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Ideal study schedule when exams are around the corner
Ideal study schedule when exams are around the corner

Ideal Study Schedule When Exams Are Around the Corner

A proper action plan is very crucial for systematic and organized study. With board and entrance exams both around the corner, let us move on to see an ideal and best study schedule:

1. Plan the subjects to study a Night Before

List down all the things that you are going to study next day, a night before. This will save your time in the morning.

2. Prioritize your Task

Post you have planned what to study, prioritize your tasks. For example, if you want to focus on your weak subjects first then schedule it as a first thing in the morning or set them based on your exam time table.

3. Go to Bed Early and Wake Up Early

When we were kids, we’ve learnt that early to bed and early to rise, make a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Now its time to judiciously stick to it.

4. Practice Test Papers Everyday

Take a test paper every day and set a timer. Try to solve it in a minimal possible time.

5. Schedule Breaks in Chunks

Take 5 minutes of break after every 30 – 40 minutes. Also, you are not recommended to study at a stretch for long hours.

6. Keep distractions at Bay

Keep your phone on silent mode and turn off all the apps as well as email notifications. Reduce your activity on social media accounts.

7. Keep 2 hours buffer for syllabus outside boards

Usually most of the entrance exam syllabus matches with that of boards. But there are certain high-level entrance exams which might include topics outside the scope of school syllabus. Keep a buffer time for those topics as well.

8. Set a deadline for each task

The main objective of study schedule is to complete your tasks effectively within time. Assigning a deadline to each task will just act as catalyst to enhance the efficiency of a study schedule.

9. Everyday study is a must

One day or two-day break is absolute don’ts when entrance and board exam dates are approaching nearer. This will just break your consistency. Might be a little more or less but include every day study in your routine.

10. Never skip NCERT

This is a savior tip for both entrance and board aspirants. Ensure whichever topic you choose give first preference to NCERT and then other books.

Always remember a very rigid study schedule, can increase your stress level, thereby decreasing your productivity. So, it is always recommended to have enough breaks in your study schedule as this is going to make it a lot flexible.

Author: Aakash Institute


  1. Every student who is preparing for competitive exam should follow this. Great time schedule suggestion.

    • Thanks a lot for the feedback Raj. Hope you find our blogs interesting and they will be helpful for you in the future as well.

  2. Found your post interesting to read. I cant wait to see your post soon. Good Luck for the upcoming update.This article is really very interesting and effective.

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