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How to balance studies and fun during summer vacation with online learning?

Want to make your summer vacation both enjoyable and productive?

When most of your friends go on long summer vacations, you might find it difficult to concentrate on your studies. But due to tough competition in the entrance exams, you cannot afford to ignore your studies just for the sake of a few holidays. However, by learning how to study in summer vacations without compromising with your enjoyment, you can get the best of both worlds. Digital learning mediums make one of the best choices when you don’t want to take a break from your learning process even when going on holidays with family or friends.

Here are a few tips for you to balance study and fun during summer vacations with online learning.

Make a Study Plan for Summer Vacations

Making a separate study plan for vacations is a good idea to stay on the track. You should clearly mention the number of chapters or topics you need to cover during the break and stick to the plan to complete the decided syllabus.

Sticking to the course timeline is a right way to stay on track with the course syllabus as well. Students preparing for competitive exams like NEET/JEE along with their regular classes have limited time, which they need to use wisely.

Fit Your Study Plan into Your Personal Plan

If you are planning long vacations to a relative’s place or an exotic location in summer break, online courses make a perfect choice to stay on the track with your studies. With online classes, you can easily adjust your schedule and continue with your preparation even on the move. For instance, you can carry your study material in your laptop, tablet or mobile phone in the form of recorded video lectures. You can access the recorded video lectures anywhere anytime to learn new concepts or just to revise the previous topics.


Break from school and so many summer camps everywhere will definitely distract you from your studies, but it’s important that you prioritize the things. No doubt there will be peer pressure for road trips, beach outings, and vacations, but you don’t need to accept every invitation if you think that it will affect your studies. But if you still want to be part of some of the outstation activities, carry your online learning material with you and access it when others are sleeping.

Study in Morning Hours

Take advantage of the summer weather by getting up early in the morning to continue your studies. This is the time with least disturbance as everyone is sleeping. You can watch recordings of live interactive classes to keep pace with your classmates who are attending classes even during the summer break.

Though every student waits for the summer vacations eagerly to get a break from their studies, for the students preparing for competitive exams like NEET and JEE, spending all holidays with mere enjoyment might not be a good idea. Break from books might affect your concentration making it difficult for you to get back on the track after joining the school again. So, it’s better you continue your NEET/JEE preparation even during holidays with live interactive classes or recorded video lectures at Aakash Digital. Learning through digital mediums without compromising on your leisure time will make you more relaxed and focused towards your goal in life.

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