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JEE Main Mock Tests 2024

NTA will release the JEE Main 2024 mock test for aspirants on the mobile application ‘National Test Abhyas’ for free. Alternatively, aspirants can also attempt the mock test of JEE Main 2024 by Aakash BYJU'S. The JEE Main mock test download link will be available on this page. Candidates preparing for the JEE Main 2024 exam should solve the mock test to boost their preparation. Solving the mock test will build confidence in students and also help them with time management. You will also be able to improve your speed and accuracy as well as get familiar with the JEE Main syllabus. Taking JEE Main 2024 mock test will also help you identify the areas of improvement and the mistakes you should avoid in the actual exam. The JEE Main exam dates will be announced on the official website.

IIT JEE Main exam is one of the toughest engineering exams conducted in India. Every year hundreds and thousands of students write the JEE Main exam to get admission into NITs, IIITs, or CFTIs. The JEE Main 2024 exam dates have been released on the official website of the NTA - jeemain.nta.nic.in.

Table of contents

JEE Main 2024 Mock Test Solutions by Aakash BYJU's

JEE Main Mock Test
JEE Main Mock Test
 Download PDF  Download PDF

JEE Main 2023 Mock Test Paper by Aakash BYJU's - Download NOW

JEE Main Free Online Mock Test

Aakash BYJU’s Mock Test provides a replica of the JEE Main competitive exam experience. On our Aakash BYJU’s website, you will find an upcoming mock test for JEE Main 2024 to help boost your JEE Main preparation. All our mock tests are designed by highly qualified and experienced JEE experts to give you the right guidance to crack the JEE Main exam with ease. Moreover, these mock tests have been prepared based on the current JEE Main exam pattern. You will also get a realistic understanding of your preparation through an in-depth analysis of your performance.

To know more about the JEE Main mock test online, click here.

Benefits of Taking JEE Main Mock Test

  • Top 50 students to get complimentary Crash Course for JEE Main Sessions.
  • Benchmark yourself against other JEE aspirants at an all-India level.
  • Improve your speed and accuracy.
  • Improve crucial skills such as time management.
  • Video solutions and in-depth analysis of the JEE question paper.
  • Scorecard containing subject-wise marks and percentile score.

How to take the JEE Main Mock Test Free Online?

Provided below are the steps for JEE aspirants to register and access JEE Main mock test online by Aakash Byju’s. At Aakash Byju’s, candidates can solve mock tests while preparing for the examination. In addition, candidates can access the JEE Main previous year papers to get an extra edge that is needed.

Provided below are the steps to register/login for Aakash Byju’s JEE Main Mock Test:

Step 1 - Verify your mobile number with OTP on ‘byjus.com/jee-mock-test
Step 2 - Enter your details and Submit
Step 3 - You have now successfully registered for Aakash BYJU’S Mock Test

NTA JEE Main Mock Test Series

Furthermore, you can also access the JEE Main Mock Tests provided by NTA at NTA JEE Main Quiz. This Mock Test will help you get familiarized with the process of Computer Based Test (CBT). If you are aiming for JEE Main 2024,, you will be able to the Computer Based Test (CBT) pattern with the available mock test.


Question 1: What is meant by JEE Main mock tests?
JEE mock test refers to the practice papers created for real exam simulation. Solving mock tests is helpful for students in preparing for the JEE Main exam.

Question 2: Which is the best JEE Main Mock Test series?
Students can opt for the upcoming JEE mock test that will offer exhaustive exam preparation and is based on the actual JEE exam pattern. JEE Mains mock tests offered by Aakash Byju’s are analyzed and prepared by the renowned faculty keeping into consideration all aspects that can help students crack the exam with the desired scores.

Question 3: What is the importance of attempting the JEE Main mock tests?
JEE Main mock tests create an actual exam scenario that is helpful for candidates in knowing their weak and strong areas while attempting the question paper.

Question 4: How can I opt for Aakash Byju’s mock test for JEE Mains?
The steps to register and attempt the Aakash JEE Mains mock test are provided above on the page. Candidates can access mock tests curated by the expert faculty at Aakash.

Question 5: Will I have to visit a specific place to attempt the JEE Main mock test questions?
No. Mock Tests can be taken online at any preferred time or place. Students can attempt JEE Main mock tests using any device such as laptops, PCs, or mobiles.

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