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List of physics scientists and their inventions

List of physics scientists and their inventions

Physics is one of the most advancing branches of science, with innovations being initiated at all times. It is an ever-growing and evolving branch with some mind-blowing inventions that have now provided us with the kind of lifestyle that we are leading. Our technology is highly advanced and is progressing in every aspect. Here, we will be talking about some of the greatest inventions in the history of physics.

     1. Benjamin Franklin:

Benjamin Franklin was one of the greatest scientists who invented our most relied on energy source called electricity. Since electricity cannot be invented as it is naturally available in the environment, he did not exactly invent it. However, he proved the similarity between the effect of lightning and electric sparks by his experiment of a key, kite and a storm.

     2. Alexander Graham Bell:

Alexander Graham Bell was a well-known scientist for his invention of the telephone. He was very famous for his deep-rooted love and dedication towards sound technology since his mother and wife were deaf. He had initially started working on the harmonic telegraph, which allowed multiple messages to be transmitted at a single time.

By working on the telegraph, he was able to transmit sound from the device, and this is how he invented the telephone and was the first to make a call or speak over the telephone.

     3. Michael Faraday:

Michael Faraday is extremely well-known for his invention of electromagnetic induction. Electromagnetic induction is one of the best inventions in the history of physics because not only is it highly used in the industry, but it also helped in explaining the properties of the magnetic field.

He had performed an iron ring experiment where a thick iron ring was wrapped with two coils of insulated wire. One end of the coil was connected to the battery and the other to the galvanometer. There was a deflection seen on the galvanometer when the battery was switched off. This observation led to the discovery of electromagnetic induction.

     4. Willis Carrier:

Willis Carrier has contributed to one of the greatest inventions of an air conditioner. He used the idea of drying air by passing it through the water to create fog. This would enable him to pass air with the desired amount of moisture in it. This was his way of controlling humidity, which was the stepping stone towards creating an air conditioner.

     5. Enrico Fermi:

He had successfully invented a controlled nuclear reactor at the University of Chicago. He and 48 of his colleagues made this invention a success. This was the first nuclear reactor that was controlled by humankind. This proved that the emission and travel of nuclear gases could be controlled and stored by humanity. This control over nuclear gases was based on neutrons.

     6. Erwin Schrödinger:

Wave mechanics, an important branch of physics, was introduced by Erwin Schrödinger. He had defined Schrödinger's equation which defined quantum mechanics scientifically. It deals with the sub-microscopic phenomena of an atom. He had defined the motion of small particles with the help of probability waves or wave functions. These equations made by him are highly used in atomic, nuclear and solid-state physics.

     7. Elisha Otis:

Elisha Otis was the one who invented a safety lift that ensured that the cab would not fall even if the cable snapped, and this was done by using a safety hoist. He had also controlled the steam engine for the use of these elevators. Initially, he made small lifts only for freight purposes. Later, he started manufacturing large scale products for transport purposes.

     8. Philo Farnsworth:

Philo Farnsworth was the first American inventor who designed the all-electronic television system. He had also joined a radio company due to his high knowledge of transmitting data via these electromagnetic waves. After his invention, the all-electronic television had overpowered the mechanical form of television. It was an advanced form of transferring images and data in a continuous pattern.

Final Overview

These inventions were a turning point in the history of physics as they had changed and modified many principles and set restrictions. Some inventions were completely unexpected, which proves that science has many unexplored domains. There is still a lot left to discover and invent. Science is a never-ending branch with endless possibilities, and there are millions of scientists exploring these possibilities

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