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NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Physics

Truly! You have crossed the board exams. Phew! That is one immense burden gone for eternity. Presently, you have picked your stream, provided guidance to your profession and you are en route to shape your life. If you love Physics and you have consistently cherished Physics, at that point the NCERT Physics Book of Class 11 is intended to cause your affection towards Physics to develop. With Aakash, you can easily comprehend the concepts and problem-solving methodology that can assist you with succeeding in the exams.

As we step into this new venture, we all expect our journey to get more straightforward than before. Unfortunately, that's not true. As we go ahead our stream narrows down, however, the syllabus is not easy to handle as it becomes more in-depth and a lot more concepts are added in the same subjects which are very new and complicated to us. Class 11 is a time of tranquillity between the frenzy of 10th-grade loads up, and 12th grade loads up.

It is where if an understudy is found to have a lackadaisical disposition for the early month or two, it very well may be pardoned because the student needs a break. Presently, this is the place where Aakash's NCERT Solutions for Class 11 comes in, to assist students with getting rid of this attitude and start to toll well in Class 11 examinations. Class 11 is an antecedent to the final make or break moment of the true year of school life, which is class 12. Each parent and instructor starts to pressurize students for the class 12th boards expressing in eleventh, which is the reason. Class 11 solutions can be precious to the students. This is the place where each student should start to set up their examination ethic to do well in school, which is the reason the NCERT Solutions for class 11 is significant.

The Physics NCERT Solutions for class 11 curated by expert instructors assist the students with understanding the points well. Aakash has spread out the chapters and solutions so that they can be straightforwardly downloaded in your gadgets. With CBSE Class 11 NCERT Solutions, you get significant bit-by-bit guidance on the most proficient method to move toward a specific problem and arrive at the solution. The solutions contain all the sections spread out and replied by the board of Aakash's expert teachers. With numerous long stretches of skill, onboard issued reading material, they mark out important questions and give you tips on the best way to understand them.

It is necessary to have a decent handle on subjects like Physics as it incorporates a lot of formulae and main ideas that structure the base for your 12th-grade prospectus, With the NCERT Physics Class 11 Solutions, you can perform better in your group and gain certainty to tackle your last year in school.

Physics gives you the liberty to choose which chapter is more important to you and requires greater attention. With the NCERT Class 11 Solutions PDF, you can choose individual chapters to focus on and study according to your convenience. As believed, practice makes perfect. These solutions offer you more than enough practice to solve different types of problems and get quicker at solving the difficult ones. They help you approach any problem with complete ease.

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Physics- Chapter-Wise


Chapter 1 Physical World

The first chapter is tied in with building your basics about the world of Physics. It will discuss the distinctive physical forces like nuclear force, gravitational force, electromagnetic force, and give you knowledge into the fundamental laws that oversee numerous natural phenomena. This chapter explains all the significantly essential contributions made by great scientists such as Faraday, Coulomb, Newton, Ampere, Oersted, and many others across the globe. It will help you build a concrete foundation that will enlighten you with further concepts of physics and its multiple dynamics.

Chapter 2 Units and Measurement

In the past classes, you have gone over a wide range of units of measuring physical quantities. In this chapter, you will learn and clear your concepts about what a unit is, what are base units, derived units, a system of units, and much more. It will help you to comprehend the international system of units and how they are decided. Additionally, you will likewise get to know different methods like parallax angle, parallax method, and different methods of measuring length. In this chapter, you can also learn about the alternative methods of measuring the length and estimating small distances, such as the size of a molecule.

Chapter 3 Motion in a Straight Line

This is a major portion of Kinematics, and in the younger classes, you have learned about rectilinear motion, its measurement having a detailed technical vision and the foundational properties of motion. In Chapter 3, will deal with rectilinear motion and how it is estimated. You will get into concepts like motion in a straight line, relative velocity, instantaneous velocity, retardation, the magnitude of displacement, the frame of reference, reference point, and so forth.

Chapter 4 Motion in a Plane

How might you measure movement in a plane? In this lesson, you will learn about measuring motion in a plane and will be introduced to scalar and vector quantities. You will also learn about the diagrammatic representation of derivative laws. This chapter will upskill you in topics like position and displacement vector, equality of vectors, addition and subtraction of vectors, furthermore, it will also teach you the derivative laws of the addition of vector and scalar quantities.

Chapter 5 Law of Motion

Chapter 5 in NCERT Physics Book of Class 11 will prepare you how bodies move and the factors that act on them. It discusses the impact of gravity on the motion of a body, the direction of the force and its corresponding motion, and various different concepts of motion. From ancient times, renowned physicists have studied motion. The contribution of these physicists such as Aristotle, Galileo, and Newton can be seen in this chapter.

Chapter 6 Work, Energy and Power

In the past classes, you have experienced ideas of work, energy and power. What is different in this chapter is that it will acquaint you with the connection between the three quantities, i.e. work, energy, and power. You will likewise find out about Scalar product, the distributive laws, and other muddled ideas that lay the foundation for further elaborate chapters.

Chapter 7 System of Particles and Rotational Motion

In this chapter, you will find out about momentum conservation, the equilibrium of rigid bodies, the focal point of mass of the two-particle system, torque and numerous different theories concerning rotational movement and movement of systems of particles. This chapter is stacked with both hypothesis and numerical world problems.

Chapter 8 Gravitation

In junior classes, you have run over the idea of gravitational energy. You might be familiar with the fact that all the objects tend to get attracted to the earth. Students are thus aware of the basic concept of gravity, how it works, and how it was discovered? The chapter will help you plunge into the technical premise of gravitation, Kepler's laws, acceleration because of gravity of the earth, acceleration due to gravity below and above the surface of the earth, gravitational constant, gravitational potential energy, earth satellites, escape speed, the energy of an orbiting satellite, geostationary and polar satellites, the general law of gravitational energy, weightlessness and various other concepts of gravity.

Chapter 9 Mechanical Properties of Solids

In the lesson' Mechanical Properties of Solids', you will get complete guidance about the physical properties of solids like elasticity, plasticity, stress, tensile stress, hydraulic stress, and different ideas to assist you with understanding the multiple properties of solids.

Chapter 10 Mechanical Properties of Fluid

Chapter 10 in NCERT Physics Book of Class 11 will plunge into the physical properties of liquids and gases. You will gain proficiency with the contrasts among solids and fluids just as the basic attributes of gases and liquids. It will likewise depict the various impacts of pressure and tension on fluids.

Chapter 11 Thermal Properties of Matter

You are as of now mindful of the basic idea of heat. In this chapter, you will get subtleties of the real definition of heat and study the different processes by which heat flows. Further in this chapter, you will discover why blacksmiths heat the iron ring before fitting the rim of the wooden wheel of a horse cart and why the wind at a sea beach often reverses its direction as the sun goes down. What is the concept behind boiling and freezing of water? You will be acknowledged to reasons as to why temperature doesn't change in the middle of these processes even though a huge amount of heat is flowing through these processes. This chapter will likewise acquaint you with a portion of the basic utilization of heat and why it happens.

Chapter 12 Thermodynamics

Thermodynamics is a significant part of Physics that deals with concepts of heat and temperature as well as the interconversion of energy. It is a macroscopic science that deals with bulk systems and does not include the molecular constitution of any matter. In this chapter, you will find out about the various laws that oversee thermal energy, how work gets changed into heat and the other way around, and other such fascinating ideas.

Chapter 13 Kinetic Theory

The gas comprises super quick moving atoms. The chapter will get you familiar with the behavior of gases depending on the possibility that gas comprises fast-moving atoms or molecules. In 'Kinetic Theory', you will find out about the conduct of gases, kinetic hypothesis, and how well-known researchers and scientists like Newton, Maxwell, Boyle, and others added to this hypothesis.

Chapter 14 Oscillations

' Oscillations' is a fascinating, interesting and vital section which shows the understudies, in detail, about oscillations, oscillatory motion, periodic motion, simple harmonic motion, simple pendulum, time period, and other such exciting concepts. The study of oscillatory motion is fundamental to physical science: the ideas of which are needed for understanding numerous natural phenomena. The chapter Oscillations will assist you with studying insight concerning oscillations and oscillatory movement.

Chapter 15 Waves

In Chapter 15 of NCERT Physics Book of Class 11, you will plunge into the idea of waves. You will find out about transverse and longitudinal waves, wavelength and angular wavenumber, amplitude and phase, and numerous other fundamental ideas identified with waves.

There are step-by-step answers to the various problems in the coursebook that facilitate any pressure you may have before your examinations. The solutions go about as a perfect guide right before your examinations as it contains all the necessary information concerning the questions that are asked quite often. The important concepts are highlighted and disclosed quickly to help you cover a considerable bit of your schedule in a lot less time.

Highlights of Class 11 Physics Aakash NCERT Solutions

  • The subject matter is prepared by senior faculty members allowing students to have solutions and experience served in one platter.
  • The language used is very easy to understand.
  • Solutions provide easy and precise CBSE solutions.
  • The solutions follow a step-by-step scenario.
  • Chapter wise and Topic-wise solutions for students’ in-depth understanding.
  • Nothing in the syllabus is left. Entire syllabus is covered.

FAQ’s for CLASS 11 Physics NCERT Solutions

Q. What is the best way to score good marks in Physics in class 11th?

A. The 11th-grade physics comprises three sections- Derivations, theory, and the numerical portion. The derivations and the numerical portions need to be understood and practiced, and that is where the NCERT solutions provided by Aakash for physics help you.

The theory portion can be covered from the NCERT textbook, and it is a vital aspect of the concept.

Q. Why should one consider using the latest version of the NCERT solutions provided by Aakash?

A. The syllabus keeps on changing, and new questions are added as well in the NCERT textbooks. The latest solutions provided by Aakash have everything updated in it, and thus the students don't have to wonder about searching for the missing portions.

Q. Where can one get the class 11th Physics NCERT solutions provided by Aakash?

A. To download the latest NCERT Solutions provided by Aakash, the student should first go to the official website of Aakash, and they should access the page of grade 11th physics and download it from there.

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