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NCERT Solutions for Class 8: Download Free PDFs

NCERT Class 8 Solutions: Our in-house subject matter experts prepare the NCERT Solutions for Class 8 provided by Aakash. We provide a pitstop for all Science, English, Social Science, Mathematics, and Hindi queries. Our platform is best suited to students who want to perform well in the class and get their basic concepts clear. These NCERT Solutions for Class 8 give the students an excellent opportunity to get all their doubts cleared on a single platform regardless of the subject, be it Maths, Science, English, or any other class 8th subject.

The Solutions for class 8 provided by Aakash play an important role in molding the child's thought process as they are about to enter the very important stage of high school in their education. Many countries consider high school graduates as adults. Even India considers them eligible for the vocational courses after which they can directly go for various jobs or start their venture. Thus, class 8th is the highest grade for secondary education level and provides the platform for a strong leap into the high school years.

The student needs to have a strong base in class 8th, and a superficial knowledge doesn't help with the educational journey. NCERT study books are one of the best that there is in the country. The brightest minds of the country have compiled it. The NCERT has all the tools and material to increase our knowledge, and the questions given in the books are ideal for testing our knowledge. The books have innovative methods in terms of questions, additional questions, did you know sections, activity sections to improve our knowledge and the understanding of the chapter and the subject altogether.

There are a lot of subjects and many chapters across the entire class 8th syllabus. The questions are tough as well, and if a student takes the self-solving approach to improve his/her knowledge, it is a very time-consuming subject. There would not be enough time left for other subjects as one subject with many questions or questions that have a long numerical solving process would take up most of the time. Here, it is of utmost importance that the students have a well-balanced or all-round knowledge. Knowledge of a single subject would not help the student in the classes to come. It will also not be helpful with the examinations that are there for passing out the 8th grade.

Thus, here at Aakash, we support the students by providing them solutions for all the subjects. It is recommended to the students to download and browse through the NCERT solutions for Class 8th. The country's experienced minds prepare these solutions, and they help the student get the most out of the knowledge provided by the NCERT books. The solutions are provided in a detailed, step-by-step fashion, which provides the students with a roadmap for approaching such questions and how to work out the answers correctly.

These solutions would help students with their school examinations. They will also help the students get the best understanding of the subject material and the correct way to answer a particular type of question.

The solutions are provided in a PDF format, and they are divided topic-wise for every subject. It makes it easy for the student to access particular topic solutions in a PDF for a specific subject.

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Subject-wise

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths

Mathematics is prominent among the most important subjects in the entire education journey of any student. It becomes a prominent subject in major career choices. Maths requires a deeper understanding of the basics and core concepts. It is the easiest subject to score well in the exams and improves the student's overall percentage. There are many aspects to the knowledge of mathematics, and the knowledge of formulas, concepts is just the beginning of them. Another very important aspect of the subject is the method to approach the questions posed and understanding the questions to select the correct approach and the applications among the tools of mathematics.

Our experienced faculty provide the NCERT Solutions for Class 8th Maths at Aakash. This section will contain a PDF of all the topics that are there in class 8th NCERT Maths. We cover the entire syllabus given in the NCERT books, and we answer each and every question posed in these books.

The first aspect that we target is the student's ease of understanding the concepts that are used to solve the question. Therefore, we keep our solutions in a very easy language that the student would easily comprehend. It is highly recommended that the student download these solutions and start practicing these questions taking the help of the Aakash NCERT maths solutions wherever required.

There are 16 chapters there in the NCERT book for class 8th. These chapters provide the basic concepts for higher mathematics, especially for the topics of class 10th. The questions in the books are approached with more than one method wherever possible, and the steps to solve those questions have been laid out clearly for the benefit of the students so that they understand the correct way to solve these question with all the necessary steps such that they score their best in the exams.

Maths prove to a nightmare for a lot of the students, and most students do not believe it to be a scoring subject. The subject will be an important one in the coming years for a student of class 8th and if this fear towards the subject will be extremely damaging if it is not addressed at this stage. Class 8th syllabus has chapters like Rational numbers, Linear equations, Geometry, Number system, Factorization, and a few others, which form the base of future very important chapters like advanced algebra, quadratic equations, and many more. The fear of mathematics topics needs to be rooted out because Maths will remain constant for the majority of the student's life.

The Class 8th NCERT Maths solutions provided by Aakash have a very easy language and step-wise solutions approach. Both these features go a long way to help the student understand the concepts of the subject and practice the questions, and score well in the subject. Once a student scores well in Maths, it breaks the norm that Maths is not a scoring subject, and the subject's fear also goes down.

Chapter Number Chapter Name
Chapter 1 Rational Numbers
Chapter 2 Linear Equations in One Variable
Chapter 3 Understanding Quadrilaterals
Chapter 4  Practical Geometry
Chapter 5 Data Handling
Chapter 6 Squares and Square Roots
Chapter 7 Cubes and Cube Roots
Chapter 8 Comparing Quantities
Chapter 9 Algebraic Expressions and Identities
Chapter 10  Visualising Solid Shapes
Chapter 11 Mensuration
Chapter 12 Exponents and Powers
Chapter 13 Direct and Indirect proportions
Chapter 14 Factorisation
Chapter 15 Introduction to Graphs
Chapter 16  Playing with Numbers

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Science

Science is another very important subject, and the majority of India's careers stem from this particular subject. The subject is further subdivided into three major subjects in the higher classes. This is also one of those subjects which involves numerical problems, and those need to be solved and practiced.

NCERT doesn't only contains the numerical problems but also the subjective (text-based) questions. The NCERT Solutions for Class 8th Science provided by Aakash contains the answers to both the numerical problems and the subjective questions. It is imperative that a student have a comprehensive knowledge of the theory, practical and the application in terms of numerical problems to get the subject's correct gist.

The systematic study of anything is known as science. To understand science and have fun with it, the students need to understand the science to study 'science.' There has been a systemic study to understand this beautiful subject. The syllabus of class 8th contains elements from all the three aspects of science, which are Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

The subject contains about 18 chapters in total. The syllabus has been carefully crafted to inculcate the important concepts that would form the future chapters' base concepts. With important concepts of friction, sound, light, to name a few, it becomes imperative that students go through the entire syllabus decided for their class so that they do not feel left out in higher classes when these very topics become advanced and important.

There will be some confusions in the subject, and the majority of these confusions are cleared during the solving of the question. And yes, it is very important to solve questions in science as well. It is just not enough to make a reading of the chapters and be done. The subject requires the practice of questions like mathematics.

The Solutions of NCERT class 8th for Science is given in a very simple and easy language, which is very important, especially in the text-based questions. These solutions basically help with the understanding of the theory of the subject. The numerical problems are solved in a step-wise fashion, and these further go down to clear the application doubts of the topic.

It is recommended that the students download the PDF provided and go through the very same after going through the chapter in the NCERT Textbook. The solutions PDF would clear the majority of the doubts, and if the confusion persists, then there are doubt-clearing classes held by Aakash for this very purpose.

The PDF goes a long way in preparing the students and clearing the concepts for the students. It teaches the student how to approach the numerical questions and how to frame the answers to the text-based questions. They help to clear the concepts and help to score well in the subject for class 8th, and the knowledge and confidence help in the future classes as well.

Chapter Number Chapter Name
Chapter 1  Crop Production and Management
Chapter 2 Microorganisms: Friend and Foe
Chapter 3 Synthetic Fibres and Plastics
Chapter 4 Materials: Metals and Non-Metals
Chapter 5  Coal and Petroleum
Chapter 6  Combustion and Flame
Chapter 7 Conservation of Plants and Animals
Chapter 8 Cell Structure and Functions
Chapter 9 Reproduction in Animals
Chapter 10 Reaching the Age of Adolescence
Chapter 11  Force and Pressure
Chapter 12 Friction
Chapter 13 Sound
Chapter 14  Chemical Effects of Electric Current
Chapter 15 Some Natural Phenomena
Chapter 16  Light
Chapter 17 Stars and the Solar System
Chapter 18 Pollution of Air and Water

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Social Science

The subject provided the basis for understanding the running of the country or the administration, events that shaped the country and culture, and the country's features in the sense of the landmass.

The subject is divided into 3 major sub-topics, which include History, Geography, and Civics. History teaches us about the events of the past and how these past events have shaped the culture and society of today. Civics teaches us the structure of the administration of the country and how that structure functions and runs the entire country. Geography covers the aspects of the landmass and covers the concepts related to nature and the biosphere. Geography is considered the best science as it uses concepts from all aspects of science to explain its concepts.

These subjects are theory-based subjects, and there are no numerical questions. This subject becomes the basis of the administrative services exams and various exams for government services, and this is what makes the subject all the more important. Aakash's solutions keep the importance of the subject in mind, and we provide the solutions in a very easy language with the point scenario. The answers are provided in a point-wise fashion, which makes it even more comprehensible.

The PDF of NCERT Solutions for Class 8th- Social Studies has been prepared by the in-house experts who have a long teaching experience in the subject. The PDF has been divided into topic wise, and all the questions in the NCERT book have been answered in the PDF. The solutions further explain the thing discussed in the chapter and help implant or inculcate the student's brain's knowledge.

The NCERT Solutions for Class 8th Social Studies also teach us about the correct way to write an answer when we are dealing with an entirely theory-based subject. This is a very easy subject to score marks in and increase the percentage. The subject, as mentioned, is very important to the students aiming for government services.

Chapter Number Chapter Name (History Section)
Chapter 1 How, When and Where
Chapter 2 From Trade to Territory
Chapter 3 Ruling the Countryside
Chapter 4 Tribals, dikus and the vision of golden age
Chapter 5 When People Rebel
Chapter 6 Colonialism and the city
Chapter 7 Weavers, Iron Smelters and factory owners
Chapter 8 Civilising the "Native", educating the nation
Chapter 9 Women, caste, and Reform
Chapter 10  The changing world of visual arts
Chapter 11 The making of the national movements
Chapter 12 India after Independence


Chapter Number Chapter Name (Geography Section)
Chapter 1 Resources
Chapter 2 Land, soil, water, natural vegetation and wildlife Resources
Chapter 3 Mineral and power resources
Chapter 4 Agriculture
Chapter 5 Industries
Chapter 6 Human Resource


Chapter Number Chapter Name (Civics Section)
Chapter 1  The Indian Constitution
Chapter 2 Understanding Secularism
Chapter 3 Why do we need a Parliament
Chapter 4 Understanding Laws
Chapter 5 Judiciary
Chapter 6 Understanding our criminal Justice System
Chapter 7 Understanding Marginalisation
Chapter 8 Confronting Marginalisation
Chapter 9 Public Facilities
Chapter 10 Law and social justice


NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English

This is the most common language in the world, and it is used in almost all transactions around the world. It becomes imperative that a student becomes proficient in the subject if he/she wants to be successful in life. There is a very definite need for communication, and language is the medium through which this communication is done. The English language is the preferred medium for this communication (as mentioned earlier- the most common language of the world). The language breaks down the barriers across cultures and worlds as most people know English throughout the world.

The subject contains two aspects of learning, which are the literature in English and the rules and concepts of the English language itself. These two sections help the student in learning this easy language.

The PDF saves time by providing concise answers to the questions posed from the chapters, as in the other scenario, the student would have had to spend a considerable amount of time to workout and frame answers from these chapters. It also teaches the students how to frame a good answer and be concise whenever and wherever required.

The PDF by Aakash gives the students a unique opportunity to learn and score well in the exams pretty easily. These answers are not like those answers given in some regular guides as most of the answers provided by the guides available in the market are either copied directly from the chapter, or they lack good language usage and answer structure. The guide answers have also been found to be wrong many times.

The NCERT Solutions for Class 8th- English provided by Aakash has very easy language, but the answers' quality is really good. These answers are not just lifted from the chapter, but they have been framed with a correct and good structure. These features of the solution PDF teach a student to learn to write a good quality answer and improve their English, all the while maintaining a good score in the exams.

Unit Number Unit Name
Unit 1 The Best Christmas Present in the World
Unit 1 Poem – The Ant and the Cricket
Unit 2 The Tsunami
Unit 2 Poem – Geography Lesson
Unit 3 Glimpses of the Past
Unit 3 Poem – Macavity: The Mystery Cat
Unit 4 Bepin Choudhury’s Lapse of Memory
Unit 4 Poem – The Last Bargain
Unit 5 The Summit Within
Unit 5 Poem – The School Boy
Unit 6 This is Jody’s Fawn
Unit 7 This is Jody’s Fawn
Unit 7 Poem – When I set out for Lyonnesse
Unit 8 A Short Monsoon Diary
Unit 8 Poem – On the Grasshopper and Cricket
Unit 9 The Great Stone Face – I
Unit 10 The Great Stone Face – II
RS Aggarwal Solutions For Class 8 Lakhmir Singh Solutions For Class 8 RD Sharma Solutions For Class 8




FAQs for Class 8 NCERT Solutions

Q. Why are NCERT solutions for class 8 important?
A. All students need to have a reliable guide while studying for the Class 8 syllabus. The NCERT Solutions for Class 8 provide an excellent way to fulfill this goal. Through these solutions, students can not only verify their answers but also build a sound understanding of the subject. You can use these well-created class 8 NCERT solutions to improve your knowledge of class 8.  

Q. How students can utilize class 8 NCERT solutions?
A. To get the most out of Class 8 NCERT solutions it is advisable to ensure that the students understand the theoretical concepts thoroughly. Once you have a clear understanding of a particular topic then only you should proceed and attempt problems. 

Q. What are the benefits of NCERT solutions class 8 for CBSE students?
A. NCERT Solutions for Class 8 help students to prepare for their exams. Other than this, these solutions instill deep knowledge of the subject and help students to clear out their doubts immediately. 

Q. Why choose Aakash for class 8 NCERT solutions?
A. The solutions provided by us are prepared by IITians and well-trained faculty members. Thus, they are reliable, precise and give the best techniques to solve any problem. We also include some tips to enable students to solve problems with speed and accuracy. 

Q. Where and how can a student download Free PDF Latest NCERT solutions for class 6 to 12 for all subjects?
. For the ease of students, we at Aakash have provided a PDF file for NCERT Solutions of all subjects, all topics for all classes. The detailed solutions are prepared by our senior and experienced faculty which gives students an in-depth understanding of the concepts rather than the particular question.


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