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AIIMS Registration to happen twice
AIIMS Registration to happen twice

AIIMS to follow Two-stage registration Method to Reduce Application Rejection

AIIMS is one of the most desired exams among medical aspirants. The exam is conducted by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, to help students get admission to the MBBS programmes offered by the various AIIMS institutes in India. Students from all over the country apply for this national level examination to get admission in AIIMS institutes located in New Delhi, Bhopal, Rishikesh, Patna, Jodhpur, Guntur, Nagpur, Raipur & Bhubaneshwar. This time there is a little change in the registration process and is likely to start in the second week of November. From this year, AIIMS is likely to follow the Prospective Applicants Advanced Registration (PAAR) model for the MBBS Applicants as well. This model has made it easy for applicants and they do not require to register twice. Now all candidates are required to complete the basic registration once and complete the final registration separately and finally apply for one or both the exams.

From past experiences, it is seen that most of the rejections received are due to the improper filing of details apart from the educational qualifications. The two-stage registration process is expected to reduce the rejections which come from wrong or incomplete information provided at the time of the application. The Registration process is to be conducted in two stages that is Basic Registration and a Final Registration. The basic registration process will be conducted much in advance around the second week of November. During the first stage, all the applicants who desire to appear in the AIIMS-MBBS Entrance Examination in the future will be able to register by filling in the basic details and uploading images. These details will then be scanned and a candidate will be given enough time to update the profile for any corrections. The candidates will then be updated about whether their registration is accepted and therefore the details will be stored with a unique identification number. Thus, candidates will not be subjected for last-minute rush and the fear of rejection of the applications. The Basic Registration is free of cost and therefore no payment is to be made during this stage. Students who complete basic registration will only be allowed to complete the final registration once the process starts. It is during this stage that the candidates have to enter their qualification details and select the exam city as per their convenience. Therefore, the two-stage registration process is likely to reduce the irregularities which are usually caused due to the application form deadlines.

From 2019 onwards, the Advanced Registration model will be implemented by AIIMS.


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