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NEET 2019 Preparation

How to Prepare for NEET 2019 from the Convenience of Your Home?

NEET is one of the most aspired entrance exams in India. Students burn the midnight oil to crack the exam in their first attempt. Not just the 12th graders, there is equal pressure on the 11th graders also who aim to crack the exam to get admission in medical or dental colleges in India. Coaching is the first thing that comes to the mind of students when they decide to appear for the exam. But managing school, tuitions and NEET coaching get really hectic and difficult for the students. This is the reason; many students wish to prepare for the medical entrance exam from the convenience of their home but get worried about the guidance of teachers and coaching.

Now the question is, ‘How to prepare for NEET 2019 from the convenience of home?”

Thankfully, with the availability of online coaching, students can now prepare for NEET at home. And that too, without compromising with the coaching and expert guidance from teachers.

Benefits of preparing for NEET 2019 from the convenience of home:

Time-saving: Every year, on an average, a student spends around 2 months on travel to attend the coaching classes. By opting for online coaching for NEET 2019, you will be able to save that precious time and invest it in the better preparation of the exam.

Safety: There is no doubt about the fact that when children go out to attend coaching classes on odd hours, parents are always worried about their security and safety. Studying at home through live online classes ensures the safety of the students.

Time for relaxation: With school, tuition and NEET coaching, students are left with almost no time for relaxation. Online coaching helps you get that time and refresh your mind for better preparation.

No fear of missing classes: Live online classes by Aakash Live are always recorded which students can watch anytime and as many times as they want. It ensures that you don’t miss any class and stay on pace with the classmates.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for NEET 2019 from the convenience of your home.

Join Online NEET Coaching

Online NEET courses by Aakash Digital bring the same classroom coaching to your home. If you want to prepare for NEET 2019 under the guidance of experienced teachers, you must join online NEET coaching. Experienced faculty makes live interactive classes more engaging and interesting by using animations, 3D images and videos. It also helps you understand the concepts well and retain the information for longer.

Ask Your Doubts Instantly

Make sure you don’t keep any unsolved doubts in your mind. Whether you opt for self-study or join the online course, you must get your doubts resolved. If you are attending live online classes, you can ask doubts during the class. Teachers make sure that all the students get answers to their queries immediately.

If you opt for self-study and learn through recorded video lectures, you can download the mobile app to ask your doubts. You can download Aakash iTutor mobile app and ask your doubts in “Ask an Expert” section, where experienced Aakash faculty answer your questions.

Make Notes

Though the benefit of learning through live online classes is that you can access the class notes anytime and anywhere, you should make your own notes as well. You can make different folders on varied subjects and topics to easily access the notes at the time of revision.

Revise Regularly

Revision is the key to success in any exam. No matter how strong is your memory or how well you have understood the topic, you always need to revise the syllabus to remember the concepts for longer. You can read e-books, explore printed study material and can watch the recordings of live lectures to revise your syllabus.

Make a timetable for regular revision where you can plan to revise the syllabus on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. It helps you release the last-minute revision pressure.

Complete Class Assignments on Time

Regular assignments in different chapters is a common feature of online courses for NEET. To ensure that you prepare well for the exam even while staying at home, complete all the assignments given by the teachers in the live online classes. It not only helps you understand the topics but also helps you revise what you learned in the class.

Practice Mock Tests

Sample papers, mock tests, and previous year papers make an integral part of any entrance exam preparation. These not just help you get ready for the final exam but also help you check your progress regularly. Enrolment in online NEET courses at Aakash Digital gives you access to a large number of online practice tests, which you can take at the convenience of your home.

All India Aakash Test Series (AIATS) is conducted at all India level where you do not just compete with lacs of students but also check where you stand among them. AIATS are conducted regularly to help students get ready for the final competition in the examination hall. Solving them is one of the best ways to check your progress, understand the competition and boost your confidence.

Get Supplementary Study Material

If you feel that you need some additional study material to boost your NEET 2019 preparation, you can buy recorded video lectures by Aakash iTutor. These lectures help you understand the difficult topics and concepts easily and quickly with the help of recorded videos by experienced Aakash faculty.

Follow these simple tips, join online NEET coaching and get ready to ace the exam by preparing for it from the convenience of your home.

Author: Preeti Gupta

Preeti Gupta is a passionate writer and reader, who believes in the magic of words. Helping students in their competitive exam preparation through informative blogs gives her happiness. In her free time, she loves traveling.

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  1. In this modern world, most of the students waste time in travelling for coaching centers outside their home that too in this hectic traffic on the road. Instead they can sit at their home conveniently and take online NEET coaching so that they can save their precious time. Each and every seconds, minutes matters in any of the NEET aspirants as the exam is a very competitive in India. It requires lot of preparation. You are right, there is lot of benefits for students in taking online NEET coaching which includes time saving, safety, relaxation and no fear in missing the classes. Thanks for giving some tips to students in preparing for NEET 2019 exam. Joining a good online coaching class, making important notes, revising, and taking more and more mock tests will help students in NEET exam preparation.

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