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Math Concepts

Math Concepts

A majority of students share love or hate relationships when it comes to mathematics. Their biggest problem is memorizing formulas and getting tired in the process of making notes. To solve this problem, the Mathematics experts at Aakash have designed the “Maths Concepts” section in a way that any student can easily access and understand all the important topics in one go.

In this section, you will find a wide array of concepts, their explanation, faqs and formulas from Mathematics textbooks (mainly Class 9th to 12th). From basic to advanced level, our Maths Concepts section covers almost everything. It will help students in saving time and understanding each concept in a better way, it can be a great resource for revision when there's a shortage of time.


Additive and Multiplicative Identity Adjacent and Vertical Angles Algebra Symbols
Area Of Hemisphere Area Of Hollow Cylinder Area of Pentagon
Area of Rectangle Bodmas Rule Branches of Mathematics
Chance and Probability Circumference of a Circle Congruence Of Triangles
Construction of Angles Cuboid and Cube Decimals In Daily Life
Divisibility Rules Dot Product of Two Vectors Empirical Probability
Equivalent Fractions Even Odd Prime Composite Numbers Frequency Polygons
Geometric Tools Integers Lines
Maths Project Number System Numeral System
Odd Numbers Perfect Cube Of Numbers Perfect Numbers
Perpendicular Bisector Precision Prime Factorization of Hcf And Lcm
Prime Numbers Probability and Statistics Symbols Quadrilateral
Reflection Symmetry Roman Numerals Set Theory Symbols
Surface Area and Volume Three Dimensional Shapes Triangular Numbers
Trigonometry Trigonometry Table Two Lines Symmetry
Types of Angles Value of Pi Variables And Constants In Algebraic Expressions
Z Score Table Addition Table Algebraic Expression
Algebraic Identities Apollonius Theorem Applications of Trigonometry
Area of a Sphere Area of Equilateral Triangle Area of Isosceles Triangle
Area of Quadrilateral Area of Trapezium Area of Triangle
Area Segment Circle Ascending Order Average and Mean
Basic Proportionality Theorem Bisection Method Centroid
Circumcenter of a Triangle Cm to inch converter Co-Prime Numbers
Compound Interest Coordinate Geometry Correlation
Cos 30 Degrees Cube Cylinder
Difference Between Fraction And Rational Numbers Difference Between Percentage and Percentile Differential Equations
Differentiation Formulas Even Numbers Factorisation
Frequency Distribution Table Statistics Graphical Representation HCF and LCM
Height and Distance Horizontal Line How to Find the Percentage of Marks?
Math Tricks Maths Equations Mensuration
Obtuse Angled Triangle Odd Numbers Onto Function
Pentagon Pentagonal Prism Perimeter of Square
Perimeter of Triangle Probability Profit and Loss
Properties of a Triangle Properties of Isosceles Triangle Rational Numbers
Rational Numbers and Their Properties Real Number Relation between Mean, Median and Mode
Rhombus Rotation Semicircle
Sin 30 Degrees Solving Linear Equations Square Root
Statistics Supplementary Angles Surface Area of a Hemisphere
Surface Area of a Sphere Surface Areas and Volume Symmetric and Skew Symmetric Matrix
Tables of 2 to 30 The volume of a Cylinder Trapezium
Triangular Prism Trigonometric Ratios Types of Triangles
Types of Vectors Value of Log Infinity Value of Root 3
Value of Root 5 Vertical Line Volume of a Cube
Volume of Hemisphere Whole numbers Algebraic Identities
Differentiation and Integration Greater Than and Less Than Symbols Laplace Transform
Linear Graph Trigonometric Ratios Orthocenter
Orthogonal Matrix Square Root from 1 to 25 Log 0 Value
Altitude of a Triangle Binary Subtraction Cayley Hamilton Theorem
Diagonal Matrix Difference Between Constants and Variables Difference Between Linear and Nonlinear Equations
Geometric Progression Sum of GP Like Fractions Unlike Fractions Difference between Place Value and Face Value
Sin 60 Degrees Singular Matrix Value of Cos 120
Antilog Table Consistent And Inconsistent Systems Cube Root of Unity
Direct and Inverse Proportion Euclid Division Lemma Extrapolation
Frustum of Cone Greater Than Symbol Elementary Transformation of Matrix
Integration Limits and Derivatives Methods of Integration
Polynomial Rational Numbers Between Two Rational Numbers Relations and Functions
Relation and Its Types Right Circular Cone Sequence and Series
Square Root Of 4 Square Root Of 5 Square Root Of 7
Statements in Mathematical Reasoning Trapezoids Binary Multiplication
Definite Integral Square Root of 1 Value of sin 15
Continuity and Differentiability Axiomatic Definition of Probability Area Of Quadrant
Rectangle Operations on Rational Numbers Pascals Triangle
Acute Angled Triangle Angle of Elevation Angle Sum Property of a Triangle
Tables of 2 to 30 The volume of a Cylinder Trapezium
Area of a Scalene Triangle Centroid of a Triangle Heptagon
Octagon Permutation and Combination Scalene Triangle
Similar Triangles Surface Area of Cube Surface Area of Cylinder
Volume of Cone Volume of Cuboid Value of Log 1
Decimal Number System Conversion of Units What is Proper Fraction?
Rolle's Theorem Vertical Angles Trigonometry Values
Sec 0 Greatest Integer Function Mean Deviation & Frequency Distribution
Concentric Circles Symmetry Variance
Laws of Exponents Length of Tangent Alternative Hypothesis
Control Charts Straight Angle LCM Of Two Numbers
Bivariate Analysis Surds Square Root of 10
Cos 90 Value Prime Numbers and Composite Numbers Decimal to Binary
Difference Between Square & Rhombus Symmetric Matrix Relation Between Inch and cm
Sin 45 Value Divisibility Rules For 13 Profit and Loss Percentage
Linear Pair Of Angles Line Segment Rational and Irrational Numbers
Euclid Geometry Sec 30 Complimentary and Suplementary Angles
Square root and Cube Root LCM Nature of Roots of a Quadratic Equation
Vertices, Faces and Edges Quadrilateral Angle Sum Property Geometry Symbols
Isosceles Triangle Numbers in Words Angle Between Two Planes
Complex Numbers Addition and Subtraction of Integers Natural Numbers and Whole Numbers
Is 91 a Prime Number? Difference Between Cube and Cuboid Distributive Property
Difference Between Rhombus and Parallelogram Skip Counting Trigonometry Functions of Sum and Difference of Angles
Logarithm Table Vector And Scalar Quantities Data Organization
PEMDAS Secant of a Circle Vector Space
Angle Bisector Theorem Mutually Exclusive Events Statistical Inference
Difference Between Area and Volume How to Find Prime Numbers? 3D Shapes
Division of Line Segment Binary Addition Ordinate
Line Graph Boolean Algebra Latus Rectum of Conic Section
Differential Equation And It's Types Involute Similarity of Triangles
Simple Equations Application Types of Polygon Equation of A Circle
Law of Tangents Data Sets Binary to Octal Conversion
Rational Numbers on a Number Line Cross Section Construction of Triangle
Circles Factors of 36 Probability Distribution
Difference Between Parametric and Non-Parametric Test Number Patterns Whole Numbers Parts of Circle
Square Root of 9 Parallel Lines Oblique Sketch
Direct Proportion Cosine Rules Construction of Quadrilaterals
Right Circular Cylinder Hexadecimal number system Remainder Theorem
Volume of a Prism Missing Numbers Sec 90
Derivatives Multiple of 9 Metric System of Measurement
Parallelogram, Trapezium and Kite Cumulative Frequency Distribution Ratio to Percentage
Factors of 98 Total Probability Theorem Commutative Property
Basic Set Theory Difference Between Area and Surface Area Identity Function
Geometric Distribution Combination Sum of Squares
Factors of 25 Triangle Inequality Complement of a Set
Factor of 105 Arc Categorical Data
Construction of a Rhombus Hexadecimal to Octal Conversion Decimal Expansion of Rational Numbers
Distance Between Two Points Estimation of Numbers Multiplication Theorem of Probability
Properties of Definite Integrals Right Angle Triangle Theorem Section Formula in 3 Dimension
Solids Trigonometric Equations Variance and Standard Deviation
Disjoint Set Application of Linear Equations Area and Perimeter
Factors of 91 Concave Polygon Factors of 42
General Equation of a Line Factors of 100 Factors of a Number
Multiplicative Inverse Linear Differential Equations Inverse Cosine
Comparing Quantities using Percentage Fractional Part Function Definition of Signum function
Trigonometric Functions Ellipse Integration By Parts
Sets Matrix Types of Sets
Bijective Functions Algebra of Functions Composite Functions
Binary Operations Domain Codomain & Range Functions Parametric Equation of a Circle
Venn Diagram Tangent to a Circle Binomial Theorem
L'Hospital Rule Relations Operation on Sets
Particular Cases of a Circle Terms Related to an Ellipse Equality of Matrices
Reflexive, Symmetric & Equivalence Relation Types of Functions Matrix Multiplication
Tangents to an Ellipse Inverse Trigonometric Functions  

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