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Do you also fear the CBT format?
Do you also fear the CBT Format?

Do you also fear the CBT Format?

The government’s decision to conduct JEE (Main) in online mode only from 2019 might have added to the woes of those students who perceive online tests to be tough. While the opportunity to appear twice in one of the highly competitive exams has been seen as a welcome change, the Computer Based Test (CBT) format might have raised a few eyebrows.

Given the amount of emphasis laid on digitization, CBT is the future of entrance exams.  In today’s world, where technological know-how is evolving with each day, it is quite expected of the new generation to be tech-savvy. Today’s generation is so well versed with technical gadgets, smartphones, tablets, and laptops that there is absolutely no need to fear online exams. We live in a digital world and it is high time we switch to digital means. CBT is not a disadvantage to students. In fact, CBT may result in saving precious time during the exam and may also result in a faster declaration of results. You can change your answers as many times you want, move between sections, be notified of missed questions etc. and expect a standard question paper. Hence, as students, you should not have such preconceived notions. Moreover, with setting up of National Testing Agency (NTA) as a premier, specialist, autonomous and self-sustained testing organization to conduct entrance examinations for admission/fellowship in higher educational institutions, the exams will be more secure, transparent and at par with international standards. (Source: In addition, the online mode of exams will tend to bring in digital revolution in the rural areas as students will now be able to practice on computers free of cost in centres set up by NTA.

So what are some of the common apprehensions that students have in mind when it comes to CBT? Technical glitches, unfamiliarity with the CBT format, noting down questions every time and solving them on a rough sheet first are some of the common problems students face. As far as technical glitches are concerned and the time that is wasted thereof, you don’t need to worry. If any technical error takes place, whatever time gets wasted will be reimbursed to you. If copying questions to the rough sheet first and solving them is bothering you then it is what you do while giving a pen & paper test as well. You use a rough sheet to solve the questions. So what is all the ado about? And it is okay if you are unfamiliar with the CBT format, you just need to practice for the same and you have ample time ahead.

It is high time that you should shed your apprehensions about the CBT format and direct your focus on how to prepare for them. We believe, by keeping the following points in mind you can cruise through the much-hyped CBT format.

1.“Practice makes a man perfect”

The more you practice the better you get. The adage “Practice makes a man perfect” stands true as it introduces you to effective ways of solving the questions and in a relatively short span of time. Solving tests in online mode will not only diversify your preparation but will also prepare you for CBTs.

2. Go for test preparatory services 

Do not hesitate to take the help of test preparatory services to prepare for the much-coveted exams. Aakash Institute is ready to give you an exposure to the latest exam pattern by conducting the tests in the CBT format. This will help you prepare much in advance and shed your apprehensions related to the CBT format

3. Know the Exam Rules

It is imperative for students to know the rules and regulations for the CBT format for JEE 2019. When you know the rules you know the exam even better. It is important to get used to the rules of the exam at an early stage as it will help you smoothly go through the exam without major glitches.

4. Change your perception

Finally, change your perception about the CBT exams. It is rightly said that when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. It is important to change your mindset towards CBT exams. Do not have any preconceived notions and accept the change with a broad outlook. You have enough time to gear up for the online mode of the test, so make better use of it.



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