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Ascending Order

Ascending Order Definition, Meaning, Methods and Applications

  • Ascending order comes from the word ascend, which means to climb or move forward. The ascending order is a way to sort from the lowest to the highest or the least to the greatest value. The order at the top of the list is the smallest or oldest value.
  • For example: When we move towards the right of the number line starting from zero, we move in an order that keeps on increasing by 1. The order follows as 0, 1, 2, 3, and carries on till eternity. This increment in the order is Ascending order.
  • Other examples include the sorting of alphabets from ‘a to z’ or ‘A to Z’. Our calendars are arranged in ascending numbers of months and dates. The dates reset after each month.

Note: The counterpart of ascending order is the descending order. It comes from the word descend, which means to fall. So descending order is a type of order whose value descends or falls from higher to lower. In such orders or sequences, we can see the numbers with greater value as the first element and the one with less value at the end of the series.

We can easily identify a series if it is of ascending type with the help of the '<' symbol. The angular bracket or smaller than symbol represents an ascending order for positive numbers. Its meaning changes when we deal with negative numbers. We are aware that -5 is less than -1; hence if we write a series from -5 to -1 in ascending order, then we must write it in this form.

-5 < -4 < -3 < -2 < -1 (larger the number with negative sign, smaller its value)

Method of Arranging Numbers in Ascending Order

First, we must compare the values and then arrange them in ascending order to organize the numbers. The technique for the smallest order of the numbers is as follows:

  • The initial and most important step is to number the integers. The smallest number is the number with the least number of digits. If the list has the fewest of more numbers, compare the values and pen down the smallest. Now write down the smallest number and then compare the rest with the same numbers. Continue to compare numbers to the next digit level and enter them in the ascending order until all numbers have been sorted in ascending order. Always place the '<' symbol after each number sorted until you reach the final number.

Application of Ascending Order

Arrangement of things in order is really important for a standardized life. We can see several day-to-day applications of ascending order. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • The children are taught ascending order at an early age to make them well organized in their daily life, like arranging the pencil colors, or books in the order of their height. In addition, they are taught to read time and calendar in ascending order.
  • Ascending order is used in bar graphs and histograms for measuring quantities like population, production of goods, etc.
  • Ascending order is also helpful in ranking systems. The one with the initial position is considered superior, while the one, at last, is considered inferior.
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