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Explore 5 Ways to Write Perfect Answers in Boards

A majority of students are often perplexed about where they lost marks even after knowing answers to all the questions. Regardless of their well planned approach they fail to hit the target score and are left lamenting over the unexpected result. Trying to understand the reason for the same, we found out that even after attempting the exam paper correctly, students fail to impress their examiners due to their inability to deliver an effective answer. It cannot be contradicted that to score full marks you need to understand the anatomy of the answer and that is possible only when you follow the following tips to write your answer in a perfect way.

1. Write strategically
In order to score full marks, write your answers strategically. Just don’t write everything you know about the topic. Include only required information which has been asked in the question. Refrain from writing lengthy answers and keep them compact and concise.

2. Structure well
Before you jump into writing the answer, think about it and plan it in your head first. A well planned answer can help you score better as you’ll be able to incorporate all the required information. Moreover, structuring your answer will also ensure that you don’t miss out on important information.

3. Do not misread or misinterpret the question
With the clock fast ticking, it is common for students to quickly read the question and start attempting it. This can be a cause of concern. You may misread the question or misinterpret it and end up writing a wrong answer. It is, thus, imperative to carefully go through the question, understand what is asked and draft your answer accordingly.

4. Delve deeper, Scan the best CBSE answer sheets
You can find some best written answer sheets on the CBSE website. Over the past few years, CBSE has been scanning some of the best answer sheets and uploading it online. Go through them as they can give you an insight into how you should write your answers. They can be very useful to give that extra edge to your answers.

5. Review
Before you hand over that answer sheet to the invigilator, always go through your answers carefully. You’ll be surprised that it would help you identify errors that you might have made in hurry, silly mistakes, points you might have missed while writing and sometimes also help you to write answers to questions you had missed.

Author: Kama Choudhary

Kama is an avid reader, an experienced content writer, a published academic author and an educator with experience in teaching Senior Secondary Classes. From conducting thorough research on industry-related topics to preparing well-structured drafts, Kama has been creating compelling content for the blog. In addition, she provides content for various marketing campaigns, writes press releases and develops and edits content for our web pages. She provides succinct content for our various advertisements and writes clear marketing copy to promote our products and services.

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