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JEE (Adv) 2024 : 6 Aakashians in Top 100 AIR
21 Aakashians bag AIR 1 in NEET (UG) 2024
Live- JEE (Advanced) 2024 Question Paper Analysis and Solutions
JEE (Adv.) 2024 Results Announced
Final Answer Keys for JEE (Adv.) 2024 Papers 1 & 2 released.
NEET (UG) 2024 Results Announced

Outstanding Results

JEE (Advanced) 2024 Results
JEE Advanced Results
NEET 2024 Results
NEET Results
Olympiads & Scholarship Exam Results
Olympiads & Scholarship Exam Results


Our Pride, Their Stories
  • Meet Mridul Manya, the NEET 2024 topper, who prepared with Aakash Institute! In this inspiring video, Mridul shares his journey from class 10 to becoming a NEET topper. Discover why he chose Aakash, how their resources and support boosted his preparation, and the study techniques he used to excel. Get valuable tips on using NCERT effectively, handling doubts, and maintaining confidence throughout your preparation. Watch now to get inspired and learn from Mridul’s success story!

    Mridul Manya Anand
    CBSE NEET-UG , 2024
  • Meet Ayush Naugraiya, the NEET 2024 topper, who prepared with Aakash Institute! In this inspiring testimonial, Ayush shares his journey from early motivations to achieving top scores. Discover how Aakash Institute's support, NCERT-focused strategy, and stress management techniques helped him succeed. Get valuable tips on effective study methods, handling low scores, and maintaining motivation. Watch now to learn from Ayush's success story and get inspired for your NEET preparation!

    Ayush Naugraiya
    CBSE NEET-UG , 2024
  • Join us in congratulating Arghyadeep Dutta, the NEET 2024 topper, as he shares his incredible journey with Aakash Institute. From starting his foundation course in class 9 to achieving his dream rank, Arghyadeep reveals his preparation strategies, the importance of NCERT, and how Aakash's support helped him succeed. Discover his tips for balancing board exams and NEET prep, staying healthy, and maintaining focus. Watch now for valuable insights and inspiration for your own NEET journey!

    Arghyadeep Dutta
    CBSE NEET-UG , 2024
  • In this inspiring conversation with Aakash, Rishi shares his journey to success, revealing his study techniques, strategies, and the invaluable support he received from his parents. From setting daily targets to maintaining discipline, Rishi talks about his methodical approach to preparation. He emphasizes the importance of understanding concepts, practicing diligently, and seeking clarification on doubts. Additionally, Rishi discusses how he tackled distractions and maintained a balance between study and leisure.

    Rishi Shekher Shukla
    JEE (Advanced) , 2024
  • Meet Krishna Sai Shishir, the JEE Advanced 2024 topper, who prepared with Aakash Institute. In this inspiring testimonial, Krishna shares his study strategies, the importance of a strong foundation in mathematics, and how Aakash's support played a crucial role in his success. Discover his techniques for balancing subjects, handling stress, and the study materials that made a difference. Perfect for JEE aspirants, this video is filled with practical advice and motivation!

    Krishna Sai Shishir
    JEE (Advanced) , 2024
  • Meet Abhishek Jain, the JEE Advanced 2024 topper, who prepared with Aakash Institute. In this video, Abhishek shares his study techniques, daily routines, and how he overcame challenges in subjects like chemistry. Discover his disciplined approach, the importance of breaks, and how staying focused helped him achieve his goals. Perfect for future JEE aspirants, Abhishek's journey is filled with valuable insights and practical advice.

    Abhishek Jain
    JEE (Advanced) , 2024

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    • Comprehensive & meticulously designed
    • Based on latest syllabus & exam pattern
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    • Digital Product (Recorded Video Lectures, e-Content, e-Test Papers/Series)

Frequently Asked Questions

What courses are available at Aakash?

Aakash offers courses for medical, and engineering entrance exams and scholarship exams such as NEET, JEE, Olympiads, NTSE and NSEs. You can take admission in one-year, two-year, three-year or four-year courses. You can download the latest prospectus here. (https://aakash.ac.in/prospectus).

Can I get a scholarship on Aakash courses?

We conduct scholarship exams throughout the year through which students can avail scholarship on the course fee. These scholarship exams are completely online and can be taken online from the comfort of your home. You can appear for these scholarship exams in online or offline mode at any of the Aakash branch/centre as well.

How do I find an Aakash center?

You can visit centers.aakash.ac.in to locate your nearest Aakash center.

I have some questions regarding courses and the admission process. Can I talk to someone at Aakash?

You can call us at 1800-102-2727. Our admission assistance team will answer all your queries.