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Telangana State Intermediate 2nd Year 2023 Syllabus

TS Inter 2nd Year Syllabus 2023: The TSBIE will release the Intermediate 2nd year syllabus for 2023 on the official website soon. Last year, the TS inter syllabus for both the Ist and 2nd year was reduced by 30 percent. On this page, students can access the details of the 70 percent syllabus so that they can prepare for the upcoming TS 2022 board exams as the syllabus is expected to be the same as last year. The authorities will release the syllabus on the official website, tsbie.cgg.gov.in. The exam pattern of TS 2nd year syllabus 2023 will help Class 12 students plan their studies and preparation strategy before the exams.

Telangana Intermediate Syllabus 2023 will contain chapters and topics on all subjects. Students can also view the subject division of grades for Telangana 2023 in the second year of the TS intermediate syllabus. To pass the Telangana Inter Board Exam students must obtain the qualifying marks in each subject. Read the article to learn more about the Telangana Intermediate 2023 syllabus.


TS Intermediate Syllabus 2023 (2nd Year)- An Overview



Part I


Part II

Telugu, Hindi, Sanskrit, Urdu, Arabic, French, Tamil, Kannada, Oriya, and Marathi

Part III

Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Commerce, Economics, Civics, History, Psychology, Public Administration, Logic, Sociology, Geography, and Geology

TS Intermediate Syllabus 2023 for English




Dancing in the rain, Opportunities for Youth, To Sir with love, Polluting the world, The Sand Box.


I celebrate myself, The magical Earth, Polonius’ advice to his Son, Footprints on the Sand, What kind of place.

Short Story

The Boy who broke the bank, Parige, My Elder brother, The Awakening, Don’t die Hilton, don’t die.

Comprehension and Composition

Punctuation, Letter Writing, Dialogue writing, Note making, Comprehension Passages, and more.

TS Intermediate Syllabus 2023 for Mathematics II A



Complex Numbers

Complex number as an ordered pair of real numbers and fundamental operations, Representation of complex numbers in the form a+ib, Modulus and Amplitude of complex numbers, illustrations, geometrical and polar representation of complex numbers in argand plane, argand diagram.

De Moivre's Theorem

De moivre's theorem, integral and rational indices, nth roots of unity, geometrical interpretations, illustrations.

Quadratic Expressions

Quadratic expressions, equations in one variable, sign of quadratic expressions, change in signs, maximum and minimum values, quadratic in-equations.

Theory Of Equations

Relation between the roots and coefficients in an equation, solving equations when two or more roots of it are connected by certain relations, equation with real coefficients, occurrence of complex roots in conjugate pairs and its consequences, transformation of equations, reciprocal equations.

Permutations And Combinations

Fundamental principle of counting - linear and circular permutations, permutations of 'n' dissimilar things taken 'r' at a time, permutations when repetitions allowed, circular permutations, permutations with constraint repetitions, combinations-definitions and certain theorems.

Binomial Theorem

Binomial theorem for positive integral index, binomial theorem for rational index (without proof), approximations using binomial theorem.

Partial Fractions

Partial fractions of f(x) / g(x) when g(x) contains non -repeated linear factors, partial fractions of f(x)/g(x) when g(x) contains repeated and/or non-repeated linear factors, partial fractions of f(x)/g(x) when g(x) contains irreducible factors.

Measures Of Dispersion

Mean deviation, variance and standard deviation of ungrouped/grouped data, coefficient of variation, analysis of frequency distributions with equal means but different variances.


Random experiments and events, classical definition of probability, axiomatic approach and addition theorem of probability, independent and dependent events, conditional probability multiplication theorem, bayee's theorem, random variables and probability distributions, random variables, theoretical discrete distributions, binomial and poisson distributions.

TS Intermediate Mathematics- II B 2023 Syllabus




Circle in standard form

centre and radius of a circle

length of tangent,

conditions for a line to be tangent,

chord joining two points on a circle, equation of the tangent at a point on the circle,

point of contact, etc

System Of Circles

Angle between two intersecting circles, radical axis of two circles, properties of common chord and common tangent of two circles, radical centre, intersection of a line and a circle.


Conic sections, parabola, equation of parabola in standard form, different forms of parabola, parametric equations, equations of tangent and normal at a point on the parabola ( cartesian and parametric), conditions for straight line to be a tangent.


Equation of ellipse in standard form, parametric equations, equation of tangent and normal at a point on the ellipse (cartesian and parametric), condition for a straight line to be a tangent.


Equation of hyperbola in standard form, parametric equations, equations of tangent and normal at a point on the hyperbola (cartesian and parametric), conditions for a straight line to be a tangent, asymptotes.


Integration as the inverse process of differentiation, standard forms, properties of integrals, method of substitution, integration of algebraic expressions, exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric and inverse trigonometric functions, integration by parts, integration by partial fractions method, reduction formulae.

Definite Integrals

Definite integral as the limit of sum, interpretation of definite integral as an area, fundamental theorem of integral calculus, reduction formulae, application of the definite integral to areas.

Differential Equations

Formation of differential equation, degree and order of an ordinary differential equation, solving differential equations by various methods.

TS Intermediate 2nd Year Physics Syllabus 2023




Transverse and longitudinal waves, Displacement relation in a progressive wave,

The speed of a travelling wave, The principle of superposition of waves, Reflection of waves, Beats, Doppler effect.

Ray Optics and Optical Instruments

Reflection of Light by Spherical Mirrors, Refraction, Total Internal Reflection, Refraction at Spherical Surfaces and Lenses, Refraction through a Prism, Dispersion by a Prism, Some Natural Phenomena due to Sunlight, Optical Instruments.

Wave Optics

Huygens Principle, Refraction and reflection of plane waves using Huygens Principle, Coherent and Incoherent Addition of Waves, Interference of Light Waves and Young's Experiment, Diffraction, Polarisation.

Electric Charges and Fields

Electric Charges, Conductors and Insulators, Charging by Induction, Basic Properties of Electric Charge, Coulomb's Law, Forces between Multiple Charges, Electric Field, Electric Field Lines, Electric Flux, Electric Dipole, Dipole in a Uniform External Field, Continuous Charge Distribution, Gauss's Law, Application of Gauss's Law.

Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance

Electrostatic Potential, Potential due to a Point Charge, Potential due to an Electric Dipole, Potential due to a System of Charges, Equipotential Surfaces, Potential Energy of a System of Charges, Potential Energy in an External Field, Electrostatics of Conductors, Dielectrics and Polarisation, Capacitors and Capacitance, The Parallel Plate Capacitor, Effect of Dielectric on Capacitance, Combination of Capacitors, Energy Stored in a Capacitor, Van de Graaff Generator.

Current Electricity

Electric Current, Electric Currents in Conductors, Ohm's law, Drift of Electrons and the Origin of Resistivity, Limitations of Ohm's Law, Resistivity of various Materials, Temperature Dependence of Resistivity, Electrical Energy, Power, Combination of Resistors, Cells, emf, Internal Resistance, Cells in Series and in Parallel, Kirchhoff's Laws, Wheatstone Bridge, Meter Bridge.

Moving Charges and Magnetism

Magnetic Force, Motion in a Magnetic Field, Motion in Combined Electric and Magnetic Field, Magnetic Field due to a Current Element, Biot-Savart Law, Magnetic Field on the Axis of a Circular Current Loop, Ampere's Circuital Law, The Solenoid and the Toroid, Force between Two Parallel Currents, the Ampere, Torque on Current Loop, Magnetic Dipole, The Moving Coil Galvanometer.

Magnetism and Matter

The Bar Magnet, Magnetism and Gauss's Law, The Earth's Magnetism, Magnetisation and Magnetic Intensity, Magnetic Properties of Materials, Permanent Magnets and Electromagnets.

Electromagnetic Induction

The Experiments of Faraday and Henry, Magnetic Flux, Faraday's Law of Induction, Lenz's Law and Conservation of Energy, Motional Electromotive Force, Energy Consideration: A Quantitative Study, Eddy Currents, Inductance, AC Generator.

Alternating Current

AC Voltage Applied to a Resistor, Representation of AC Current and Voltage by Rotating Vectors, AC Voltage Applied to an Inductor, AC Voltage Applied to a Capacitor, AC Voltage Applied to a Series LCR Circuit, Power in AC Circuit: The Power Factor, LC Oscillations, Transformers.

Electromagnetic Wave

Displacement Current, Electromagnetic Waves, Electromagnetic Spectrum.

Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter

Electron Emission, Photoelectric Effect, Experimental Study of Photoelectric Effect, Photoelectric Effect and Wave Theory of Light, Einstein's Photoelectric Equation: Energy Quantum of Radiation, Particle Nature of Light: The Photon, Wave Nature of Matter.


Alpha-particle Scattering, Rutherford's Nuclear Model of Atom, Atomic Spectra and Bohr Model of the Hydrogen Atom, The Line Spectra of the Hydrogen Atom.


Atomic Masses and Composition of Nucleus, Size of the Nucleus, Mass-Energy and Nuclear Binding Energy,Nuclear Force, Radioactivity, Nuclear Energy.

Semiconductor Electronics: Materials, Devices And Simple Circuit

Classification of Metals, Conductors and Semiconductors, Intrinsic Semiconductor, Extrinsic Semiconductor, p-n Junction, Semiconductor diode, Application of Junction Diode as a Rectifier.

Communication System

Elements of a Communication System, Basic Terminology Used in Electronic Communication Systems, Bandwidth of Signals, Bandwidth of Transmission Medium, Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves, Modulation and its Necessity, Amplitude Modulation, Production of Amplitude Modulated Wave, Detection of Amplitude Modulated Waves.


Ques1: When will the Intermediate 2 year Telangana Board exams be conducted?
The half-yearly Telangana Inter exams will be conducted as per the schedule which is yet to be released on the official website.

Ques2: What is the Grading system in Telangana Board Intermediate?
Marks Range Percentage of Marks Grade

750 and above 75% or above A
600 to 749 marks More than or equal to 60% and less than 75% B
500 to 599 marks More than or equal to 50% and less than 60% C
350 to 499 marks More than or equal to 35% and less than 50% D

Ques3: Is the Telangana Inter syllabus 2023 reduced?
Due to the prevailing Covid situation in the last year, TSBIE syllabus 2022 was reduced. For the current year, there has been no notification yet.

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