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5 Myths of Studying Abroad

In a society fixated on fast paced world and in the age of openness, we are still closeted about straying from our comfort zone. No matter how daunting it may sound, studying abroad is a rewarding experience that enhances your overall skills. Though there are a lot of preconceived notions about whether or not to go abroad for further studies, it cannot be denied that it is once in a lifetime opportunity to push your boundaries. It goes without saying that studying abroad is a serious undertaking that will not only impact your academic career but also beef up your CV.

If studying abroad is on your bucket list too, but you are concerned about the misconceptions associated with it, it is time to bust those myths.

Myth 1# It’s all about having fun
Fact# If you too perceive studying abroad as a fun and frolic experience then it’s time to do away with that thinking. Studying abroad is a serious affair and requires a lot of hard work and extreme determination. Surely, you don’t want to splurge the huge amount of money your parents have spent on your education. Regular assignments, projects, on the job experience etc is important to gain the credits for your semester. True, you’ll get enough opportunities to enjoy yourself or get away on weekend excursions, but that’s only a part of it. You will also have to keep working hard in order to gain your credits and degree.

Myth 2# Racism and Bullying are common
Fact# If you are worried about racism or bullying then it’s time to put such apprehensions on the back burner. The universities abroad are particularly stringent about the same and ensure no student goes through such a horrifying experience. There are stern rules and regulations for the safety of students and the University takes full responsibility for the same. If any case crops up regarding the same, it is met with complete solemnity and the offenders are pressed with serious charges.

Myth 3# Fear of Acceptance
Fact# If the sword of fear of acceptance is still hanging over your head then you need to calm down. Your grades are not the only criteria for your application to get accepted. It’s time the myth that only meritorious students can apply for programs oversees needs to be busted. In order to realise your dream of studying abroad, you need to meet just the minimum qualifications.

Myth 4# No Support from Teachers or Peers
Fact# If you are anxious regarding the rumours that international students does not receive any help or support from teachers or peers then you need to put such thoughts out of your mind. The fact is teachers abroad are more helpful and are even ready to write you a letter of recommendation. They extend complete support and can be conveniently reached during college hours. As far as the peers are concerned, you will be surprised to know that they will not only help you with your assignments and other stuff but also with getting around the city. Hanging out with them is also one of the great ways to explore the new culture, language, food etc.

Myth 5# Lifelong friendships cannot be formed
Fact# Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by quality friends? We live in a socially active world and having friends make life easy for all of us. If you are concerned that you might not be able to make true friends then you are complete wrong in your head. Studying abroad gives you an opportunity to make friends beyond boundaries. You can meet people from across the globe and lay foundation for a lifelong friendship. Making friends across culture helps you gain valuable experience and introduces you to myriad things. It also gives you an opportunity to network well and meet right people at right time that is an added advantage if you seek to work there.

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