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NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Social Science


CBSE NCERT Class 7 Social Science syllabus is significant as it gives the proper organization of the course content of History, Political science, and Geography. Studying consistently with the syllabus of class 7 NCERT social science can facilitate students to attain higher marks as a result of the ultimate question paper is prepared as per the syllabus. We at Aakash provide NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Social Science to help the student to clear every concept on a more accurate level. If a student wants to score maximum marks, then Social Science is the best subject to score maximum.

NCERT solutions are prepared by years of experienced faculty and experts. Each solution is provided with a detailed solution, description, and clarification of every topic and subtopics. It will clear all the doubts of the student quickly. The best solutions are provided at Aakash. It helps the student to learn in-depth which helps the student to clearly understand the core concept of the topic and the questions and every question is prepared in 2-3 different ways so that the student can learn most quickly.

Here we are providing free NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Social Science for the 3 books, namely:

  • History
  • Political science
  • Geography

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Social Science History Chapters List

NCERT Solutions For Class 7 History Chapter 1 Tracing Changes through a Thousand Years

If the context within which info is made changes with time, what concerning language and meanings? Historical records exist in an exceedingly form of languages that have modified significantly over the years. Medieval Persian, as an example, is different from trendy Persian. The distinction is not merely concerning synchronic linguistics and vocabulary; the meanings of words additionally modify over time. Chapter one of CBSE class seven History traces these changes through a thousand years. Students will go over the ideas by reading up CBSE class seven History Chapter 1-Tracing Changes Through Thousand Years.

NCERT Solutions For Class 7 History Chapter 2 New Kings and Kingdoms

New dynasties emerged once the seventh century. By the seventh century, there had been huge landlords or somebody chiefs in numerous regions of the landmass. Chapter 2 of CBSE class even History discusses these ideas.

NCERT Solutions For Class 7 History Chapter 3 The Delhi Sultans

Delhi became a vital town solely within the twelfth century. It was the capital of a kingdom underneath the Tomara Rajput who was defeated within the middle of the twelfth century by the Chauhan (also cited as Chahamanas) of Ajmer. Students will learn much concerning the city from Chapter 3 of CBSE Class 7 History.

NCERT Solutions For Class 7 History Chapter 4 The Mughal Empire

They were ruling an outsized territory because the Indian landmass involving such a diversity of individuals and cultures was a very troublesome task to accomplish within the Middle Ages. However, in distinction to their predecessors, the Mughals created an empire and accomplished what had before appeared attainable for less than short periods of your time. Chapter 4 of CBSE Class 7 is explained about it.

NCERT Solutions For Class 7 History Chapter 5 Rulers and Buildings

The Qutb Minar is five storeys, and the primary floor was created by Qutbuddin Aibak in 1199 and therefore the rest by Iltutmish around 1229. Over the years it was broken by lightning and earthquakes and repaired by Alauddin Khalji, Muhammad Tughluq, Firuz crowned head Tughluq and patriarch Lodi. Students will learn much concerning Rulers and Buildings from Chapter five of CBSE category seven History.

Chapter 6 Towns, Traders and Craftspersons

What would a person come up with a medieval city look for? It depends on the sort of city it is–a temple city, Associate in Nursing body Centre, an advert city or a port city. Several cities combined many functions – they were body centres, temple cities, still as centres of business activities and craft production. Students will learn much regarding cities, Traders, and Craftsperson. It is discussed in chapter 6.

Chapter 7 Tribes, Nomads and Settled Communities

Necessary political, social and economic developments had taken place over the centuries. Still, the social modification wasn't constant all over for the rationale that different sorts of societies evolved otherwise. perceive, however, and why, this happened. All these concepts are discussed in chapter 7.

NCERT Solutions For Class 7 History Chapter 8 Devotional Paths to the Divine

Chapter 8 discusses the Devotional Paths to the Divine. People perform rituals of worship along with singing bhajans, kirtans or qawwalis. Such intense love of God is the bequest of assorted types of devotion and Sufi movements that have evolved since the eighth century.

NCERT Solutions For Class 7 History Chapter 9 The Making of Regional Cultures

We sometimes describe folks in terms of the language they speak. For instance, we tend to visit somebody speaking Tamil or Oriya language and live in Tamil Nadu or Orissa as a Tamil or Oriya person. Some traditions seem specific to some regions, others appear to be similar across regions, and others derive from older practices during an explicit space, however, take a brand-new kind in different regions. Learn in detail about making the regional culture in chapter 9 NCERT class7.

NCERT Solutions For Class 7 History Chapter 10 Eighteenth-Century Political Formations

CBSE class 7 Chapter ten – Eighteenth-Century Political Formation discusses the emergence of recent political groups at intervals the land throughout the first half the eighteenth century, once Aurangzeb died, the third battle of engagement in 1761, etc. for sophistication category seven students, it's essential to possess a radical data of these ideas. So, to help students gain a defense of the ideas mentioned at intervals in the chapter, we've provided CBSE Notes class seven History for Chapter 10.

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Social Science Political Science- Chapters List

NCERT Solutions For Class 7 Political Science Chapter 1 On Equality

Equality may be a key feature of democracy and influences all aspects of its functioning. In CBSE Notes class 7 scientific discipline social science Chapter 1– On equality, you may learn additional regarding equality – what it's, why it is necessary for an exceeding democracy, and whether or not or not most are equal in the Asian nation.

NCERT Solutions For Class 7 Political Science Chapter 2 The Role of the Government in Health

Chapter 2 notes discuss the role of government in health. There are each public and personal aspects of health provisioning. Aid in the Republic of India isn't obtainable to any or all, although the Constitution supports a read that the correct health is a facet of our fundamental rights. Through this chapter, you'll begin to envision the perfect or desired role of the presidency, and therefore the meanings behind its structures. Some ways that matters of health services are often modified in the Republic of India also are explained.

NCERT Solutions For Class 7 Political Science Chapter 3 How the State Government Works

In Chapter 3 of Civics, the state government work is described. After going through CBSE Notes Class 7 Social Science Civics Chapter 3 – How the government works, you will notice the answers to several queries, like what's the role of a Member of the assembly (MLA) and Ministers? However, do folks categorize their views or demand action from the government? The chapter conjointly focuses on, however, the government functions, and discusses concepts of illustration, answerability, and public welfare.

NCERT Solutions For Class 7 Political Science Chapter 4 Growing up as Boys and Girls

Two case studies help study the differences between ladies and boys. This permits you to grasp that the method of socialization isn't uniform; instead, it's socially determined and changes unendingly over time. The chapter additionally addresses the very fact that societies assign entirely different values to the roles men and ladies play, and therefore, the work they are doing.

NCERT Solutions For Class 7 Political Science Chapter 5 Women Change the World

In this chapter, you perceive, however, some occupations are seen to be more appropriate for men than ladies. In CBSE Notes class 7 scientific discipline social science Chapter 5 – ladies' modification the globe you'll conjointly shrewdness ladies struggled for his or her equality. Obtaining associate education was and still is, a technique through that ladies will produce new opportunities. This chapter can shortly trace the various forms of efforts created by the women's movement to challenge discrimination in additional recent years.

NCERT Solutions For Class 7 Political Science Chapter 6 Understanding Media

Media may be a word that's typically accustomed to confer with the radio, TV, newspapers, web alternative and several other} other types of communication. CBSE Notes class 7 of social science Chapter–6 Understanding Media, can assist you to explore much concerning the media. You may perceive why it's necessary for the media to be freelance during a democratic country. Also, you may grasp the approach the media affects our daily lives.

NCERT Solutions For Class 7 Political Science Chapter 7 Markets Around Us

The chapter explains 'Markets Around Us'. At one level, you study completely different market sites: a weekly market, neighborhood retailers, a searching advanced, etc. At another level, you explore the complicated question, 'how do merchandise reach these markets?' you will additionally examine. However, a series of markets operate. You always associate 'market' with marketplaces, however shopping for, and commercialism ensues in various ways and therefore the chapter discusses, however, all of this falls inside a more significant understanding of markets.

NCERT Solutions For Class 7 Political Science Chapter 8 A Shirt in the Market

Chapter 8 of class seven social science describes; however, markets supply individuals with completely different opportunities. The 'story of a shirt' and also the chain of markets concerned within the method helps you perceive this chapter in-depth. When reading CBSE Notes class 7 scientific discipline social science Chapter 8 – A Shirt within the Market, you return to the conclusion that we'd like a far much viable approach for equitable distribution of the market.

This chapter begins with the assembly of cotton and ends with the sale of the shirt. you'll see that a series of markets links the producer of cotton to the client of the shirt within the grocery store. Shopping for and commerce crop up at each step within the chain. Will everybody profit equally from this? Or do some individuals profit quite well from others? you'll notice the solution to the present question at the top of the chapter.

NCERT Solutions For Class 7 Political Science Chapter 9 Struggles for Equality

History is packed with samples of those who have come close to fight against difference and for problems with justice. In CBSE Notes of class 7 social science, Chapter 9 – Struggles for Equality, you will learn how and which folks have struggled against difference.

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Social Science Geography Chapters List

NCERT Solutions For Class 7 Geography Chapter 1 Environment

The environment is everything that's around the United States. It may be living or non-living things and includes physical, chemical, and alternative natural forces. Surroundings are split into two broad components, Natural surroundings and Human surroundings.

NCERT Solutions For Class 7 Geography Chapter 2 Inside Our Earth

Inside our Earth includes Interior of the planet, Rocks and Minerals, kinds of Rocks, kinds of Minerals, etc., it's essential to understand the facts regarding our planet within which we tend to live. Every topic is explained fantastically with correct illustrative examples.

NCERT Solutions For Class 7 Geography Chapter 3 Our Changing Earth

Our dynamic Earth helps students perceive earth movements; however, it's associated with force, how an earthquake happens, explains terms like a volcano, focus, epicentre, etc. It additionally teaches ideas associated with ocean waves, river, ice, and wind. These ideas, as mentioned earlier, are essential to get well within the geographics communicating.

NCERT Solutions For Class 7 Geography Chapter 4 Air

Air is that the generic name for the mixture of gases that creates up the Earth's atmosphere. This gas is the primary element, mixed with Oxygen, vapour, argon, greenhouse gas, and trace gases. Chapter 4 intricately explains the composition of the atmosphere, the structure of the atmosphere, weather and climate, etc.

NCERT Solutions For Class 7 Geography Chapter 5 Water

Water, its distribution, ocean circulation, tides, waves, ocean currents are discussed in this chapter.

NCERT Solutions For Class 7 Geography Chapter 6 Natural Vegetation and Wildlife

Natural vegetation and life area unit the plants and animals that survive naturally during a specific region and area unit a part of the part. The ideas that students can get are differing kinds of natural vegetation, forests and grasslands. These topics area units explained well with correct examples so students will hit the books for an additional extended amount.

NCERT Solutions For Class 7 Geography Chapter 7 Human-Environment – Settlement, Transport and Communication

Topics associated with settlement and its varieties, differing types of transport and services, sorts of communications, etc. are discussed. Students ought to perceive these ideas completely to fetch sensible marks in their geographics communication. It'll facilitate in ascension the share of scientific discipline.

NCERT Solutions For Class 7 Geography Chapter 8 Human-Environment Interactions – The Tropical and the Subtropical Region

CBSE notes of Class 7 Geography for Chapter 8 covers all the essential topics and ideas mentioned in the chapter. That explains the topics mentioned in the chapter in brief. It'll facilitate them to save their precious time to travel through alternative study materials of earth science. Score well by touching on these notes written precisely.

NCERT Solutions For Class 7 Geography Chapter 9 Life in the Deserts

It's classified as hot deserts or cold deserts. Extreme temperatures combined with very little downfall build desert life troublesome for individuals, plants, and animals. Everything is discussed in the chapter.


Q. Which are the best NCERT solutions for class 7 Social Science?

A. Aakash has provided the best NCERT solutions for the ease of students. They can access online on their website or the direct links provided by them. It can be accessed without any payment.

Q. What is the price for the NCERT solutions book for class 7 Social Science?

A. Aakash provides free-of-cost NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Social Science.

Q. Can I use the NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Social Science to complete the syllabus quickly?

A. The NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Social Science comprises 3 subjects: History, Geography and Civics. In total there are 28 chapters present. As the syllabus is vast, students are advised to comprehend and plan accordingly to kickstart their preparation. This will help students to get a clear idea about the key topics. The solutions provided by Aakash can be used to learn answers and help students to analyze their weak areas in order to work towards it for better performance. 

Q. How many chapters are there in Class 7 Social Science?

A. The CBSE NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Social Science comprises 28 chapters. Aakash provides NCERT Solutions that are prepared by subject experts for students to understand the concepts of all 28 chapters of Class 7 Social Science. Students can use these NCERT Solutions to prepare and revise for their exams. 

Q. Why are NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Important?

A. NCERT Solutions for Class 7 are important for students as they provide genuine solutions that students can use to cross-check their answers. The class 7 NCERT Solutions also guide students on how to appear for the exam and write answers without missing out on anything and get the best possible score. 

Q. Do I need to practice all questions provided in NCERT Solutions Class 7 Science?

A. All the questions that are included in CBSE Exams are based on the NCERT Class 7. Thus, in order to get good marks, it is necessary to be well-versed with all the questions covered in Class 7 NCERT Solutions that can only be achieved through regular practice.

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