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NEET Question Paper Analysis 2023: Difficulty Level, Chapter-wise Weightage


NEET is a Medical Entrance Exam conducted by the National Testing Agency annually. NEET is conducted on a national level for medical aspirants to seek admission to undergraduate medical/dental courses. Therefore, admissions to MBBS courses in AIIMS, JIPMER, and other medical colleges will be done through this single medical test NEET. As per the exam schedule released by the National Testing Agency, NEET UG 2023 was conducted on 17 July 2023.

On this page students can access NEET 2023 exam analysis prepared by subject-matter experts at Aakash Byju's.  


NEET 2023 Paper Analysis

NEET-UG – 2023 was conducted on 17 July 2023 in offline pen & paper-based mode. The NEET-UG 2023 consisted of 4 subjects - Physics, Chemistry, Botany & Zoology. As per the new exam pattern, there were 2 sections in each subject consisting of 35 questions in Section A (all the questions were compulsory) and 15 questions in Section B (out of which 5 were optional). There were 200 Multiple Choice Questions, 50 per subject. There were 35 questions in Section A in all subjects. All questions in Section A were compulsory. Section B consisted of 15 questions in all subjects. In this section, students were given a choice to attempt any 10 questions out of 15 given questions.

For the NEET marking scheme, students will be awarded 4 marks for each correct answer and for each incorrect answer, 1 mark will be deducted. No marks will be deducted for unattempted questions.

NEET Paper Analysis 2023

NEET 2023 Chemistry Paper Analysis 

Download Here

NEET 2023 Biology Paper Analysis (Botany and Zoology)

Download Here

NEET 2023 Physics Paper Analysis

Download Here

Benefits of NEET 2023 Paper Analysis

NEET 2023 analysis is useful in understanding the weightage of important topics, the previous year difficulty level of the exam. The NEET cut-off marks are also based on the difficulty level of the exam. 

NEET UG 2023 Paper Analysis


Difficulty Level


Questions in Physics were of easy to moderate level & few were difficult.


In Chemistry section, questions were a mix of easy, moderate and difficult levels.


In Biology section, questions were of easy to moderate level & few were difficult.

NEET Chemistry Exam Analysis 2023

  • All questions based on the NCERT textbook. Statements are directly taken from the NECRT textbooks.
  • Straight forward questions & easy to comprehend.

NEET Botany Exam Analysis 2023

  • Difficulty level was Easy to Moderate in comparison to previous years
  • Majority of questions were conceptual in nature with a few fact-based questions as well
  • Not at all lengthy

NEET Zoology Exam Analysis 2023

  • Difficulty level – Moderate with a few exceptions
  • Multi-conceptual questions requiring incisive thinking and precision.
  • Some questions were tricky & lost in terminology.
  • Overall, the questions were quite thought provoking requiring alertness of mind and critical approach.
  • Comprehension, application & synthesis required to interpret the questions.

FAQs About NEET Paper Analysis 2023

Q1. Where to find NEET 2023 exam analysis?
NEET 2023 question paper analysis is available on this page. You will have to fill in a simple form to access the NEET analysis released by Aakash Byju's academic team.

Q2. Are NEET analysis based on the student’s reaction or written by experts?
The NEET exam analysis is prepared by the academic experts at Aakash Byju's. In addition to that, we also consider the feedback of students who appeared for the NEET exam.

Q3. What is covered under NEET exam analysis? 
NEET exam analysis covers the subject-wise difficulty level and topic weightage of the questions asked in the NEET exam along with the tips by experts as well as feedback from students.

Q4. When will NEET 2023 exam analysis release?
NEET UG 2023 Analysis has been released here on the page. For detailed analysis, students can access the provided PDFs. 

Q5. Why and How is NEET 2023 exam analysis prepared?
Answer: Our academic experts have prepared the NEET paper analysis to help students analyse their scores by identifying NEET 2023 difficulty level and type of questions asked in the exam.

Q6. In which format NEET 2023 analysis will be provided?
Answer: NEET 2023 analysis has been provided here on the page in PDF format so that candidates can easily and download the NEET 2023 paper analysis. NEET 2023 video analysis will also be provided here on the page. 

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