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Super 7 Tips to Memorise Quickly

It is that time of the year again when you will find thousands of students cooped up in the libraries, trying to cram as much information as they can to give their best shot at the impending exams. With so much to learn and so less time, more often than not students do feel in the middle of nowhere. Even after toiling hard and preparing their best, when it comes to exam time they miserably fail at remembering anything from what they have learnt. If you too have experienced similar situation in the past and don’t want to mess it up again, going through the following tips will help you memorise quickly and effectively.

1. Understand to learn better and quicker

Blindly going about the learning process and trying to cram as much as you can is not going to help retain the information. In order to memorise whatever you are reading, first understand it. Try to process what is being said in your brain and make sense of everything. Once you understand, it will be a lot easier to memorise and absorb the information.

2. Construct mental images

Have you ever thought about forming images of whatever you are reading in your mind? If no then do it. Never underestimate the power of visualisation. Creating mental images accelerate learning and improve performance. It helps memorise in a better and effective way.

3. Teach what you have learnt

The easiest thing you could do to memorize well is teach whatever you have learnt to someone else. This could be your sibling, your parents, your niece, or you yourself. Teaching enhances your knowledge and strengthens your memory. It helps understand complex concepts and learn them in a relatively short span of time.

4. Make notes

How many times have you been told by your teachers to make notes? Note making is an essential art that helps you arrange all the important information in a concise and compact form, thereby helping you memorise in a quick way. Always make notes while learning as they can be of great help during the crucial time before the exam. Just a glance over your notes will help you revise quickly and efficiently.

5. Create Mind Maps

Trouble memorising? Try creating mind maps. Mind maps allow organising and understanding the information faster and better. It boosts your learning capacity and gives an overview of the idea. Mind maps unlock the potential of the brain as you can easily remember it and refer to it whenever required.

6. Feel connected

It is very important to feel connected to whatever you are reading. You cannot memorise or learn anything if you cannot make a connection. Take interest in the subject else you’ll take forever to learn something that should not take more than 5 minutes. Making connections help understand in a better way and you will have easier time remembering it.

7. Keep your brain active

A lazy and lethargic brain will not only interfere with your learning but will also have trouble in memorising things. Keep your brain active and healthy. Sleep enough as it keeps your mind fresh and ready to absorb more information. In addition, eat healthy foods such as almonds, green vegetables, etc which improves brain power and aids in memorisation.

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