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How right guidance can strengthen your future career

Living in the world of globalisation, where there are myriads of career options to choose from, it is normal for novice students to go astray. With so many uncertainties about tomorrow, it is difficult for both students and parents to make secure and sensible decisions for a better future. The need of the hour, therefore, seems to be in knowing the right path. A right path is like a roadmap that paints the way ahead. In the absence of a comprehensive roadmap, your life can turn into a ship without a rudder.

With that caveat in mind, let’s find out how right guidance can strengthen your future career.

It is rightly said that neither careers are built in a day; nor, most of the times, are they solitary pursuits. Often students are unaware of the fact that taking a right step at a right time is the initial and crucial stage of building a career. Most of the time they take this decision with a puzzled and ambiguous mind based on what their peers are choosing and end up selecting the wrong course, thereby closing doors to a successful career ahead. Sometimes these choices are a result of lack of knowledge and awareness. It is here, effective guidance comes to the rescue of these incognizant students.

Choosing a path of learning is an integral part of a student’s life. Students need expert guidance throughout their learning trajectory. Right guidance helps the learner to make an informed, deliberate and considered choice. It brings the best out of children and polishes their overall personality. Right guidance improves self-awareness that helps develop an understanding of your abilities, aptitudes, and interests and how these play a key role in helping you make a relevant career choice. A proper guidance builds your skills and confidence. It helps demarcate your strengths and weaknesses and identifies your existing skills and competencies.

Given the mainstream role of proper guidance in a student’s life, the following can help a student plan his/her future in line with his/her interests, abilities and aptitude.

Find a mentor

In order to realize your dreams and accomplish your goals, it is imperative to have a mentor. He/she can be anyone, an elder sibling, a teacher or a friend. A mentor guides and inspires you in the right direction. Having a mentor helps push your boundaries in a new way and take that first step towards accomplishing your goals. They constantly encourage you and boost your confidence, thereby bringing out the best in you. A mentor guides and supports you in your journey to a successful career ahead.

Sit for an exam

These days a number of tests are used to measure a student’s aptitude for the course. These are designed to measure your affinity for a course or stream based on the required aptitude for the same. Such tests help discover your true potential and interest, thereby assisting you in making an informed career decision. ANTHE is one such exam to bank on if you are looking for right guidance at right time for a bright future. It not only offers you a chance to win up to 100% scholarship and cash awards but also provides you with an opportunity to enroll with Aakash, thereby opening doors to bright career prospects by preparing to you crack one of the most coveted exams up ahead. Apart from that students can also opt for psychometric tests at Aakash in order to know their aptitude for medical or engineering courses.

Reach out to teachers

From time immemorial, teachers have been inspiring and guiding students in the right direction. They not only help you choose the right career but also nurture you to become a good human being. They instill discipline in students and guide students by teaching them what to do and how to do things in the best possible way. Students can get comprehensive advice from teachers on career, courses, etc that can help them make informed choices.

Grow your network

In the globalised world that we live in, networking can help in a great way bolster our career options. Talking to peers or seniors can help you understand and explore more possibilities. It can provide you with the know-how of the course that you are pondering over. Connecting with the alumni, on the other hand, can help you look beyond the lines and boxes and discover new ways of achieving your goals. They can make you see new opportunities and how you can use them to carve your path to success.

To sum up, right guidance plays a huge role in the life of students and accelerates their growth. It not only helps them make informed choices but also stimulates their ability to make independent decisions without assistance from others.

Author: Kama Choudhary

Kama is an avid reader, an experienced content writer, a published academic author and an educator with experience in teaching Senior Secondary Classes. From conducting thorough research on industry-related topics to preparing well-structured drafts, Kama has been creating compelling content for the blog. In addition, she provides content for various marketing campaigns, writes press releases and develops and edits content for our web pages. She provides succinct content for our various advertisements and writes clear marketing copy to promote our products and services.

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