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Perks of Solving Mock Tests

With days ticking off and CBSE Boards fast approaching, it is time that students start practicing now and as much as possible. The adage sounds clichéd but it is also the truth that “Practice makes a man perfect”. The time after your Pre-boards is the ideal time to start taking mock tests as you are already done with your revision and are well versed with the syllabus. All you need to do now is test your preparation and improve on the same. Mock tests serve as a mock drill or stage rehearsal before the final show. Along with that you can also solve previous year papers, sample papers etc. as all of them serve the same purpose.

Let’s further understand how solving more and more mock tests is beneficial for hitting the target score.

1. Develops conceptual understanding

It cannot be denied that mock tests are instrumental in strengthening the fundamentals of learning. Solving mock tests regularly helps in better application of concepts which further enhances your knowledge and deepens your understanding of the subject. While solving mock tests, it is imperative that you keep making notes of important points or places you face difficulty. This will work as a wonder tool at the final leg of preparation and give you a clear idea of where you stand.

2. Familiarises with Exam Pattern

It is very essential to know and understand the exam pattern as it introduces you to the specifics of the exam paper such as number of questions, type of questions, weightage, segregation of questions as per marks, important questions, etc. Solving mock tests helps understand the structure of the exam thoroughly and how to best go about it. It aids in keeping your pace high right from the start of the exam as you can begin by attempting the questions you are familiar with, thereby saving a lot of time.

3. Better time management

Attempting several mock tests before the final doomsday aid in better time management. It gives you an idea of how much time to allocate to each section or question, how to solve questions in a stipulated time, etc which in turn improves your question solving ability, thereby increasing your speed and accuracy. It also helps device shortcuts and strategies to complete the paper in the given time.

4. Strengthens your preparation

Mock tests are definitely one of the most effective methods of evaluating your preparation level. It assesses your potential and helps understand your learning ability. It analyses your performance by identifying your strengths and weaknesses, time taken to solve each question, mistakes committed, etc. This helps in improving your performance graph as you can track your progress and abstain from committing the same errors again. A good practice of mock tests gives an insight into your preparation level and helps to focus on the key strategic points.

5. Real Exam Environment

Usually students are nervous during the exams due to lack of practice. Mock tests expose you to the real exam scenario and help getting used to it and combat nervousness. It builds your test taking skills by helping you get accustomed to the exam pattern in advance. Further, taking test in a proctored environment helps you get used to the exam taking strategy and polishes your time management skills. In addition, it helps you to get used to sitting for 3 hours without losing focus or concentration.

6. Acquaints with Important questions

By solving mock tests over and over again you will come across certain questions that are often repeated and asked again and again. These are important questions and often appear with a slight change in the language but same context. By practicing as many mock tests as possible you can master these questions and if the same appear in the exam you can straight away solve them, thereby saving your crucial time.

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    i am in class 12.preparing for jee 2019 since 11 th class.Now i am busy in classroom coaching and learning of class 12 syllabus at coaching centre.Ihave not yet started my preparations for cbsc and planned to start from oct.first week along with jee revision and practice.Please guide properly how can plan my schedule for cbsc jeemain and advance.Earlier i was student of AKASH in class 9 and 10 at Ludhiana but now i am at panchkula.

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