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How to Use Digital Learning Mediums for Your Benefit?

One of the common reasons for procrastination, exam anxiety at the back of the mind and stress of the result is intuitively knowing that you are still flawed in some areas. There are still some chapters questions from which in the test give you a mini panic attack. Concepts which you couldn’t understand or missed them because you were not present in the class become a fear for you.

You are not the only one, as there are many students facing the same problem. But a winner will be the one who, instead of wasting time on crying, focuses on a different approach to understand the concepts. If not possible in the classroom with the help of teachers, you should switch to digital learning mediums like live interactive classes or recorded video lectures to revise the difficult chapters and topics. Explore the technology for doubt resolution and pave way for success in competitive entrance exams like JEE, NEET, AIIMS etc.

  1. Master a topic by learning through different methods and materials

The auditory memory resides in the left brain, while the visual memory is a resident of the right brain. The left brain likes planning while right brain presents possibilities. After The acknowledgment of the concept, it’s application occurs through the right brain. The left-brain feeds on details, facts, and knowledge while the right brain looks at the big picture with imagination and experiences.

Tapping on different areas is essential to get strong command on different topics and concepts. So, when you take up any chapter.

  • Read through your class notes
  • Read from the textbook
  • Recollect the words of your teachers
  • Listen to its description in recorded video lectures
  • Watch it in motion in videos
  • Talk out and discuss with friends and teachers in discussion forums
  • Learn as if you have to explain to others
  • Practice MCQ
  1. Start with the summary of the chapter through videos

Before taking up any chapter, watch any related video or listen to the recorded lecture of its summary. It will give you an overall idea of the chapter. You will get familiar with its important concept and also get a rough idea of its relations with your previous learnings. It will also help you anticipate what can follow next.

For example, you have watched a movie once, and know it’s climax and suspense. The next time, you watch the same movie, you will tend to focus on the details and plot that lead to the climax.

Similarly, once you know the big picture and the outcome of the chapter, you will tend to focus on each and every factor and condition related to the concept. You will be able to acknowledge the importance of that chapter and make effective notes for revision.

  1. Learn on a move

One of the benefits of digital learning resources is that you can access them from anywhere and at any time. You can carry your study material in your pocket in the form of recorded video lectures and can explore it whenever and wherever you want. With easy access to NEET/JEE syllabus in mobile phones, tablet, and laptop, you can revise the concepts even when traveling. It gives you more time to study and get a better understanding of the topics.

  1. Get personalized teaching and guidance

Let’s say in the process of preparing a chapter, you are well versed with the text of the chapter. You have understood a concept and memorized the formulae by attempting the solved examples. But still, you become clueless as the level of question is upgraded from easy to moderate/difficult. You are still unable to identify the same concept if it is asked with a twist. This indicates a glitch in the grasp of the concept. You can relieve off from this glitch with the help of a personal tutor, who will guide you as per your needs and ability. The personal tutor will be able to identify the roadblock and will put in the required concrete knowledge to smooth it out.

  1. Choose your own learning style

Selection of learning style as per your habits is one of the biggest benefits of digital learning mediums. These help you get an idea of different learning styles and choose the learning style that suits your personality the best. Getting familiar with your learning style and following the method through relevant tools will definitely help in an effective understanding of the concept and their better application.

For the preparation of a national level medical and engineering entrance exams with neckline competition, you simply cannot afford to carry on with doubts and incomplete knowledge. Thankfully, with Aakash Digital, you have to easy access to live interactive classes and recorded video lectures by experienced Aakash faculty. Now you don’t need to move ahead with doubts in your mind. Ask your doubts direct from the faculty and repeat the videos as many times as you want to get a strong command on different topics covered in NEET/JEE.

Author: Preeti Gupta

Preeti Gupta is a passionate writer and reader, who believes in the magic of words. Helping students in their competitive exam preparation through informative blogs gives her happiness. In her free time, she loves traveling.

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