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Online Mock Tests

Online Mock Tests And The Immense Value They Add To Your Preparation

Every student has wished – at least once – that they didn’t have to appear for a mock test.

Isn’t it enough to keep revising? To keep implementing memorization techniques? And to solve only the questions given in the homework assignment? That would be enough to help one to prepare really well, you think.


When you are appearing for a competitive exam like NEET, JEE, AIIMS, Olympiads, NTSE etc., it is so important to evaluate where exactly you are in your preparation. Online mock tests are a great measurement tool for that. No matter how well your performance in class is, appearing for a mock under stringent test-like conditions can turbo-charge your preparation by 1000+ miles.

If you are still unconvinced of their value (and maybe scared as well) read below to know how and why mock tests benefit your preparation.

Know where you (really) stand

No matter how much your teacher praises you or how fast you are able to solve numericals in class, are you able to replicate your stellar performance under test conditions? That is what online mock tests are for.

You will get a clear idea of how well you have been preparing and will be able to adjust your course accordingly.

Test your exam strategies

Does it really benefit you to solve the question paper backwards?

Is skipping around looking for the easiest question the best way? Or does focusing on a particular section help you get the most questions right?

Are you really able to solve maths sums as quickly as you can in class? Should you really begin with the math section then?

All of these questions and more are answered with crystal-clear clarity when you sit for a mock test. The combined answers will help you to come up with a near-bulletproof strategy with which you can get the maximum number of questions right without accumulating many negatives.

Familiarize yourself with the test-taking mindset

You know the test conditions – a 3-hour sprint to the maximum number of questions you can get right. But how does your mind behave when faced with the pressure? Does it turn into a friend or a foe?

Most students, even after hours of note-taking and revision, do not perform up to their potential. Often, their mind tumbles under pressure. Seeing those questions with a ticking clock on the wall is a different ball-game than solving them on a Saturday afternoon in bed.

When you take a mock exam, you are able to see how your mind reacts. Then, you can tweak your mindset to achieve success. This can involve repeating some supportive mantras before the exam or simple breathing deep to calm your mind. Do not leave your mind to reveal its hand at the time of the final exam.

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Help in improving speed

In a competitive exam, you can never solve questions fast enough.

When you practice repeatedly, you come to see how you have to pace yourself for questions of differing weightage. Even if you are not able to do it perfectly one time, you can improve your time management skills with each mock test you take. On exam day, you can walk in the room assured that you will be able to take on any question and score well.

Help in understanding your weaknesses and strengths

We all operate on certain delusions about our performance and how much we know. These are, as one would expect, not close to reality at all. Taking a mock test helps you to know what your delusions are and to humbly accept the areas that you need to work on. For example, you might discover that despite all your practice, questions of fluid mechanics are still no cakewalk for you. Hence, you resolve to dedicate more time to them.

On the other hand, you also discover strengths that you didn’t know you had. You could find that you are stellar when it comes to calculating sums in your mind and that your Maths section is more or less taken care of. This would allow you to adjust your timetable and make room for those tricky fluid mechanics numericals.

But, you will never make these discoveries if you don’t go ahead and take a mock test or two.

Video solutions by experts equip you with techniques to solve tricky questions

Video analysis provided by the faculty after the exam is over helps you understand the right technique to solve a particular question. You might have given a correct answer, but the technique you followed might be time-consuming. The solutions by experts help you solve tricky questions effectively.

If, even after many hours, you feel that your preparation is yielding few positive results – get started on online mock tests as soon as possible. The improvement will be noticeable in a short span of time. And soon you will be picking up question papers with higher difficulty levels. Sometimes you might not be able to perform well in mock tests; in such a situation, instead of feeling down, you should look for tips to improve in online mock tests

And once all of this happens, you can truly say that you are moving towards 100% perfection in your preparation.

Good luck!

Author: Preeti Gupta

Preeti Gupta is a passionate writer and reader, who believes in the magic of words. Helping students in their competitive exam preparation through informative blogs gives her happiness. In her free time, she loves traveling.


  1. Online mock tests are great for exam preparation. But it has its own limitation, many websites do not provide any mock tests on regional syllabus.. by using online mock test software teachers can set up their own mock test according to the subjects they teach.

    • Hi Vishnu,

      Thanks for your feedback. Mock tests are indeed very helpful to crack any exam. They act as a practice test and guide you & provide you an actual exam like scenario about the actual exam. Aakash provides you various mock tests that are as per the exam syllabus.

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