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Class 12 Board Biology exam

Last-Minute Revision Tips for CBSE Class XII Biology Exam

The CBSE class XII board exams are held efficiently and as per the date sheet, the board exam for CBSE 12th Biology exam is to be held on 15th March 2019 from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM. For Medical aspirants, biology is one of the most crucial subjects for their CBSE board & NEET Exam. Students while preparing for this subject usually face difficulties in covering the whole syllabus and get confused about what to read at the last moment.

In order to help students, let’s quickly look at some last-minute revision tips to brush up before CBSE class 12 board exam 2019:

1. Plan out your Paper

It is extremely important to understand the design of the biology paper. Sample papers are released every year to help students get acquainted with the pattern of the exam and prepare accordingly. Knowing about the complete exam pattern helps to save some crucial time during the exam.

2. Revise More

When you do not have enough time left for preparation then it is important that students do not get stuck on any particular topic. Students should make sure to revise the whole syllabus leaving aside the time-consuming topics. Later on, if you still have time left, you can always revise these topics and finish the syllabus.

3. Go through NCERT Books thoroughly

As per the previous exam analysis, Class 12 board question paper has questions all from the NCERT Books. So, it is very important to remember all the formulas and diagrams. While solving numerical, make sure to cover all the examples in between chapters and also the exercise questions at the end of every chapter.

4. Visualize

Let the knowledge in your books be a part of your daily life. Begin by comparing the topics covered in your Biology textbooks. See how they hold usage in real scenarios as well, for science is seen to be everywhere. Once you manage to connect them, your ability to remember and recall answers will improve, because you would no longer be answering from memory, you would be answering from experience.

5. Memorize the Formulas & Diagrams

Write down and memorize all the formulas & diagrams. Take the help of various reference books to find out several problems of similar types.

6. Practice Previous Year Sample Papers

Questions are usually repeated in Biology and solving previous year papers helps you with time management along with the understanding of the question pattern. If you have not solved these papers there is no need to waste your time at the last minute. All you need to do is sit with a solved question book of the previous year and go through each and every question.

7. Don’t take Simple Topics for Granted

In the middle of focusing on tough topics like balancing formulas, students often tend to skip several topics. These topics are theory based, less tricky and extremely easy to understand, so secure your score by preparing them well.


Apart from this, as an added preparation tip, students should go through High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) type questions that were asked in the last couple of years. The questions may not be repeated, but it would help students understand the pattern of such questions. Also, be neat and tidy when attempting questions and be sure to revise your answers before submitting. Wish you luck!

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