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Balanced Force

Balanced Force - Physics

Force is a push or pull given to change the state of rest or uniform motion of any object or shape. It makes the objects accelerate from their actual position to move to a new position. Or, in other words, we can define a force as a push or a pull on any object or substance which takes place when two or more objects interact. It is the most basic cause of motion from its rest position. Newton is the unit for force and is denoted as N. A force meter is an instrument to measure the force.

Force can cause a change in the state of momentum of the object. Force is a vector quantity because it possesses both magnitude and direction. Therefore, to determine force, we must find its magnitude and direction.

In diagrams to solve problems, force is represented as arrows to indicate the direction of where it is acting. As we discussed that force is a vector quantity, the effect provided by a singular force can simply be canceled by that effect. Only if there is a net force acting upon an object, it will move faster. The net force is the total sum of all the forces that are acting on an object. Net force can accelerate mass more than singular or individual forces.

Forces that can be found acting in a different direction, then the net force can be calculated by subtracting the lowest number from the highest one.

Normal forces are always seen as equal in magnitude and are in opposite directions because of gravity on the objects. Apart from that, objects also have friction on it, which is another force that can occur when two or more objects or structures rub against one another. This friction force can help prevent restricting motion.

Balancing of forces

Forces can be easily balanced unless there are more forces added to them. For instance, when the pen and paper set the forces, we can see them as equal. It is because they pull and push each other. However, when an additional force called gravity is added to it, then it pulls the whole thing down, which means both the pen and paper will fall on the floor.

Balanced force – Definition

If two of the specified forces act on a particular body that has equal magnitude but opposite direction, then it can be called balanced forces. Here, a stationary body continues to be placed in its stationary position whereas a moving body is kept on moving in its direction with the same speed.

Balanced forces can be seen when two forces acting in a way, they are opposite to each other on any object and contain equal size. It is proven that whenever there is a balanced force, the object either stays still or moves in a stable motion.

Balanced forces = No acceleration

To identify if a force is balanced, a force analysis needs to be done. This can help define what forces act upon the object as well as in which direction they are being acted.

A real-life example of balanced force would be a tug-of-war game with equally matched teams on both sides. In this game, the rope does not move equally and an opposing force is applied to it from each of the sides. Another example would be, the boat weight can be balanced by the upthrust from the water.

Balanced force can be represented in many forms, such as hanging, standing, sitting, and floating objects.

Newton’s first law of motion

The most famous Newton’s first law of motion states that an object which is at rest, stays at rest and any object which is in motion stays moving with the same speed and direction unless an unbalanced force acts on it.

This law can also be described as the law of inertia. Inertia is a property of mass that resists any form of a change from its actual position of motion or rest. Inertia will be higher if the mass of the body is greater. Hence, the resistance of it will be greater as well.

Resultant force

A resultant force can help change the velocity of any body. In case forces contained on an object are kept balanced, then they will remain in a stationary manner. If it is found moving, it will continue to move at a stable speed and direction.

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