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Branches of Mathematics

Branches of Mathematics

Mathematics is a complex branch of study. But at the same time, it is rightly called the universal language, which unites all the branches of science. Many concepts are interlinked and require some time to understand. However, mathematics is a very important subject in one’s life and plays a vital role in many aspects. Every branch of mathematics has its uniqueness and advantages. By thoroughly analyzing every branch and the concepts behind them, students are recommended strongly to work on these as this will be the guiding light for their career and development. Love it, or hate it, but there is no way that you can eliminate mathematics in your life.

The primary branches of mathematics comprise Number Theory, Algebra, Arithmetic, and Geometry. Having this as the base, sub-branches are formed. Kudos can be given to mathematics for having brought about a very tremendous development in science and technology. Owing to this, mathematics has been regarded as the ‘Queen of Science’. Due to its vast development, there is a pressing need to identify different branches of mathematics and their applications in real life too.


The broad classification of mathematics includes the following:

ARITHMETIC: This is the oldest among the other branches of mathematics. This branch of mathematics deals with numbers and the basic operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

ALGEBRA: This branch of mathematics deals with unknown quantities and ways to find them out. English alphabets are used for finding out these unknown quantities. By using these alphabets, we can be able to generalize the formulae, thus making it easier to find out the unknown in the equations.

GEOMETRY: This is one of the most favorite and easiest branches of mathematics. This branch deals with the shapes and sizes of figures and their properties. Point, line, angle, surface, and solid entities constitute the basic elements of geometry.
In addition to these branches, two special branches would be quite interesting to study. They are:

TRIGONOMETRY: This branch deals with the relationships between angles and sides of triangles.

ANALYSIS: Rate of change of quantities is what analysis is all about. Calculus forms the base of this subject.


To have a closer look at the branch of mathematics, we can categorize them into two types:


In simple words, Pure Mathematics is defined as the branch of mathematics that is purely mathematics oriented and does not include any other concept out of mathematics. The sub-topics that come under this Pure Mathematics are listed below:

  • Number Theory
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Arithmetic
  • Combinatorics
  • Topology
  • Mathematical Analysis


Applied Mathematics is a very interesting branch of mathematics that fuses many concepts apart from the basic mathematical concept. Some of the branches that come under this Applied Mathematics are:

  • Calculus
  • Statistics and Probability
  • Set Theory
  • Trigonometry
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