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Benefits of Digital Learning
Benefits of Digital Learning

The Benefits of Digital Learning

One of the most difficult phase of parents is when their child moves out of the house to pursue higher education or for entrance preparation. As per a survey in Times of India, around 1.6 lakh students travel to Kota every year for entrance coaching! Although, parents are quite proud at the progress of their children but at the same time their departure makes them sad. Time and again, they are worried about whether their child is safe and comfortable like they were at home. Many of us got scolding from our mother during student life, even if once her call went unanswered. Ever wondered why? It’s her fear of losing us or feeling that we are unsecured! It’s the unconditional love & affection of parents that constantly keep them worried about their children.

Even for the students, no matter how cool your friend circle is, you might have unlimited parties but still you feel there is something which is missing! That’s Home. Everyone gets excited or wait for end of the semester exams after which finally they can travel to their hometown. But then many of them can’t wait so long and suffer from severe case of homesickness. In some cases, either mother or father has to move to a city along with the child so that they don’t face homesickness. As per Indian Express, in 2015, five students were reported to commit suicide in one month out of which one was due to homesickness. Many such similar incidents have been reported previously.
But now the question arises, so should we stop heading out for entrance coaching? Definitely Not! But we feel that in this era of technology, one doesn’t have to suffer emotionally for a better education like one had to few years back. With growing number of digital learning program, now students can do their entrance preparation from home itself. In fact, considering these consequences, Aakash came up with their first innovative digital learning platform, Aakash iTutor, in the year 2012. Few years later, Aakash Live was introduced as well to boost eLearning. Even though some parts of the country as readily accepted digital learning but still there are certain places where digital learning is underrated.

Today eLearning has successfully matched up to the standard of Classroom Learning. They are comprised of live lectures, doubt clarification session, test series, online parents-teacher meeting, self-study courses without internet and many more. And above all, neither the parents nor the student has to undergo emotional conflicts.
If parents feel that it is unsafe for the child to study outside or if this is depressing for them then digital learning is the answer. If a student undergoes mental trauma on departing from parents then switching to online learning is the solution. Currently, when technology plays such a crucial role in every aspect of life then why education is left behind. So embrace eLearning, say yes to education and no to goodbye!

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