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NEET 2023 Mock Tests: Download PDF 


Aakash Byju's NEET Mock Test Analysis 2023

Aakash Byju's NEET Mock Test 2023

Question Paper

Hints and Solutions

Mock Test

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Download Here

To ace NEET 2023, it is important for students to go through the mock tests to practice well. Provided below are the NEET mock tests to help students prepare well for NEET 2023.  

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Aakash Byju's NEET Mock Test Analysis

Candidates who have appeared for Aakash Byju's NEET UG Mock Test paper can download the NEET  Mock Test Question Paper, NEET Mock Test Answer Key and Solutions, and watch the live video. The NEET Mock Test Analysis by Aakash Byju's will help students know more about the topics asked in the exam, the difficulty level, and the right strategy to solve questions in the examination. 

Aakash Byju's NEET Mock Test 2022

Question Paper

Answer Key and Solutions

Live video

Mock Test 01 (3rd July)

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Download Here


Mock Test 02 (10th July)

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For candidates who are preparing for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) 2023, it is very important to keep their preparation on track. Solving the NEET mock tests can be really helpful for aspirants in understanding the real exam scenario, exam pattern, and difficulty level of the exam. As the experts believe, Preparing for NEET 2023 by using the mock test is a proven strategy to crack NEET 2023.

NEET Mock tests will help you understand various parameters of the actual NEET exam such as - difficulty level, syllabus, time duration, questions from important topics, repetitive nature of concepts, etc. Mock tests for NEET exam are structured according to the actual NEET exam pattern with all questions only from the NEET syllabus released by the NTA.

Table of Contents

NEET 2023 Exam Pattern



Frequency of NEET Exam

Once in a Year

Total Number of Questions in NEET

200 Questions

Total Marks

720 Marks

No. of questions in each section

  • Physics: Section A – 35, Section B – 15
  • Chemistry: Section A – 35, Section B – 15
  • Zoology: Section A – 35, Section B – 15
  • Botany: Section A – 35, Section B – 15

Total Sections

2 i.e. A and B

Internal Choice in NEET Question Paper

Yes; In section attempt only 10 questions out of 15

Marking Scheme

+ 4 for correct answer, -1 for incorrect answer

Type of Questions

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

Exam Mode

Offline (Pen and Paper Test)


3 hours 20 minutes

Language options in NEET

13 languages: English, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu.


ow to Take NTA NEET Mock Tests?

Candidates do not need any login credentials to attempt the NEET mock tests on the official website. Follow the mentioned steps:

  • Visit the official website - nta.ac.in and select the exam and year.
  • Select NEET under the exam category from the drop-down list.
  • Click on the “Start Mock Test’ Link.
  • You will then witness a login window displaying the default Username and password. Click on the “Login” button to start the test.
  • General instructions will then appear on the screen. Go through all the instructions very carefully and click on the “Proceed” button.
  • You can now attempt the test.

How to Attempt Aakash Byju's NEET Practice Papers for Free?

Candidates who want to apply for the NEET exam 2023 can evaluate their preparation by solving NEET Mock Test 2023 curated by the academic experts at Aakash Byju's. 

Aakash NEET Mock tests are available free of cost for the NEET 2023 aspirants. The NEET Mock Tests have been designed as per the latest exam pattern and syllabus released by the NTA. It contains a variety of questions, from easy to difficult, to help boost your confidence for the exam day. Check below how you can access NEET-UG 2023 Mock Test series by Aakash Byju:

  • Click on the mock test link - Aakash Byju's NEET Mock Test
  • Read the NEET mock test date and slot carefully
  • Click on 'Register for Free Now'
  • Enter your mobile number and verify via OTP
  • Enter your personal details, select the NEET mock test date and time
  • Register and note down the acknowledgment slip for further reference

Benefits of Solving NEET UG Mock Tests 

  • By solving NEET 2023 mock tests, aspirants are able to gather a clear picture of the exam pattern and get familiar with the time of questions asked.
  • Attempting more and more mock tests will help in increasing the speed and time management skills of the candidates for the NEET exam.
  • Students can attempt subject-wise mock tests, like Biology mock test for NEET, and this way they can prepare well for all subjects. 
  • By attempting an online mock test for NEET, aspirants will learn time management which will help them while attempting NEET 2023 exam.
  • Candidates will be able to know about their weak and strong areas through the exam summary and result available after the NEET UG 2023 mock test.
  • After knowing the mistakes while solving the NEET mock test papers, candidates can work on the areas to improve their performance.
  • The last but the most important factor is that the NEET mock test works as a confidence booster for aspirants.

NEET 2023 Toppers

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Question: What are NEET Mock Tests?
Answer: NEET UG 2023 Mock test series generally practice papers that are prepared after thorough research to create an exam-like scenario. The mock tests are strictly based on the NEET UG exam pattern. 

Question: Why it is important to attempt NEET mock tests?
Answer: NEET Mock Tests create an exam-like environment where you sit for entire 3 hours and attempt the test just like you would do for the real NEET 2023 exam. Solving mock tests helps you prepare for the exam and at the same time you get to know and focus on your weak and strong areas. 

Question: How many Mock Tests should be solved to score good marks in NEET 2023?
Answer: Students are advised to solve a minimum of two mock tests every month while they are still going through the syllabus in school or coaching classes. The number should gradually increase as they are done with the entire NEET 2023 syllabus. When the exam approaches, a minimum of 10-12 mock tests must be practiced on a weekly basis.

Question: What is the ideal time to begin solving NEET mock tests?
Answer: Mock tests must be practiced once students are at least halfway through the NEET syllabus. This way they will get an idea of the exam pattern while learning their shortcomings and overcoming them. 

Question: Are the questions in NEET Mock Tests more difficult than the actual NEET exam?
Answer: NEET mock tests contain questions of all difficulty levels just like the real exam. Easy, moderate, and difficult questions are added to a part of the mock tests to provide students with hands-on practice.

Question: Where can I get a free NEET mock test?
Candidates can register for NEET mock test for free at Aakash Byju's website. The NEET 2023 Mock Test Series are formulated by our academic experts and are designed based on the original pattern of NEET exam. It will help candidates strategise better for the NEET preparation and score high in the exam.

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