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How to prepare for Mathematics in Competitive exams
How to prepare for Mathematics in Competitive exams

How to prepare for Mathematics in Competitive Exams

Every year, there are thousands of students who participate in several Competitive Exams. Mathematics is considered to be one of the toughest parts for exams like JEE, NEET, and other relevant examination. A large number of students are afraid of Mathematics and it is a very common myth that once cannot score well in this subject. But this is not true. With hard work and dedication, one can crack any exam. Roughly around half of the question paper is made up of the quantitative section. It may include questions ranging from Algebra to Geometry and a lot more.

No examination is complete without involving a major portion of this section. Therefore, whether you like the subject or not, one cannot ignore Mathematics if you are appearing for a competitive exam. So, follow these tips to excel in the Maths section.

Strengthen your Basics

Saving time can get you through more questions and this can be done by learning formulas, identities, tables, etc.

  • Make sure to learn tables and squares upto 30, cubes up to 20 and prime numbers up to 200
  • Remember percentage related fractions up to 1/20
  • Learn important trigonometric formulas, Pythagorean Triplets to solve oral calculations so as to save time
  • This will result in increasing your speed

Manage your time properly

Competitive exams are a test of time management for every candidate. Therefore, as a candidate, you should invest some time in every topic rather than focusing on only one. Suppose there are only 3 months left for the examination, your focus should be to use these days for preparing all the topics. Try managing your time in such a manner that the easy topics are covered faster and you can emphasize more on the topics that score high.

Work smartly

Rather than working hard, apply smart work. The smart work is needed by applying shortcut tricks. Prefer applying the hit and trial methods wherever possible as some questions can be solved eliminating the options.

Practice daily

It is rightly said that “Practice makes a man perfect”. If you practice an area regularly then there are fewer chances of making a mistake. However, it is must to practice regularly in order to avoid mistakes during the examination.

Enroll in test preparation program online

There are many online websites, some of them are free and others are paid, where you can sign up and prepare for the quantitative section. Having a clear view of the exam pattern will help you to attempt more questions. This test is nearly similar to the actual exam and helps you know what the situation during the actual exam will be.

Determine your strengths and weaknesses

Everyone loves to solve only those topics which are strong due to which they miss out many topics in which they are weak. This might lead to wastage of time and will not give any fruitful result. Rather, try to focus on weak sections so that you can master them.

Following these important steps will help you to excel in the examination. These will not only brush your basic mathematical knowledge but also helps in managing time for preparation.

Author: Kriti Kohli

Kriti is an active blogger with decent experience in the education industry. She researches on various topics related to education & various other competitive exams and pens down her research in the form of articles & blogs. She performs extensive research, adds several crucial information, inputs and statistics in her write-ups. When she is not writing, she loves wandering around the hills, as exploring nature excites her the most.


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  2. Roshan Kumar singh

    I’m not weak in mathematics why I scored less marks in maths in akash NEST exam was due to improper time management. I had practice to solve 30 maths questions in 2.5 to 3 hours as per class 10th cbse syllabus. But i have learnt from this exam that i will have to practice more and more questions in minimum time to succeed more in such competitive exams.

  3. Krishna Vignesh

    We needed tricks/easy way of solving you have given is good

  4. Krishna Vignesh

    We needed tricks/easy way of solving you have given is good

    • Aakash Institute

      Hi Krishna,

      Thanks for your valuable feedback. Also, subscribe to our blog & stay tuned for the latest updates.

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