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Difference between Distance and Displacement

Differences Between Distance and Displacement: Definition, Effects, Formulas


We call the length of the actual path covered by an object the distance. It is a scalar quantity, and its unit is a meter. It describes 'how much ground an item has covered' while moving. Distance is a numerical measurement of the length covered between two objects or locations. It can never be zero or negative during the motion of the object. The distance can refer to a physical length or an estimate based on other physics or daily use factors. We determine distance solely by the magnitude and not by direction. A non-straight path is used to calculate the distance. The distance between two points A and B is frequently represented as |AB|. Distance is used to determine the speed in a given time.

Distance = Speed x Time

Because we count the size, we do not show distance with an arrow. The symbol used to represent distance is ‘d’.

Change in distance, 

Δd = df − do,

Where d f is the last position and d o is the initial position. Distance depends on the path taken. Therefore, it is a path function.

A Physical Distance can Refer to a Variety of Things:

For example, we call the distance traveled via a certain path between two places the distance traveled. The length of the shortest workable path through space between two points, assuming no barriers existed, is the Euclidean distance. The length of the shortest path between two locations while remaining on a surface is the geodesic distance. An example is the length of a path that returns to the original place, for example, a straight-up ball or the Earth after one orbit. The distance traveled by a wheel is its circular distance, and it is important when constructing vehicles or mechanical gears. For example, the term "distance" is also used to measure non-physical things in specific ways. The "edit distance" between two strings is a concept in computer science.


- Difference between distance and displacement


We term the shortest distance between the initial and final positions of any object during motion as displacement. It is a vector quantity, and its unit is a meter. It describes 'how far out of place an item is.’ It represents the total change in the object's position. The displacement of an object at a time can be positive, negative, or zero. Both magnitude and direction affect displacement. Only a straight line is used to quantify displacement.

From the trajectory's beginning location to its end position, displacement measures both the distance and the direction of the net or total motion along a straight line. We can alternatively define displacement as a relative position (because of motion). Displacement is used to calculate velocity, given a change in distance over time. Displacement = Velocity x Time An arrow represents displacement (vector). We draw the arrow from the place where an object begins to where the object finishes. The symbol used to represent displacement is ‘s.’ Change in displacement, Δs = s f − s o , Where s f is the last position, and s o is the initial position. Displacement is used to encompass the rotational motions of a rigid body. We refer to this displacement along a straight line as linear displacement and displacement due to the rotation of the body as angular displacement.

Displacement Vector

A displacement vector defines a points’ or particles’ location about an origin or a prior position. A displacement may be identified by the translation that converts the initial position to the final position. A displacement field is a set of displacement vectors assigned to all locations in a particular region or body that change states.

Effects of Deformation

Displacement is about the change in location from the beginning place. It is a point function. A displacement field represents the effects of deformation. Directed distance does not account for movement. We calculate directed distances along straight and curved lines. We refer to vectors representing the distance and direction between two locations as directed distances along straight lines. When a directed distance is along a straight line between A and B, and when A and B are locations held by the same particle at two separate instants of time, we refer to it as displacement. This suggests that the particle is moving. Therefore, a particle's displacement must always be higher than or equal to its distance traveled, with equality happening only when the particle moves down a straight route.




Distance measures the amount of space an object has covered. 

Displacement measures the object’s overall change from its initial position. 

It is a scalar quantity. As only the magnitude is involved. 

It is a vector quantity. As both magnitude as well as direction is involved.

Distance is used to calculate speed. 

Displacement is used to calculate velocity. 

It is denoted by ‘d’

It is denoted by ‘s.’ 

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