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Vertical Line

Vertical Line: Meaning, Properties, Vertical Lines and Horizontal Lines Difference

A coordinate plane or the cartesian plane consists of tiny squares. Every point on this plane indicates a coordinate which is represented by the values of x and y-axis. The x-axis indicates the horizontal position, while the y-axis indicates the vertical position of any point in the cartesian plane.

Mathematicians have worked tirelessly to help us understand, chart, and quantify the world around us. Understanding how to map their surroundings was one of the first difficulties that humans encountered when it came to organizing the area around them. René Descartes, a French mathematician, invented the Cartesian coordinate system and the Cartesian plane while attempting to address the issue of expressing the position of a point on a plane. When attempting to plot a point on a flat surface, two axes are drawn on the plane: vertical (y-axis) and horizontal (x-axis) lines. The vertical line is the line parallel to the y-axis.

A vertical line can be carved or made from top to bottom or bottom to top. This line's points will all have the same x-coordinate. For example, if a point on a vertical line is mapped onto a coordinate (Cartesian) plane, it can be represented as (3,5), (5,5), or (-11,5) depending on where it is on the y-axis. Thus, for a vertical line, the x-axis remains the same everywhere, only the y axis changes.

Difference between Vertical Lines and Horizontal Lines

A vertical line is parallel to the y axis of the cartesian plane and travels from north to south or top to bottom, whereas a horizontal line is parallel to the x-axis of the cartesian plane and travels from right to left or east to west. Both horizontal and vertical lines are perpendicular to each other, and the intersection of these lines forms different regular shapes like the square, rectangle, rhombus, etc. Both vertical and horizontal lines are really important to measure the parameters like length, volume, area, density and distance.

This basic notion paved the way for creating the Geographic coordinate system, which allows us to share any place on the Earth using vertical longitude and horizontal latitude.


The following qualities aid in the identification and comprehension of vertical lines:

  • A vertical line runs straight up and down, parallel to the coordinate plane's y-axis.
  • A vertical line has no slope or has a slope that is indeterminate.
  • In mathematics, we use a vertical line to determine if the relationship is a function. It is a function if all vertical lines cross it at least once. This is sometimes referred to as a vertical line test.

The formula or the equation of a vertical line is straightforward and basic. It only involves a variable whose value changes over the y axis. As discussed earlier, the value of the x-axis remains constant in the case of a vertical line. The formula is expressed as:

y = k, where y is the x coordinate of any point on the line, and ‘k’ is where the line crosses the x-axis.

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