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NCERT Solutions for Class 6: Download Free PDFs


NCERT Class 6 Solutions: If class 5 was the transition from primary to secondary school, class 6 is in the true sense, give students the experience of secondary school. New concepts are introduced in every subject. Therefore a good command of the basics becomes imperative. Aakash NCERT Solutions for Class 6 is here to bridges the gap between the concepts and clarity. Subjects like Mathematics, Science, Social Science, English, and Hindi have been simplified for the students. The solutions have been prepared to keep in mind its audience, i.e., 11 or 12-year-old students. The answers are designed in such a way that caters to the needs of the question and yet intrigues the student to delve deeper into the topic.

Our associated subject matter experts prepare the Aakash NCERT Solutions for Class 6. We provide a brief gist for all Science, English, Social Science, Mathematics, and Hindi queries. Our platform is well-matched to students who want to perform well academically and get basic concept clarity. These NCERT Solutions for Class 6 give the students an excellent opportunity to get all their doubts cleared on the same platform be it Maths, Science, English, or any other subject.

The student requires a strong base in class 6th so that they can ace in the subjects in the coming years. NCERT books are one of the best of their kind in the country. The sharpest minds of the country have compiled it. The NCERT has all the tools and material needed by the child to grasp the presented content, and the questions given in the books are ideal for testing their knowledge. The books have innovative methods in terms of questions, additional questions, 'did you know' sections, 'activity' sections to improve our knowledge and the understanding of the chapter and the subject altogether.

Aakash NCERT Solutions for Class 6 plays a vital role in guiding the child's thought process as they are about to enter a very important stage of high school in their student life. Many countries consider high school graduates as adults. Even India considers them eligible for the vocational courses after which they can directly go for various jobs or start their venture. Thus, class 6th is a crucial grade for secondary education and provides the platform for a strong leap into the high school years.

There is a plethora of new concepts and many chapters across the entire class 6th syllabus. The questions, as a result, are tough, and if a student takes the self-solving approach to answer every question, it is a very time-consuming and mentally taxing task. There would not be enough time left for every subject as a single subject with too many or too long questions would take up most of their time. But, it is very crucial that the students have a well-balanced or all-round knowledge. Knowledge of a single subject would not be enough for the student in the classes to come. Also, it will be useless for the final examinations at the end of the year.

Thus, here at Aakash, we support the students by providing them with solutions, maintaining a standard quality of answers, for all the subjects. It is recommended to the students to download and make use of the NCERT solutions for Class 6th. Experts from all over the country help prepare these solutions in hopes that students get the most out of the knowledge provided by the NCERT books. The solutions are provided in a simple but detailed, step-by-step fashion, which provides the students with a roadmap for approaching such questions and tips for working out the answers correctly.

Download the Class 6 NCERT PDF Solutions

NCERT is said to be the Bible of CBSE. NCERTs help in concept formation and have questions ranging from subjective and application to activities that required an ample amount of brainstorming. This becomes a challenge for a student who has to juggle all the subjects all the time. Aakash NCERT Solutions for Class 6 saves students from the trouble of searching for solutions through various websites. Students now have the Solution PDF at their disposal to help them ace their exams.

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 - Subject-wise

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths
NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Science
NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English
NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Social Science
NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Hindi


NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths

Mathematics forms an integral part of our education system. Mathematics is the foundation of many subjects in higher studies. Mathematics develops the analytical skills of the students. Mathematics develops the power of reasoning, creativity, abstract or spatial thinking, critical thinking, and problem-solving ability.

In class 6, Mathematics unfurls itself into many subparts like Algebra, Geometry, and Mensuration. Class 6 forms the basis of these newly introduced concepts, and having a right understanding of these topics from the very beginning is important.

Mathematics is known widely for its interconnections. The concepts of mathematics are interconnected. A good understanding of one topic gives you an edge in the other. This makes mathematics a very scoring subject.

For instance, a simple topic of fractions is further applied to understand decimals and percentage. At each stage, we get to see a glimpse of a fraction is one way or the other. Concepts learnt in fractions are applicable in each of the above-mentioned topics. This makes it imperative for students to build a solid foundation from the very beginning.

At times this inter connectivity between topics can also become a daunting factor and can result in developing complexities for the students. If a student fails to understand a chapter, he/she is trapped in a vicious loop of confusion. It is because of this vicious loop that students tend to develop a fear of the subject and end up scoring poorly in a subject that has such low hanging fruits of marks.

It is also seen that at times students cannot cope up with the speed of the classroom and faces difficulty in grasping the concepts at an adequate speed. Even if the student tries to keep up with the pace he/she witnesses that the teacher proceeding with a new chapter. This creates a sense of self-doubt and demoralizes the student. They develop a habit of procrastinating which leads to piling up of topics and culminates into a poorly prepared base for the further classes.

It is in the foundation years that students happened to develop a phobia for the subject and end up scoring less in this subject. One cannot learn the concepts of mathematics and simply produce them on paper. A much deeper comprehension of the subject is needed for one to excel in the subject. Rote learning is not an option in mathematics. Practice is the key to excel in this particular subject.

It is here that Aakash NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Mathematics aims to overcome this phobia and solve problems. Our experienced faculty provides the NCERT Solutions for Class 6th mathematics at Aakash. The solutions are provided in an easy-to-understand language. The solutions are solved step by step in a self-explanatory manner for an easy understanding of the new concepts.

The Aakash NCERT Solution of Mathematics for class 6 cover the entire syllabus given in the NCERT books, and answers have been providing for every question posed in the book. The faculty at Aakash focuses more on the method than simply providing the answers to the questions.

Aakash NCERT Solution of mathematics for class 6 has been made keeping in mind the age group that it caters to. The understanding ability of a class 6 student has been taken into account, and solutions have been provided accordingly.

Chapter Number Chapter Name
Chapter 1 Knowing Your Numbers
Chapter 2 Whole Numbers
Chapter 3 Playing With Numbers
Chapter 4 Basic Geometrical Ideas
Chapter 5 Understanding Elementary Shapes
Chapter 6 Integers
Chapter 7 Fractions
Chapter 8 Decimals
Chapter 9 Data Handling
Chapter 10 Mensuration
Chapter 11 Algebra
Chapter 12 Ratio and Proportion
Chapter 13 Symmetry
Chapter 14 Practical Geometry


NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Science

Science is a dynamic subject. It is a subject that witnesses changes in every new edition of the NCERT. Developments in the field of STEM become a part, and added material in the curriculum of the students.

It is in class 6 that the foundation building of this dynamic subject begins. A proper understanding of the chapters of class 6 is required. Students looking to make a career in STEM are advised to start preparing and focusing on the subject matter from class 6.

Science in class 6 unfolds itself into 3 subparts, i.e., Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Chapters in class 6 such as Light, Electricity, Living organism, and their characteristics and many other chapters which are introduced in class 6 are studied in great detail in the higher classes. This makes it important for the students of class 6 to gain clarity in the subject so that they can ace the subject.

Aakash NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Science have covered that extra mile for the students to provide not just the solutions to the answers but to explain in lucid language the reason behind the concept. A strong foundation of science in the early years of secondary school helps in the long run.

Aakash NCERT Solution of Science for class 6 has been made keeping in mind the age group that it caters to. The understanding ability of a class 6 student has been taken into account, and solutions have been provided accordingly.

Chapter Number Chapter Name
Chapter 1 Food: Where Does It Come From?
Chapter 2 Components of Food
Chapter 3 Fibre to Fabric
Chapter 4 Sorting Materials Into Groups
Chapter 5 Separation of Substances
Chapter 6  Changes Around Us
Chapter 7 Getting to Know Plants
Chapter 8 Body Movements
Chapter 9 The Living Organisms and Their Surroundings
Chapter 10 Motion and Measurement of Distances
Chapter 11 Light, Shadows and Reflection
Chapter 12 Electricity and Circuits
Chapter 13 Fun with Magnets
Chapter 14  Water
Chapter 15 Air Around Us
Chapter 16 Garbage In, Garbage Out


NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English

In modern society, English is the most widely spoken language; India owing to its large and ever-increasing population, now holds the second position worldwide in terms of the number of English speakers. According to current trends, English proficiency is correlated with sophistication and literacy. Although it is often called a second language for Indian students, it is the one language integrating us globally. Today, to compete on a global scale or to have a foreseeable future in overseas markets, it is imperative for the coming generation to be well acquainted with the language. Even in daily instances of school life, students require a strong command over it to represent their schools at times or even while talking to a teacher.

For a student, English can be a useful tool for pushing their grades forward if they know how to use it correctly. English is a very scoring subject if one has the correct understanding of the grammatical errors one makes while framing answers. English is the first/second language for most of the students. This makes it imperative to have a good grasp of the subject. This can only happen if one understands the grammar and expression of the language. Aakash NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English help students in answer writing and structuring their thoughts into words. This helps reduce the silly mistakes one can make and improves one's score.

Unit Number Unit Name
Unit 1 Who Did Patrick’s Homework?
Unit 1 Poem: A House, A Home
Unit 2 How the Dog Found Himself a New Master!
Unit 2 Poem: The Kite
Unit 3 Taro’s Reward
Unit 3 Poem: The Quarrel
Unit 4 An Indian – American Woman in Space: Kalpana Chawla
Unit 4  Poem: Beauty
Unit 5 A Different Kind of School
Unit 5 Poem: Where Do All the Teachers Go?
Unit 6 Who I Am
Unit 6  Poem: The Wonderful Words
Unit 7 Fair Play
Unit 7  Poem: Vocation
Unit 8 Fire: A Game of Chance
Unit 8 Poem: What if
Unit 9 Desert Animals
Unit 10 The Banyan Tree


NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Social Science

Social Science is a term used in a broader sense to describe subjects like History, Geography, and Civics. Social Science is an important subject of the curriculum of the students of secondary school.

History gives us a detailed account of our past. The kingdoms and the kings, the war fought the battles won, the culture of the land, and the language of the people. It also answers the questions of diversities that we witness in our society. It develops a sense of appreciation among the young readers for their ancestors. It also makes us aware of the reasons for the conflicts that we witness in the modern world.

Geography gives us a detailed account of the terrain and the topology of the land. It gives us knowledge of the solar system and how our planet earth has evolved over the centuries. Class 6 geography introduces the young readers to the terrain, climate, and vegetation of our country. It fills the readers with awe and generates a quest to seek further knowledge into this domain.

Civics is that section of social science that deals with our recent past. Civics introduces the students to the process of administration of the country. It is a subject that has to be dealt with great attention. It not only spreads awareness among the students about the citizens but also involves them in the process of nation-building.

Social Science is an important subject for the student who aspires to become civil servants or join government services one day. Class 6 serves as the foundation for such young aspirers. Scoring marks in Social Science requires the students to have the ability to express their thoughts and not just learn the text word by word.

Aakash NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Social Science helps in structuring the answers in the right way so that students can not only understand the concepts but also score well in Social Science. Aakash NCERT Solution of Social Science for Class 6 has been made keeping in mind the age group that it caters to. The answers have been structured in such a way that it will help students score those extra brownie points in each subject.

Chapter Number (Social Science - History) Chapter Name
Chapter 1 What, Where, How and When
Chapter 2 On the Trail of the Earliest People
Chapter 3 From Gathering to Growing Food
Chapter 4 In the Earliest Cities
Chapter 5 What Books and Burials Tell Us?
Chapter 6 Kingdoms, Kings and the Early Republic
Chapter 7 New Question and Ideas
Chapter 8 Ashoka, the Emperor Who Gave Up War
Chapter 9 Vital Villages, Thriving Towns
Chapter 10 Traders, Kings and Pilgrims
Chapter 11 New Empires and Kingdoms
Chapter 12 Buildings, Paintings and Books


Chapter Number (Social Science - Geography) Chapter Name
Chapter 1 The Earth in the Solar System
Chapter 2 Globe: Latitudes and Longitudes
Chapter 3 Motions of the Earth
Chapter 4 Maps
Chapter 5 Major Domains of the Earth
Chapter 6 Major Landforms of the Earth
Chapter 7 Our Country- India
Chapter 8  India: Climate, Wildlife and Vegetation


Chapter Number (Social Science - Civics) Chapter Name
Chapter 1 Understanding Diversity
Chapter 2 Diversity and Discrimination
Chapter 3 What is Government?
Chapter 4 Key Elements of a Democratic Government
Chapter 5 Panchayati Raj
Chapter 6  Rural Administration
Chapter 7 Urban Administration
Chapter 8 Rural Livelihoods
Chapter 9 Urban Livelihoods


Benefits of NCERT Solutions for Class 6th 

These solutions are made as a self-explanatory guide for the students of class 6. The solution will help them answer questions and understand the complexity of a problem stepwise. Having the solution handy helps in the long run and adds to the quality of the answers written by the students. Each subject matter has been answered by the experts of the subject.

1. Aakash NCERT Solutions for Class 6 covers the subject matter in great detail.

2. The solutions for each subject have been prepared by its subject expert.

3. The solutions make the student more confident in their answers and also clear their subject-related doubts.

4. Scoring well among your peers not only boosts one's confidence but also develops self-belief and a personal liking for the subjects.

5. The solutions would help students with their school examinations. They will also help the students get a better understanding of the subject material, and they also guide them in writing answers in the correct way for any given question.

6. The solutions are provided in a PDF format, and they are divided topic-wise for every subject. It makes it easy for the student to access particular topic solutions in a PDF for a specific subject.

FAQs for Class 6 NCERT Solutions

Q. Why are NCERT solutions for Class 6 important?

A. All students need to have a reliable guide while studying for the Class 6 syllabus. The NCERT Solutions for Class 6 provide an excellent way to fulfill this goal. Through these solutions, students can not only verify their answers but also build a sound understanding of the subject. You can use these well-created class 6 NCERT solutions to improve your knowledge of class 6.

Q. How students can Utilize Class 6 NCERT solutions?

A. To get the most out of Class 6 NCERT solutions it is advisable to ensure that the students understand the theoretical concepts thoroughly. Once you have a clear understanding of a particular topic then only you should proceed and attempt problems.

Q. What are the benefits of NCERT solutions class 6 for CBSE students?

A. NCERT Solutions for Class 6 helps students to prepare for their exams. Other than this, these solutions instill deep knowledge of the subject and help students to clear out their doubts immediately.

Q. Why choose Aakash for class 6 NCERT solutions?

A. The solutions provided by us are prepared by IITians and well-trained faculty members. Thus, they are reliable, precise and give the best techniques to solve any problem. We also include some tips to enable students to solve problems with speed and accuracy.

Q. What are the highlights of Aakash’s latest NCERT solutions?

A. We at Aakash have taken extreme care to furnish keynotes after each part with the nitty-gritty outline, significant equations, and all the important points clarified in the reading material. The students looking for the appropriate responses to inquiries present in the books of NCERT would now be able to put their hunt to stop. These arrangements of NCERT course solutions are set up after over-the-top exploration, making it outstanding amongst other online NCERT Solutions. It gives a bit-by-bit clarification to each address given in the course books. The Aakash NCERT Solutions can likewise end up being of significant guide to students for their home tasks and state and National Level competitive exams also.


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