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Oblique sketch


Oblique sketching represents any geometric shape or object in a pictorial form. It is one of the most advanced techniques to advertise or promote a product based on its looks. It is used in e-commerce and digital marketing. In oblique sketching, angles parallel to the projection plane and circles are considered to have actual sizes. This means they look similar from every angle of view. So, the sketches are drawn so that circles and these parallel angles are visible at first for a pleasing appearance.

Oblique sketch lets artists draw three-dimensional figures into a two-dimensional plane surface. This requires some additional needs to know the basics of sketching to draw them flawlessly.

Types of oblique sketching

1. Cavalier oblique sketch – In this, two drawings are represented on horizontal and vertical axes. The third dimension is shown at an angle of 45 degrees to the other two dimensions.

2. Cabinet oblique sketch – In this, the length and width of any figure are shown by two perpendicular axes. The third dimension is shown at an angle of 60 or 30 degrees to the horizontal axis.

Difference between oblique and isometric sketches

Oblique Sketches Isometric Sketches
In oblique sketches, lengths are not proportional. In isometric sketches, lengths are proportional.
All important aspects of the object are covered though lengths are not proportional. All important aspects of the object are represented on an isometric dot paper with accurate scale of measurement.
Oblique sketches focus on the front view of the object. Isometric sketches focus on the edges or the side view of the object.
The 3rd dimension is represented as a 450 angle. The 3rd dimension is represented as a 300 angle.
This type of sketching is used in marketing and business applications. This type of sketching is used in engineering and manufacturing applications.

How to draw an oblique sketch?

1. Let us sketch a cube of size 2 x 2 x 2 on paper.

2. Take a grid of paper and draw a square with 2 x 2 boxes.

3. Sketch the similar box leaving the boxes as shown in the figure.

4. Join the sides and corners of the cube as shown.

5. The final result is your desired cube.
In this, all the sides are of desired length and breadth. We can also shape without a grid paper on plain paper. Knowing the basic concepts of 3D imagination can help us draw any three-dimensional shapes or figures.

Advantages of oblique sketch

  • The oblique drawing that we use represents the exact shape and size of one of the object's faces. It is suitable for representing elliptical shapes and axonometric projections.
  • Sizes can be compared easily because of the absence of perspective foreshortening.
  • Leaving a few of the objects, it gives a three-dimensional view to most of them.
  • Though the view is perfect and precise, it gives a distorted look to the object if the plane of projection is not positioned appropriately.
  • It does not give a realistic look because of the lack of foreshortening.
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