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How to Manage JEE 2019 Preparation and School Effectively?

JEE 2019 Preparation and School

Preparing for competitive exams can be a very intimidating feat on its own. Add to the equation, school work, and the situation becomes even more complex. With the equal pressure to perform well in both the board exams and JEE, this gets really difficult for the students to manage everything. When preparing for engineering entrance exam, many of you might skip the school part and think of it as unnecessary, but it provides an important …

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Are you a CBSE Student? Here’s how to Plan your Academic Year

Plan your studies

The beginning of the year is an exciting time with all new books around, new teachers and the feeling of being more responsible. It also starts with the promise of excelling at your academics and extracurricular activities. Every year comes with more pressure and you obviously need to put in extra efforts to do well. As a CBSE student, your exams and tests are well spread throughout the year and if you have a proper …

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Matter in our Surroundings: Know All About the Topic

Matter in our Surroundings

Now study topics like Matter in our Surroundings from Class 9 Science with Aakash. The study module available for CBSE Class 9 topics like Matter in our surroundings is full of tools that prepare students better. You can learn easily from the comprehensive study material for Matter in our surroundings in class 9, well-curated study notes and challenging practice tests. All these features help students to become all the more confident. Join to get …

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8 Tips to Boost your Exam Performance

8 tips to boost exam performance

You have come all the way and finally tomorrow is the big day, the day of the exam. At this moment you have studied almost all that you can study to be 100% ready. You have been planning, revising and studying and there is little more that you can do. However, how much hard you study in the exams, the most important work is still yet to be done. Regardless of how much you have …

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Explore 5 Ways to Write Perfect Answers in Boards

A majority of students are often perplexed about where they lost marks even after knowing answers to all the questions. Regardless of their well planned approach they fail to hit the target score and are left lamenting over the unexpected result. Trying to understand the reason for the same, we found out that even after attempting the exam paper correctly, students fail to impress their examiners due to their inability to deliver an effective answer. …

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7 Successful Mantras to Score Well in Boards

With exam season in full swing and barely a month to go, standing in awe of those who seem to breeze through without undue effort is not going to serve you any good. It is time to take your preparation level up a few more notches and spur amazing feats. With scores being a screening factor in every academic step further, it is imperative that you step up your preparation and do whatever it takes …

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Ideal Study Schedule When Exams Are Around the Corner

Ideal study schedule when exams are around the corner

A proper action plan is very crucial for systematic and organized study. With board and entrance exams both around the corner, let us move on to see an ideal and best study schedule: 1. Plan the subjects to study a Night Before List down all the things that you are going to study next day, a night before. This will save your time in the morning. 2. Prioritize your Task Post you have planned what …

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How can parents support their child during board exam preparation?

With exam season in full swing, both students and parents feel like trending on eggshells. As much as it is a nightmare for students preparing for board exams it is also for the parents who spend sleepless nights praying for their child’s success. Undoubtedly, Board examination plays a vital role in a student’s life and pretty much influence his/her future career decisions. For parents there is nothing more stressful than to see their child fail …

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Prepare Well Prepare Best for Boards in 7 Steps

With just a few weeks to board exams, this is the time of extreme pressure. It cannot be denied that board exams serve as a catalyst for a successful career ahead. Not only the board exam result help in securing admission in the top notch colleges but is also a matter of great respect. Students need to, thus, buckle up and engage in focused study. With a number of questions hovering over their mind, how …

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Perks of Solving Mock Tests

With days ticking off and CBSE Boards fast approaching, it is time that students start practicing now and as much as possible. The adage sounds clichéd but it is also the truth that “Practice makes a man perfect”. The time after your Pre-boards is the ideal time to start taking mock tests as you are already done with your revision and are well versed with the syllabus. All you need to do now is test …

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