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NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Physics

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NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Physics comes in handy for a thorough preparation of the subject while providing a good grasp of the subject matter. Physics is one of the most important subjects for a good score in CBSE Class 12th Board exams 2022 and most of the competitive exams in the field of medicine and engineering. Class 12 Physics is one of the subjects that can help students to score full marks and improve their overall percentage to sit for exams like JEE Advanced 2022, JEE Main 2022, NEET 2022 and CUCET 2022. To be able to prepare well for the CBSE Class 12 board exams and mentioned competitive exams, it is important for the students to have an in-depth understanding of all 15 chapters in the Class 12 Physics syllabus.

Students can refer to Class 12 Physics NCERT Solutions in PDF format to understand the complex concepts and also know how to write error-free answers. NCERT Solutions for Physics Class 12 by Aakash are available for a free PDF download for the ease of the students.

Along with CBSE board exams, NCERT answer solutions are also vital for competitive exam preparation. The expert faculty at Aakash has curated these solutions to help students understand all the topics in detail. The answers in the NCERT Physics solutions are provided in an easy language to help students comprehend properly and develop an in-depth understanding of the concepts, according to the exam pattern as well as the Physics Class 12 syllabus, prescribed by the CBSE. All the chapters from the NCERT textbook are covered in the solutions.

Chapter Wise NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Physics

Chapter 1- Electric Charges and Fields

Aakash NCERT Solutions for Chapter 1 for Class 12 Physics talks about factors and topics related to Electric Charge and Fields. Some of the prominent topics covered in the Chapter are Conductors And Insulators, Charging By Induction, Basic Properties Of Electric Charge, Coulomb’s Law, etc.

Chapter 2- Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance

Aakash NCERT Solutions for Chapter 2 for Class 12 Physics talks about Electrostatic Potential in detail. The chapter revolves around relevant topics such as Potential Due To A Point Charge, Potential Due To An Electric Dipole, Potential Due To A System Of Charges, Equipotential Surfaces, etc.

Chapter 3- Current Electricity

Aakash NCERT Solutions for Chapter 3 for Class 12 Physics is an important chapter from weightage point of view. This chapter is very scoring and can be a very interesting chapter for students. The chapter talks about Electric Current, Ohm’s Law, Drift Of Electrons And The Origin Of Resistivity, Limitations Of Ohm’s Law, Resistivity Of Various Materials, etc.

Chapter 4- Moving Charges and Magnetism

Chapter 4 for Class 12 Physics can be a very scoring chapter for Class 12 students. However, it is equally complex to understand. It talks about Magnetic Force, Motion In A Magnetic Field, Motion In Combined Electric And Magnetic Fields, etc.

Chapter 5- Magnetism and Matter

Aakash NCERT Solutions for Chapter 5 for Class 12 Physics talk about topics related to Magnetism and Matter such as the Bar Magnet, Magnetic field lines, The electrostatic analogue, Magnetism And Gauss’s Law, The Earth’s Magnetism, Magnetic declination and dip, Magnetic Properties Of Materials, Diamagnetism, Paramagnetism, Ferromagnetism.

Chapter 6- Electromagnetic Induction

A very interesting and Chapter, this one in particular talks about The Experiments Of Faraday And Henry, Magnetic Flux, Faraday’s Law Of Induction, Lenz’s Law And Conservation Of Energy.

Chapter 7- Alternating Current

Aakash NCERT Solutions for Chapter 7 for Class 12 Physics talk about Ac Voltage Applied To A Resistor, Phasor-diagram solution, Analytical solution, Resonance, Lc Oscillations, Transformers.

Chapter 8- Electromagnetic Waves

In this chapter students will learn about Displacement Current, Electromagnetic Waves, Sources of electromagnetic waves and other such topics related to Electromagnetic Waves.

Chapter 9- Ray Optics and Optical Instruments

Aakash NCERT Solutions for Chapter 9 for Class 12 Physics talks about Reflection Of Light By Spherical Mirrors, Refraction, Total Internal Reflection and other topics related to Ray Optics.

Chapter 10- Wave Optics

Aakash NCERT Solutions for Chapter 10 for Class 12 Physics talk about Huygens Principle, Refraction and Reflection Of Plane Waves Using Huygens Principle, Refraction Of A Plane Wave, Refraction At A Rarer Medium etc.

Chapter 11- Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter

Chapter 11 for Class 12 Physics is a scoring chapter. If learnt the concepts thoroughly, it can help students to score high marks in their Physics exam. This chapter talks about Electron Emission, Photoelectric Effect, Hertz’s observations, Hallwachs’ and Lenard’s observations, etc.

Chapter 12- Atoms

Chapter 12 for Class 12 Physics is a very interesting yet very confusing chapter for the students. It talks about topics: Alpha-Particle Scattering and Rutherford’s Nuclear Model Of Atom, Alpha-particle trajectory, Electron orbits, Atomic Spectra etc.

Chapter 13- Nuclei

Aakash Aakash NCERT Solutions for Chapter 13 for Class 12 include all answers to the questions included in the textbook. Additionally, the solutions explain topics such as Atomic Masses And Composition Of Nucleus, Size Of The Nucleus, Mass-energy And Nuclear Binding Energy etc in detail.

Chapter 14- Semiconductor Electronics

Chapter 14 for Class 12 Physics Is a very scoring and interesting chapter and revolves around topics such as Intrinsic Semiconductor, Extrinsic Semiconductor, P-n Junction, Semiconductor Diode, Application Of Junction Diode As A Rectifier etc.

Chapter 15- Communication Systems

Aakash NCERT Solutions for Chapter 15 for Class 12 Physics talks about topics related to the communication systems. The important topics are Elements Of A Communication System, Basic Terminology Used In Electronic Communication Systems, etc. This is a very interesting chapter in the Class 12 Physics textbook.

Learn Smart way with Aakash’s Latest NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Physics!

We at Aakash have taken extreme care to furnish keynotes after each part with the nitty-gritty outline, significant equations, and all the important points clarified in the reading material for Class 12th which is an extremely important class in one’s academic career. The students looking for the appropriate responses to inquiries present in the books of NCERT would now be able to put their hunt to stop. These arrangements of NCERT Physics solutions are set up after over the top exploration, making it outstanding amongst other online NCERT Solutions. It gives a bit by bit clarification to each address given in the course books. The Aakash NCERT Solutions can likewise end up being of significant guide to students for their board and competitive exam preparation.

Why Aakash NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Physics?

  • Detailed Solutions/Answers for all questions from all 15 chapters.
  • The answers are explained in simple and easy to understand language.
  • Aakash NCERT Solutions will be beneficial for thorough board exam preparation.
  • These solutions will help students in scoring high marks during the exam.
  • NCERT Solutions for Physics will make students feel more confident during the exam.

Highlights of Class 12 Physics Aakash NCERT Solutions 2020

  • The subject matter is prepared by senior faculty members allowing students to have solutions and experience served in one platter.
  • Aakash NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Physics are refined at various stages.
  • Solutions provide easy and precise CBSE solutions.
  • The solutions follow a step-by-step scenario.
  • Chapter wise and Topic-wise solutions for students’ in-depth understanding.
  • Nothing in the syllabus is left. Entire syllabus is covered.

FAQ’s for CLASS 12 Physics NCERT Solutions

Q. Why should students opt for Aakash NCERT Solutions for CBSE Class 12 Physics?

A. NCERT Class 12 Physics Solutions by Aakash is the perfect aid for students aiming to score well in their board exams. As it is created by qualified subject teachers of Aakash as per the latest class 12 CBSE Physics Syllabus, students will find it really helpful to ace their Board Class.

Q. Which are the best NCERT Solutions for Class 12th Physics?

A. Students can find many NCERT Solutions for their Class 12 Board Exams Online. Aakash has also provided NCERT Solutions for Class 12 for the ease of students. They can be accessed online at our website or else directly click on the quick links provided.

Q. What is the price for Class 12 Physics Aakash NCERT Solutions?

A. Aakash has provided free of cost NCERT Solutions for Class 12 for all subjects. Curated by subject matter experts, Aakash NCERT Solutions can be accessed by Students without any fee.

Q. How many chapters are there in class 12 Physics NCERT Book?

A. NCERT Physics textbook for Class 12, consists of a total of 15 chapters as per the latest syllabus prescribed by CBSE.




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