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5 Study Mistakes that students make
5 Study mistakes that students make

5 Study Mistakes that Students Make

The world we live in is dynamic. It offers us opportunities to learn new and better things every day. To thrive in this ever changing competitive world, studying is imperative for success. With that in mind, we tend to put in a lot of efforts and work really hard to get that perfect score. However, even after studying consistently, we fail to make the mark. Among numerous other reasons one is, that while studying, we all make mistakes and easily fall into traps that can seem insurmountable.

Terrible isn’t it?

Let’s read further to find out how we can deal with the same and abstain from making mistakes in the future.

1. Disengaged Learning

Disengaged or not involving oneself in the process of learning is a common mistake that most students make. Never do that! It will serve you no good and on the contrary it will give you a feeling of knowing everything when in reality you won’t even remember a thing you have read. To save yourself from falling into that trap, always engage your brain in the learning process. Take notes, underline important information and most importantly understand the concepts. Indulge in active learning which will help retain information for long by keeping your brain involved.

2. Feeling Disoriented

Is exam pressure getting on to you? Do you feel in the middle of nowhere? Don’t fall in that trap! Often students make the mistake of succumbing to exam pressure which affects their preparation and results. Learn to take control of the situation. Make a study plan and prioritise what needs immediate attention. Schedule your time in accordance with your exam or test dates, devote some time to assignments and homework, go through your class lessons every day and don’t forget to take out time for your favourite past time. A well planned approach will always reap good rewards throughout your career.

3. Succumbing to Peer Pressure

Another study mistake that students make is by succumbing to peer pressure. It can distract you from your goals and shift your focus. In addition, comparing your study methods to that of your topper friends and copying their ways can prove detrimental to your learning. It is important to understand that every child learns in a different way. Just because certain methods worked for them does not necessarily mean they will suit you as well. Instead of falling for your peers methods, adopt those which suits your learning style.

4. Not Testing Enough

Often students procrastinate studying and end up learning everything at the last moment. As a result they fall in the trap of not having enough time to test their preparation. Solving sample papers or mock tests on regular basis helps gauge your preparation level and greatly improves your performance. It helps you discover your strengths and weaknesses and how well your learning is progressing. Failing to take enough tests leaves you unsure of your preparation and impacts your confidence level.

5. Worn out study techniques

Are you getting the same scores again and again? Do you take longer than your friends to learn? Have you ever thought of experimenting with your learning style? It is to be noted that sticking to the same old study techniques is a mistake. You can’t improve your grade by following the same methods that have not made any considerable change in your grades so far. No doubt they are great and time tested methods and have worked for many people but possibly not for you. It’s time to do away with them and put them on the back burner. Try and experiment with different learning strategies. You might come across the method that suits your learning style more and works the best for you.

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