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Disclaimer: Our rank predictor tool utilizes statistical methods primarily based on 2023 cutoff data along with multiple data feeds. While we strive for accuracy, it's important to note that the predictions provided are subject to limitations inherent in the available data and statistical models. Users are advised to interpret the results with caution and understand that actual outcomes may vary.

NEET-UG College Predictor Tool for 2024!

Discover your college-admissions opportunities with the NEET (UG) 2024 College Predictor Tool, meticulously crafted by seasoned experts. Our predictor utilizes your rank, marks, category, and state to furnish tailored insights. Gain access to expert-recommended at your convenience and uncover comprehensive details of fees and NIRF rankings for each recommended institution. Plan your academic journey with precision and confidence using our intuitive tool.

Empower your admissions journey with the NEET College Predictor 2024, a comprehensive tool tailored for aspiring medical, dental, and AYUSH professionals nationwide. This unique predictor enables candidates to gauge the likelihood of them securing admission in esteemed institutions under various quotas, including the coveted 15% All India Quota (AIQ) and the 85% State quota seats.

Unlock insights into your potential admission prospects not only in renowned Central and Deemed universities but also across a plethora of State and private colleges. Receive a personalized report detailing NEET counseling specifics, encompassing top-tier MBBS, BDS, and AYUSH colleges State/UT- and nation-wide.

Furthermore, delve into a wealth of information provided by our predictor tool, including fee structures, cut-off ranks, admission procedures, and comprehensive placement reviews for over 1000 esteemed colleges. Seize control of your educational trajectory with invaluable insights at your fingertips.

Experience the Advantages of Using the Aakash NEET 2024 Rank Predictor Tool:

Our cutting-edge tool leverages advanced algorithms and up-to-date data to provide you with accurate predictions.

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  • Precision at Your Fingertips: Rely on our advanced algorithm to deliver remarkably good predictions of your NEET 2024 rank, providing clarity amidst uncertainty.
  • Strategic Insights: Leverage your anticipated rank to strategize effectively, focusing on areas needing improvement and setting achievable goals for NEET 2024 success.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Navigating our tool is a breeze. Just input your NEET-UG ranks, and let our predictor do the rest.
  • Timely Updates: We regularly update our tool to reflect the latest admission data, ensuring that you receive the most current information.
  • Free of Charge: Access quality education without financial barriers - the Aakash NEET 2024 Rank Predictor Tool comes at absolutely no cost to you!

How to use the NEET College Predictor for Free?

Here is the step-by-step guide to find your NEET 2024 Rank & College with our NEET (UG) Rank and College Predictor Tool 2024:

  • Fill your AIR and select your category.
  • Fill your personal information such as - name, mobile number, state, nearest center, and email ID.
  • Verify your mobile number via OTP.
  • Enter your email ID for receiving counseling-related important information and documents as well.
  • Click on submit button to find your expected colleges.

Your Medical Journey Begins Here

Choosing the right medical college is a critical decision, and our NEET-UG rank and college predictor is here to support you in making that choice. We wish you success in your NEET exam and hope that our tool assists you in identifying the ideal medical college to nurture your dreams.

FAQs about NEET Rank and College Predictor 2024

Q1. How accurate is the NEET Rank Predictor?

A. The accuracy of the NEET Rank Predictor largely depends on the precision of the score entered. The closer your entered score aligns with your actual performance, the more accurate your predicted rank will be. While it offers close results, it may not be entirely accurate due to variations in exam difficulty and other factors.

Q2. What are the benefits of using the NEET Rank Predictor?

A. The NEET Rank Predictor aids students in estimating their probable rank and comparing their performance with other NEET candidates. Additionally, it provides insights into the medical colleges where admission is feasible based on the predicted rank.

Q3. What information do I need to use the NEET Rank Predictor?

A. Before utilizing the NEET Rank Predictor, ensure you have the following details ready: => Your score out of 720 => Subject-wise marks attained => Name and email ID.

Q4. How reliable is the NEET Rank Predictor?

A. The NEET Rank Predictor serves as a predictive tool to offer students a rough idea of their NEET ranking. However, it's advisable to await the official declaration of NEET exam results on the NEET NTA 2024 website for confirmation.

Q5. What are the minimum qualifying marks for the NEET 2024 exam?

A. The minimum qualifying marks for NEET 2024 are: 50% for unreserved category, 40% for SC/ST/OBC, and 45% for unreserved PH candidates.

Q6. What rank corresponds to 500 marks in NEET?

A. Based on previous years' data, scoring 494-511 marks in NEET could result in a rank range of 75001-90000. However, securing admission in desired colleges within this rank range may be challenging due to competition.

Q7. Which NEET college predictor is recommended?

A. All NEET rank predictors aim to provide students with an estimate of their ranks. While no predictor can guarantee 100% accuracy, the NEET 2024 rank predictor developed by experts at Aakash is recommended for rank estimation.

Q8. What is the minimum rank in NEET required for BDS admission?

A. Based on historical trends, admission to dental colleges typically requires a minimum percentile rank of 50 for general category candidates.

Q9. When will the NEET closing rank be available?

A. The NEET closing rank will be released by the National Testing Agency on the official website neet.nta.nic.in after the announcement of NEET cut-off scores.

Q10. What rank is needed in NEET for MBBS admission?

A. The previous-year data tells us that candidates scoring above 550 NEET score have a better chance of securing MBBS admission in government medical colleges.

Q11. Can I secure an MBBS seat with 300 marks in NEET?

A. While admission in government medical colleges requires higher marks than that in private colleges or deemed universities, scoring 300 marks in NEET may still secure admission in the private medical colleges.