, we may determine if the fluid can be compressed or not. Because it is the ratio of two velocities with the same dimensions, the Mach number has no dimensions.

Various Flow Types

Fluid flow is categorised based on the change of the Mach number.

  • Subsonic flow has a Mach value that is less than 0.8. This range of commercial aircraft has a circular nose and leading edges.
  • Sonic: The Mach number for sonic flow is one. That is, in this sort of flow, an object's velocity is equal to the velocity of sound in the local medium.
  • Supersonic: When an object moves faster than the speed of sound, it is said to have supersonic velocity. It has a higher Mack number than one. Aeroplanes are designed to travel at supersonic speeds.
  • Hypersonic flow occurs when the speed of an item is significantly faster than the speed of sound. In this scenario, the Mach number ranges from five to 10.

To achieve the greatest results, aircraft are designed using the Mach number. We also know that sound travels in the form of waves. The travel of these waves through an air medium is affected by several elements, including the temperature and pressure of the air. We know that when a fluid flows over a solid surface, a thin membrane of fluid adheres to the surface and acquires the surface's velocity.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. What exactly is a sonic boom?
A: A shock wave is created when an aeroplane travels faster than the sound of a supersonic flight. Significant temperature and pressure fluctuations occur in this situation. People on the ground hear this shock effect as if it were a clap sound.

Q2. How can the Mach number be used to discuss incompressible fluid?
A: Incompressible fluids are ones whose density remains constant. Even when the pressure is changed, the volume stays constant. In fact, the volume change with pressure change is quite modest. When the temperature remains constant, fluids are termed incompressible. We know from Bernoulli's theorem that pressure changes are proportional to velocity changes. The change in velocity is proportional to the Mach number. When the Mach number is very high, the fluid is deemed compressible; when the Mach number is low, the volume remains constant for changes in pressure, rendering the flow incompressible. In mechanical terms, if the Mach number< 0.3, the flow is incompressible.

Q3. How does the Mach number vary when the medium and height change?
A: Assume an aeroplane is travelling at the speed of sound in a medium of air. As the height varies, the speed of sound changes as well, resulting in a change in the Mach number. As a result, the plane must adjust to the relative change in the speed of sound.

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