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JEE Main 2019

Couldn’t Crack JEE Main 2018? Here’s Your Road Map to Crack JEE Main 2019

‘Life always gives you a second chance.’

Now how you use that opportunity is completely your choice. You can either waste time on crying over the spilled milk or can start a new journey with a better study plan and a fresh approach.

JEE is one of the toughest and most competitive exams in India. Every year above 12 lakh students appear for JEE Main out of only 2 lakh students qualify for JEE Advanced. Similarly, this year also, out of 14 lakh aspirants only 2 lakh could clear JEE Main 2018.

Feeling negative is common after bad result but making it part of your life is not. Achievers work hard and get out of it while losers keep complaining. There is a world full of exciting opportunities waiting for you to grab them. Just go and grab them!

Here are the things you need to do to start preparation of JEE Main 2019.

Start with a fresh approach

To get success in JEE Main 2019, it is very important that you start with a fresh approach. As you need to go through the whole syllabus once again, you might feel boring at times. To avoid that boredom, you can opt for different learning mediums. For instance, if you studied just from books in your previous attempt, you can enroll for online courses offering live interactive classes and recorded video lectures. This will not just keep you motivated but will also boost your interest level in studies.

Learn from your mistakes

The first step in JEE Main 2019 preparation for the second attempt is to look back and find out the mistakes that became a hindrance to your success. It could be anything from your timetable to the selection of coaching institute, learning techniques, and revision.

Common mistakes in JEE Main 2018 preparation that you should avoid when preparing for JEE Main 2018

Time management – If you think that you couldn’t manage your study time well due to a lot of traveling, going digital this time is the right choice.

Doubts – There are students who hesitate to ask their doubts in the class and skip the topics completely. If you also avoid asking doubts in front of other students, you can download Aakash iTutor app and can ask your doubts direct from teachers in the ‘Ask from an expert’ section.

Revision – No matter how intelligent someone is, revision is essential to perform well in the exam. You can make the process easy and effective by revising the syllabus and important topics by watching videos.

Wrong learning style – Every student has own learning style like audio, visual, verbal, physical etc. Having knowledge of your learning style helps you choose the most suitable technique. Based on your learning style, you can either choose one or go for blended learning like live interactive videos, e-books, webinars and printed study material.

Start learning through digital mediums

If you had opted for classroom coaching for JEE Main preparation, this is the time to bring a few changes in your learning mediums. This is the time to enroll for online JEE course at Aakash Digital and start preparation of JEE Main 2019 from the convenience of your home. It will not just help you save a lot of time wasted on daily travel but will also help you make a better study plan by utilizing those precious hours.

Every year, a student wastes almost 2 months in traveling to attend their coaching classes. For a crucial exam like JEE, these 2 months make a lot of time, which you can effectively use for revision by opting to study from home.

Focus on improvement and smart work

As you have already covered complete JEE Main syllabus in your previous attempt, there is no use of wasting time again on the same thing. To ensure that you don’t get stuck on the same topics or subjects again, enroll for subject-specific JEE course at Aakash iTutor. You can buy courses in recorded video lectures to learn the selected topics. In your second attempt for JEE Main, you should be more focused on smart work than hard work.

Consider quality study material

To ace JEE Main 2019, you should look for the best study material, which is not just limited to the course books. Well-curated study material includes printed books, e-books, recorded video lectures and test series, which you can easily get at Aakash Digital.

Stay Positive

Losing positivity and confidence is a mistake most of the students make after knowing that they couldn’t crack JEE Main. This makes the situation worse for them by giving extra stress and pressure of performing better in JEE Main 2019. Instead of thinking of the previous result, you should focus on your goal of cracking JEE Main 2019.

So, don’t feel dejected as this is not the end of the world. Take a time-out and start a new journey to come out with flying colors in your second attempt. By correcting your mistakes and getting right guidance, you can really make it big.

Author: Preeti Gupta

Preeti Gupta is a passionate writer and reader, who believes in the magic of words. Helping students in their competitive exam preparation through informative blogs gives her happiness. In her free time, she loves traveling.

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