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How online learning is changing modern education
How online learning is changing modern education

How Online Learning is Changing Modern Education

In today’s time, our world is constantly on the go. We are no longer required to be confined to limited spaces to pursue work or studies. It is in this regard that a kind of revolution has been achieved through the introduction of Online Learning. One of the sectors which are greatly benefiting from the advent of mobile phone technology is education. Digital learning has transformed the way teachers and students interact with each other and there are many schools in the country which are adopting online learning as an effective tool for imparting knowledge. The idea of Digital learning is brilliant. You can be connected to your texts anytime, anywhere. You can customize learning based on your preferable time and subject. You can independently divide time between different subjects and thus create your own timetable. Also, in addition to all this, you can learn in your own format which is fun, engaging and responsive.

Here are some quick insights of Digital Learning:


The online based learning resources eliminate the cost of expensive tuitions and other learning resources which may be located at a distance far away from your home. Since most of the content used here is digitalized, it can be accessed quickly and relatively cheap, eliminating the need to visit different places to look out for academic resources. Apart from the learning resources, a huge cost is also saved on travel.


Flexibility, ownership, and efficiency all of this is achieved in the case of online learning. The user can study anytime, anywhere and can take the initiative of forming own learning schedules based on the needs of improvement and areas of strength. Also, the ease of access makes this type of learning quicker and more efficient.

Customized content

Another great benefit of Digital learning is the ability to deliver customized content for individual students. This allows teachers to provide individual specific content to students who are from diverse backgrounds. In this method, there are recorded lectures and videos with images and charts making it easier for students to understand and implement academic concepts.

Quick assessments and Reviews

Students can regularly get assessments and feedback from teachers. Also, teachers can access online learning platforms from anywhere to provide assistance to students. This can give students a fast and clear-cut path to follow for achieving their educational goals.

Access education for all

In countries where there is social segregation, digital learning can give more people access to education and vocational training. There are many online courses which are available for free and or at an affordable cost making it convenient for the students.

The growing number of live classes similar to Aakash Live has helped students to understand the concept without taking the hassles of commuting to a classroom. In addition, some of the E-learning tools like Aakash iTutor come with a performance dashboard which includes all the metrics for performance improvement. The students can enhance their preparation and work on their weaknesses based on the report generated in the performance dashboard.
So if used with care, a learner may be able to reap huge benefits out of online learning. Understanding, ownership and gentle guidance by mentors can help with achieving best results in this regard.

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