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Biology Concepts

Biology Concepts

Biology is known as the study of life as it gives us a better understanding of living beings whether they’re visible to the naked eye or under a microscope. Students should have at least some basic knowledge about Biology because it will not only help them in their studies but also in medical or other entrance exams.

In our “Biology Concepts'' section, you will find all the important topics and subtopics, along with their definitions. From simple to complex concepts of different Biological Divisions like Botany, Biotechnology, Genetics, Ecology, Anatomy, zoology and more, our experts have paid utmost attention to explain all the key concepts.


Active Transport Adaptive radiation evolution Aerobic and Anaerobic Respiration
Agricultural Implements Algae Alimentary Canal Anatomy
Angiosperms And Gymnosperms Difference Animal Cell Apiculture Beekeeping
Apoplast Asexual Reproduction Animals Autotrophic Nutrition
Biodiversity Biotic and Abiotic Bryophyta
Budding Camouflage Cattle Farming Animal Husbandry
Cell Structure and Function Cell Wall and Cell Membrane Cells
Chloroplasts Chromatin Classification of Animal Kingdom
Composition of Lymph Conduction of Nerve Impulse Cyclic and Non Cyclic 
Cyclic Photophosphorylation Cytoplasm Structure Function Difference Between Active and Passive Transport
Difference Between Archaea And Bacteria Difference Between Blood And Lymphth Difference Between Cerebellum And Cerebrum
Difference Between Chromosome And Chromatid Difference Between Diffusion and Osmosis Difference Between DNA and RNA
Difference Between Haploid And Diploid Difference Between Plant Cell and Animal Cell Difference between Renewable and Non Renewable Resources
Difference Between Unicellular And Multicellular Organisms Difference Between Vertebrates and Invertebrates Difference between Voluntary and Involuntary Muscles
Difference Between Xylem and Phloem Different Types Ecological Pyramids Diffusion - Means of Transport
Disadvantages of Dams Ecology Endemic Species
Endocrine System Ductless Glands Energy Flow In Ecosystem Excretion and Its Importance
Food Production Food Web Fragmentation
Gemmules Gibberellins Grassland Adaptations
Guttation Gymnosperms Harmful Microorganisms
Homeostasis Human Body Anatomy Human Heart
Invertebrates Kingdom Monera Protista Fungi Law of Segregation and Law of Dominance
Life process Light-dependent Reactions Lipids
Living Things Macromolecule Meiosis 1 Stages and Process
Mendelian Disorders Microbodies Modern Synthetic Theory of Evolution
Monera Nephron Function Renal Tubules Nuclear Membrane
Nucleolus Nucleus Our Environment
Parasitism Parts of Plants Passive Transport
Plant Cell Plant Kingdom Plantae Plant Respiration
Plants Plastids Protista
Red Data Book Reproductive System of Earthworm Ribosomes
Scientific Names of Animals and Plants Seed germination Sensory Perception
Snail Skeletal System Spermatogenesis Structure Of Eye
Taxonomic Hierarchy Taxonomy Algae
Thallophyte Types of Soil Vacuoles
What Is Adaptation Agricultural Practices Animal Kingdom
Alimentary Canal Coelenterata Conservation of Forest and Wildlife
Difference between Endosmosis and Exosmosis Difference between Afforestation and Deforestation Difference between Algae and Fungi
Difference between Cereals and Pulses Difference Between Fragmentation and Regeneration Difference Between Neurosis and Psychosis
Difference Between Nucleotide and Nucleoside Difference Between Sea and Ocean Difference Between Turtles and Tortoises
Difference Between Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park Modes of Plant Reproduction Ecological Pyramid and Its Types
Double Fertilization in Angiosperms Ecosystem Enzymes
Fertilisation in Plants Five Kingdoms Classification Flower
Ganongs Potometer Health and Hygiene Herbivores and Carnivores
Heterotrophic Nutrition Human Digestive System Vertebrates and Invertebrates
Morphology of Leaves Modifications of Root Phylum Aschelminthes
Diffusion Osmosis Prokaryotic Cells
Reproduction Flora And Fauna Overview of Food Chain
Difference Between Rabi And Kharif Crops Vegetative Propagation Angiosperms Characteristics
Soil Profile Types of Pollution Human Excretory System
Sense Organs Rainwater Harvesting Prokaryotic And Eukaryotic Cells
Living And Non Living Things The Nucleus Irrigation
Endoplasmic Reticulum Difference Between Data And Information Mitochondria
Nitrogen Cycle Diagram of Animal Cell Meristematic Tissue
Law of Segregation Law of Dominance Eukaryotic Cells Food Sources Animal Plant Products
Photosynthesis Respiration Ozone Layer Depletion
Kingdom Fungi Aerobic Anaerobic Respiration Cell Organelles
Peristalsis Bacteria Oogenesis
Leaves Morphology Types Modification Mitosis and Meiosis Dna Structure
How Do Organisms Reproduce Diagram of Stomata Monohybrid Cross Inheritance One Gene
Mechanism of Breathing Soil Erosion Plasmolysis
Urine Formation Osmoregulation Porifera Flagella
Amoeba Aerobic Respiration Pteridophyta
Arteries And Veins Difference Reflex Action Stomata
Cell Wall Diagram of Neuron A Guide To Composition And Function Of Lymph
Difference Between Ligaments And Tendons Insectivorous Plants Nutrition Modes Living Organisms
Mendel Laws Of Inheritance Nutrition In Amoeba Calorific Value
Air Pollution Control Fertilization In Plants Life Processes
Binary Fission Omnivores Saprophytes
Asexual Reproduction Deficiency Diseases Light Reaction Vs Dark Reaction
Global Warming Wildlife Sanctuary Viviparous Oviparous Embryo Development
Glycolysis Food Preservation Methods Food Poisoning Crops
Biofertilizers Biodiversity Conservation Difference Between Endocrine And Exocrine Glands
Greenhouse Effect Gases Diagram Of Digestive System Crop Production And Management
Types Of Pollination Introduction and Characteristics of Living Beings Meristematic Cells
Taxonomical Aids _Flora, Manual, Monograph And Catalogues Types of leaves structure of skeletal muscle
spirometry human respiratory system herbarium
dinoflagellates general characters and structure of leaf halophiles and their features
Exchange of Gases Simple Permanent tissue Morphology of root and its types
Complex permanent tissues Regions of Root History of classification and its need
Breathing And Exchange Of Gases Transport of Gases Regulation of Respiration
Disorders of Respiratory System Interaction of Haemoglobin with Other Gases Amniocentesis
Anatomy of flowering plants ASSISTED REPRODUCTIVE TECHNOLOGIES (ARTs) Meristematic Cells
Phloems Population explosion Reproductive Health
RCH (Reproductive and Child Health Care) Medical termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Plant kingdom
Biological Systems of Classification & Branches of Taxonomy Pteridophytes Gymnosperms
Angiosperms Life cycle Patterns Anatomy of Roots
Contraceptives Anatomy of stem Algae
Bryophytes Tissues and its types STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)
Cell - The Basic Unit of Life & its Historical background Cell theory and its modification An Overview of Cell
Secondary growth in dicot stem Tissue system and types Prokaryotic (Bacterial) cell
Ribosomes Eukaryotic cell Cell: The basic unit of life
Cytoskeleton Centrosome and Centriole Cilia and flagella
Nucleus Chromosomes Evolution
Movement and Locomotion Human Reproduction Absorption and Translocation of Solutes
Soil as a reservoir of Essential Elements LOCOMOTION AND MOVEMENT Mechanism of Muscle Contraction
Morphology in Flowering Plants Contractile proteins Muscular System
Thyroid Puberty Hormones
Origin of Universe Hypothalamus Cell wall
Mitochondria Special Chromosomes Microbodies
Introduction, Hydroponics and the study of mineral requirements of the plants Criteria of essentiality and Categorisation of Essential elements Deficiency symptoms of essential elements and toxicity
The Stem The Root Cytoplasm and cell membrane
Mineral Nutrition Disorders Related To Reproductive System Phylum Ctenophora
Role of Macronutrients Role of Micronutrients Phylum - Coelenterata / Cnidaria
Reptilia Aves Mammalia
Anatomy of the leaf Animal kingdom Phylum Annelida
Phylum Mollusca Phylum Echinodermata Vertebrata
Chordates Disorders of circulatory system Abiotic Factors
Male Reproductive System Kingdom Animalia Responses to Abiotic Factors
Female Reproductive System Mammary Glands Pregnancy and Embryonic Development
Cell Cancer Disorders of the Digestive System
Infertility Morphology of Cockroach Blood and Plasma
Alternation of Generations and Classification Predation Phaeophyceae and Rhodophyceae
Phylum Coelenterata Phylum Porifera Phylum Platyhelminthes
Chromosomal Disorders Competition Taxonomic Aids
Alternation of generation in Pteridophytes Disorders of muscular and skeletal system General Characteristics of Living
Digestive Glands Stomach Testis
Buccal cavity Seed Common Diseases in Humans
Permanent Tissue Permanent Tissues Xylem Pteridophytes Characteristics
Parasitism and Commensalism Water Pollution and Its Control Differentiation, Dedifferentiation and Redifferentiation
Organism and its Environment Carbohydrates Greenhouse Effect Gases
Amino Acids
Dynamic State of Body Constituents Photosynthesis Chloroplast
Features of Living Beings Blood Group  Lipids
Kingdom Protista dense connective tissue connective tissue cartilage
connective tissue blood plant cell viruses
the stem Connective Tissue Bone Viroids Prions Lichens
Animal cell Prokaryotic Cell Taxonomic Aids Herbarium and Museum
Sphygmomanometer and ECG Population Attributes Noise pollution
Diaphragm Parts of a Plant Photoperiodism
Poultry Farming Nucleic Acids Cell Cycle
Principles of Biotechnology Antibiotics IVF
Glands Kranz Anatomy Sexual Reproduction in Plants
Cytokinin Plant Development Biofertilizers
Photorespiration Auxin Nutrient Cycling
Types of Flowers Taxonomic Hierarchy and Categories Epidermal Tissue System
Calyx and Corolla Ethylene Fertilization and Implantation
Types of Fruits Inflorescence Types of Growth
Macronutrients Family Liliaceae ETC and Oxidative Phosphorylation
Classification of Wood Ground Tissue System Secondary Growth in Stem
Plant Vascular System Electron Transport System Transpiration
Difference Between Types of Cells Ovary Structure Birth Control
Epithelial Tissue Endomembrane System Cell Envelopes and Cell Membrane
Muscle Types Axial Skeleton Acquired Immunity
Lung Volumes and Capacities Suspension and Migration Prokaryotic Cells


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