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Agricultural Implements Tools and Examples

Before Industrialisation

Earlier, humans used to live nomadic life. He moved from one place to another and ate raw fruits, vegetables and meat. But after 10,000 B.C., he started agriculture and using tools made by him. Now men started to occupy land, cultivate their crop and feed on it. The practice of growing the same type of plants on a piece of land and maintaining it is called agriculture, and the plant is called a crop. The maintenance of agriculture crops involves irrigation, weed removal, timely harvesting, etc. He used to perform all these activities with handmade tools or by physical labour. These tools included an axe, sickle, hoe, etc., which they made independently from stone and wood.

After Industrialisation

But due to rapid industrialisation and technological advancements, humans have been able to make newer and larger machines. These machines reduce manual efforts and accomplish agricultural tasks with great ease. In the modern and scientific world of agriculture, these machines hold great significance. The discovery of tractors and modern harvesters has changed the human way of working in fields. Farmers can now work more professionally by using these gifts of technology. Working in fields is no more a cumbersome and hectic task with these machines.

Agricultural Implements

The machines used in agricultural practices to reduce human labour and enhance field crop are called agriculture implements. Major agricultural implements include harvesters, drag, disk harrows, cultivators, seed drill, harrows, spade, pickage, plough, etc. These tools are in high demand in countries like India, where agriculture and farming are primary occupations for most people. Hence, the use of agriculture implements in India has given a new reputation to this occupation.

Types of agricultural implements

There are various types of agricultural implements used in farming at different steps of crop production and management. Humans have developed specialised machines for each purpose, from preparing the field to harvesting and storing the crop. Some of these implements are as follows:

Agricultural implements

  • Irrigation machinery: It includes a pump that is used for drawing water out of the ground. Modern irrigation tools include a sprinkler system having perpendicular pipes and rotating nozzle and drip irrigation piping system. These two modern systems are crucial in saving water while providing the plants with ample water.
  • Harvesting: The process of cutting of crop when it is fully mature is called harvesting. Earlier it was done using a sickle, a sharp and curved device made of metal and wood. These days harvesters are used for this purpose. A combine is a machine that is a combination of thresher and harvester; it can perform threshing after harvesting the crops from the field.

Benefits of Agricultural Implements

The agricultural implements are beneficial in the following ways:

  • Human work has decreased to many folds.
  • Less labour is required when implements are used.
  • They help with more efficient crop production.
  • It saves the cost of work.
  • Agricultural implements are a one-time investment.
  • It saves time and money.
  • These implements increase overall income.
  • Enhances the growth of agricultural industries, which make these machines.


Agricultural Implements hold a significant role in modern agricultural practices. Therefore, there is a need to use these agricultural implements in commercial and organic farming. These tools can be used majorly for field preparation, sowing, planting, threshing, irrigation and harvesting purposes. Their use can be easily justified with productivity enhancement and labour cost reduction. Hence, there is a need to support their indigenous production and usage training for the farmers.

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