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How To Find The Percentage Of Marks

How To Find The Percentage Of Marks? 

The term ‘%’ comes from the Latin term ‘Pro centrum’, which means ‘hundred’ or ‘by hundred’. Ancient Rome employed the mathematical procedure to express fractions of 100. This idea developed into percentages later on. The percentage is an essential mathematical term that we use in our everyday lives.

What Does the Term ‘Percentage’ Mean?

A percentage is a ratio or a figure represented in 100ths of a percent. We express as a percentage of a total, i.e. 100. The symbol representing percentage is'%'. 'pct' or 'pc' is the shorthand for percentage. A % is a number with no dimensions and no unit of measurement.

The idea of % aids in measuring a value’s trend about its initial value. We often use the percentage idea in business for calculating profit-and-loss percentages. In addition, schools and universities estimate students’ grades using the % method.

The formula for Calculating Percentages

To calculate a percentage, we must first understand its formula. A percentage is the ratio of the actual value to the total value multiplied by 100.

As a result, the percentage formula is:


What is a Formula for Percentage Change?


There are two types of percentage changes. The first is a percentage rise, and the second is a percentage reduction.

Increase in percentage

When the new value exceeds the old value, the percentage displays the per cent increase in the original number. We compute it by using the formula:


Value Increase = New Value–Original Value

Decrease in percentage

When the new value is lesser than the original value, the % shows the percentage reduction in the original number. We compute it using the formula:


Decrease in Value = Original Value – New Value

How to Determine the Percentage of a Number?

The following formulas can convert the numbers to percentages:

  • Fractional Form to Percentage: To convert a number in a fractional format to a percentage, first convert it to a decimal value. We accomplish this by subtracting the highest value from the overall value and multiplying it by 100.
  • Decimal form to Percentage: To convert a number in the decimal form to a percentage, simply double the number given by 100. The provided number, for example, is 0.78. We translate it to a percentage:

78% is equal to 0.78 * 100.

Essential Questions about Percentage

1. What is the purpose of a percentage?

A percentage allows us to compare amounts of varying sizes.

2. Is a percentage equivalent to a fraction?

No, a percentage is not the same as a fraction. When we multiply the fraction by 100, the result is a percentage. For instance, if we multiply 100 with the fraction 30/50, we get a percentage number of 60%.

3. What is the percentage unit?

It does not have a unit. It's a number with no dimensions.

4. Is percentage computation important in our daily lives?

Yes, it is necessary for everyday calculations such as calculating pay increments, bank interest, goods discounts, and so on.

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