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MSBSHSE HSC Board Exam Syllabus 2024

MSBSHSE HSC Syllabus 2024: The Maharashtra State Board of Education conducts the HSC (class 12) board examination for students studying in the state syllabus of the Maharashtra Board. The Maharashtra HSC Board syllabus contains the list of subjects, chapters, topics, assessments and projects undertaken by the students during the academic year 2024.

Every year the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education revises and updates the HSC syllabus for students of class 12. The Board of Studies has put together the Maharashtra HSC Board Syllabus after carefully considering the local needs and the background of each student. The Board of Studies has made extra efforts to keep the State syllabi at par with national standards.  Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) will conduct the Maharashtra Board exams 2024 based on the entire syllabus. Students appearing for Maharashtra Board 12th exams 2023-24 must go through the syllabus to know the topics and chapters to be covered. Maharashtra HSC 2024 exams will be conducted between February 19 and March 19, 2024, in pen and paper mode.

To download the Maharashtra HSC Board syllabus, click “here.”


Maharashtra HSC Board English Syllabus

The Maharashtra HSC Board syllabus for the first language English in classes 11 and 12 has been prepared considering the National Curriculum Framework (CBSE and ISCE), the State Curriculum Framework of different State Boards and the existing curriculum framework. 

The general objective of the subject is to develop a student’s communication skills, including Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. The course also makes an effort to help the student to sharpen literary sensibility.

Refer to the below Maharashtra 12th board syllabus 2024 for English

  • Tenses
  • Types of sentences
  • Clauses
  • Reported speech
  • Prepositions
  • Word formation
  • Infinitives
  • Gerunds and Participles
  • Linking words/discourse markers

Section-wise Weightage for English

The following weightage is to be given to the various aspects of the syllabus:

Reading Skill (Textual and non-textual)




Writing skill


Oral test


Maharashtra HSC Board Mathematics Syllabus

The Maharashtra SSC Board Mathematics Syllabus includes the study of Differentiation, Continuity, Applications of the definite integral, Statistics, Integration, and Probability distribution. The objective of learning Mathematics as a subject is to develop the analytical, logical thinking and problem-solving abilities of students.

List of Practicals: Class 12 Maths

1. Applications of logic
2. Inverse of a matrix by adjoint method and hence the solution of a system of linear equations
3. Inverse of a matrix by elementary transformation and hence the solution of a system of linear equations
4. Solutions of a triangle
5. Tracing of tangents and normals for circle and parabola
6. Tracing of tangents and normals for ellipse and hyperbola
7. Applications of the scalar triple product of vectors 
8. Three-dimensional geometry - line
9. Three-dimensional geometry - plane
10. Formations and solutions of LPP
11. Applications of derivatives (Geometric applications)
12. Applications of derivatives – Rate measure
13. Applications of derivatives - Maxima and minima
14. Applications of definite integrals - Limit of a sum
15. Applications of definite integrals - Area
16. Applications of definite integrals - volume
17. Applications of differential equations
18. Bivariate frequency distribution
19. Expected value, variance and S.D of a random variable
20. Binomial distribution

Maharashtra HSC Board Physics Syllabus

All the units of the Physics subject from the NCERT curriculum are divided into two years (class 11 and class 12) in Maharashtra State. Some of the topics covered in the class 12 Physics syllabus of the Maharashtra state board are Circular motion, Elasticity, Surface tension, Wave motion, Kinetic theory of gases and Radiation, and Magnetic effects of electric current. 

List of Practicals: Class 12 Physics

1. To determine Young’s modulus of elasticity of the material of a given wire.
2. To find the force constant and effective mass of the helical spring by plotting the T2 --m graph using the method of oscillations.
3. To determine the surface tension of water by capillary rise method.
4. To study the relationship between the temperature of a hot body and time by plotting a cooling curve.
5. To study the relation between frequency and length of a given wire under constant tension using a sonometer. 
6. To study the relation between the length of a given wire and tension for constant frequency using a sonometer. 
7. To find the speed of sound in air at room temperature using a resonance tube. 
8. To find the resistance of a given wire using a metre bridge and determine the specific resistance of its material. 
9. To verify the laws of combination (series/ parallel) of resistances using a metre bridge. 
10. To compare the emf of two given cells using a potentiometer. 
11. To determine the internal resistance of a given cell using a potentiometer. 
12. To determine the resistance of the galvanometer using a metre bridge. 
13. To draw the I-V characteristic curves of a p-n junction diode in forwarding bias and reverse bias.
14. To study the characteristics of a common-emitter NPN or PNP transistor and determine the values of current and voltage gains. 
15. To draw the characteristic curve of a Zener diode and to determine its reverse breakdown voltage.

Maharashtra HSC Board Chemistry Syllabus

The syllabus contains topics from physical, organic and inorganic chemistry. The upgraded syllabus has the new formulations and nomenclature of elements, compounds and IUPAC units of physical quantities. In the updated Chemistry syllabus, New nomenclature, symbols and formulations, fundamental concepts, and modern techniques are given importance.

The practical syllabus for Class 12 Chemistry includes the following:

1. Tests for the functional groups present in organic compounds

2. Characteristic tests of carbohydrates, fats and proteins in pure samples and their detection in given foodstuffs

3. Preparation of Inorganic Compounds

4. Preparation of Organic Compounds

5. Determination of concentration/molarity of KMnO4 solution by titrating it against a standard solution of (i) Oxalic acid (ii) Ferrous ammonium sulphate

Maharashtra HSC Board Biology Syllabus

Knowledge of biology helps us understand a common thread that holds all living organisms and non-living organisms together. Understanding biology helps in the sustainable development of the environment and the existence of earth with a vast diversity of living and non-living organisms. 

Some of the topics studied in Class 12 Biology are Genetics and Evolution, Microbes in Human Welfare, Biology and Human Welfare, Plant Physiology, Ecology and Environment, Biotechnology and its application and Reproduction in Organisms.

Biology Practicals Experiments 

1. Dissect the given flower and display different whorls. Dissect the anther and ovary to show the number of chambers. 

2. Study pollen germination on a slide. 

3. Collect and study soil from at least two different sites and study them for texture, moisture content, pH and water holding capacity of the soil. Correlate with the kinds of plants found in them.

4. Study of plant population density and frequency by quadrat method. 

5. Prepare a temporary mount of the onion root tip to study mitosis. 

6. Separation of plant pigments by paper chromatography. 

7 A) To study the rate of respiration in flower buds/leaf tissue and germinating seeds. B) Demonstration of anaerobic respiration. 

8. Study the presence of suspended particulate matter in the air at the two widely different Sites. 

9. Collect water from two different water bodies around you and study them for pH, clarity and presence of any living organisms. 

10. To test the presence of urea and sugar in the urine. 

11. To test the presence of albumin and bile salts in urine.

MSBSHSE HSC Board Exam Syllabus 2024 FAQs

Question1. Is the Maharashtra HSC syllabus 2024 reduced?
 The Maharashtra Board has not released any official notification regarding the same. You can find the updated reduced syllabus on the official website. 

Question2. What are the passing marks in the Maharashtra HSC exam?
A minimum of 35 per cent marks is required to attain the pass certificate for the Maharashtra HSC board exams. Referring to the Maharashtra exam syllabus will give an idea of the marking scheme, assessments, and the list of subjects and topics covered for the given academic year.

Question3. When is the Maharashtra HSC Board Exam 2024 held?
The Maharashtra HSC Board Exam 2023 will be held as per the schedule to be released by the authority.

Question4. When will the Maharashtra HSC Board Exam results 2024 be released?
The Maharashtra HSC Result is expected to be released after the conduct of the exams. The results will be released on the official website mahresult.nic.in. 

Question5. Where can I download the Maharashtra HSC Board syllabus?
You can download the Maharashtra HSC Board Syllabus from the official website mahahsscboard.in. Alternatively, you can also read through this article to find a link to download the HSC syllabus.

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