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ICSE 10th Board Exams 2024: Important Updates and Resources

Exciting news for ICSE Class 10 students! The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) has officially announced the dates for the ICSE 10th Board Exams 2024. The crucial information was released on December 7, 2023, on the official website - cisce.org. The exams are scheduled to take place from February 21 to March 28, 2024, embracing the traditional pen and paper format.

The ICSE Class 10 board exam time table 2024 is now available, detailing exam dates, days, and timings for all subjects. The exam sequence kicks off with the English Language paper and concludes with the Arts subject.

For effective exam preparation, the Council has provided the ICSE 10th syllabus and exam pattern 2024 on the official website. Ensure to download and review these essential documents for a comprehensive understanding of the exam structure. Additionally, ICSE specimen question papers for 2024 are also available for download. Practice these papers to boost your confidence and perform well in the upcoming exams.

In a groundbreaking move, the Ministry of Education (MoE) has announced the commencement of Board exams twice a year from the session 2024. Students will have the opportunity to retain their best scores. The curriculum framework aligns with the National Education Policy (NEP 2020), and textbooks for the 2024 academic session are in development. As per the updated framework, students in Classes 11 and 12 will study two languages, with at least one being an Indian language. The revised curriculum provides flexibility in subject choices, breaking away from traditional streams such as arts, science, and commerce.

ICSE 10th Important Dates 2024

Here is a snapshot of the ICSE Class 10 Date Sheet 2024. It is recommended that candidates review the Date Sheet thoroughly.

Upcoming ICSE Exam 2024 - Subjects ICSE Board Exam Dates 2024
ICSE Board Exams 2024:  Literature In English – English Paper 2 21-Feb-24
ICSE Board Exams 2024:  Literature In English – English Paper 2 23-Feb-24
ICSE Board Exams 2024:  History & Civics:  H.C.G. Paper 1, History & Civics (Thailand):  H.G.T. Paper 1 26-Feb-24
ICSE Board Exams 2024:  Geography:  H.C.G. Paper 2, Geography (Thailand):  H.G.T. Paper 2 28-Feb-24
ICSE Board Exams 2024:  Art Paper 1 (Still Life) 29-Feb-24
ICSE Board Exams 2024:  Second Languages: Ao-Naga, Assamese, Bengali, Dzongkha, Garo, Gujarati, Kannada, Khasi, Lepcha, Mizo, Malayalam, Manipuri, Marathi, Nepali, Odia, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Tangkhul, Telugu, Urdu Modern Foreign Languages: Arabic, C 01-Mar-24
ICSE Board Exams 2024:  Physics:  Science Paper 1 04-Mar-24
ICSE Board Exams 2024:  Economics (Group Ii Elective) 06-Mar-24
ICSE Board Exams 2024:  Art Paper 2 (Nature Drawing/ Painting) 07-Mar-24
ICSE Board Exams 2024:  Chemistry:  Science Paper 2 11-Mar-24
ICSE Board Exams 2024:  (Group Iii-Elective) Carnatic Music, Commercial Applications, Computer Applications, Cookery, Drama, Economic Applications, Environmental Applications, Fashion Designing, French, German, Hindustani Music, Home Science, Hospitality 13-Mar-24
ICSE Board Exams 2024:  Mathematics 14-Mar-24
ICSE Board Exams 2024:  Art Paper 3 (Original Composition) 16-Mar-24
ICSE Board Exams 2024:  Biology:  Science Paper 3 18-Mar-24
ICSE Board Exams 2024:  Hindi 20-Mar-24
ICSE Board Exams 2024:  Environmental Science (Group Ii Elective) 22-Mar-24
ICSE Board Exams 2024:  Commercial Studies (Group Ii Elective) French (Group Ii Elective) 27-Mar-24
ICSE Board Exams 2024:  Art Paper 4 (Applied Art) 28-Mar-24

ICSE 10th 2024 Syllabus

The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) has officially unveiled the ICSE Class 10 Syllabus 2024 on its official website. This invaluable resource is conveniently accessible in the form of downloadable PDF files. Simply click on the subject-wise links provided below to equip yourself with the detailed syllabus for effective exam preparation.

The ICSE syllabus for Class 10 in 2024 meticulously outlines all chapters and units to be covered across various subjects. Stay ahead of the curve by familiarizing yourself with the syllabus, ensuring a focused and well-structured study plan.

As a quick reminder, the ICSE 10th board exams for 2024 are tentatively scheduled to take place between February 27 and March 29, 2024. Mark these dates on your calendar and dive into the ICSE Class 10 syllabus for 2024 across all subjects listed below. Your path to success begins with thorough preparation – explore the syllabus now!

ICSE 2023-24 Subject Categories

Subjects of Examination

External Examination %

Internal Examination %

GROUP I: (Compulsory)


1. English 

2. A Second Language(one/two) History, 3. Civics and Geography 


History, Civics and Geography (Thailand)*



GROUP II: (Any two/three of the following subjects)


4. Mathematics 

5. Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

6. Economics

7. Commercial Studies

8. A Modern Foreign Language

9. A Classical Language 

10. Environmental Science



GROUP III: (Any one of the following subjects)


11. Computer Applications

12. Economic Applications

13. Commercial Applications

14. Art 

15. Performing Arts

16. Home Science

17. Cookery

18. Fashion Designing

19. Physical Education

20. Yoga

21. Technical Drawing Applications

22. Environmental Applications

23. A Modern Foreign Language

24. Mass Media & Communication 

25. Hospitality Management

26. Beauty & Wellness: Skin & Beauty

27. Beauty & Wellness: Hair Styling




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