With education industry witnessing massive growth and reach, monetary and social benefits is what a balanced investor can expect year after year. Education Industry is one of the most eminent emerging sectors in the service Industry. A sector which is not only growing with the increasing population but also due to Indians' fixation with education, good educational infrastructure and ambitious parents which have made it a recession-proof coaching industry in the country.

Entrepreneurs from organized sectors are tapping into this huge industry. Aakash Educational Services Limited (AESL) is one of the largest players in the coaching industry.

Our company offers comprehensive test preparatory services to students for preparation of medical and engineering entrance exams and other competitive exams. Our decades of experience, thousands of selections in Medical and Engineering Entrance Exams, a countrywide network of more than 170 centres (Including Franchise), a collective base of many thousands of students every year have made us a well known coaching institute. We provide a wide range of test preparatory services diversified across subject matter and delivery channels. Our varied range of services enables us to be involved through the academic phase of our students studying in Class 8 to 12, which, together with our extensive presence across India, gives us a competitive edge over others who are more subject-specific and localised.

We believe, today, “Aakash” brand is associated with quality test preparatory services and a proven student selection track record. We have been able to strengthen our brand recognition and improve our brand recall through a variety of means such as our strong student performance, pan India network, qualified faculty, comprehensive study material, modern infrastructure, and integrated systems and processes. We are determined to improvise on our coaching capabilities and aim to give the best possible standards of quality and guidance to Medical and Engineering aspirants across India with the help of our franchise partners.

Our Strengths

  1. 1. Integrated Teaching Approach
  2. 2. Well Qualified Faculty
  3. 3. Good Track Record of Results in Competitive exams like NEET, AIIMS & JEE
  4. 4. Doubt Clearance
  5. 5. Tests and Assessments
  6. 6. Motivational Sessions
  7. 7. Parent Teacher Meetings
  8. 8. Disciplined and Focused Learning Environment
  9. 9. Pan India Network
  10. 10. Competitive Atmosphere with Personalised Attention
  11. 11. Comprehensive Study Material
  12. 12. Digital Learning Programs
  13. 13. Daily Attendance Monitoring
  14. 14. Scholarships and Awards
  15. 15. Comprehensive Testing Systems
  16. 16. Modern Infrastructure
  17. 17. Monitoring and Reviewing (Monthly Performance Report)

Brand value of Aakash

Aakash being a recognised brand in the test preparatory services helps and supports you to make a move in the evolving test preparatory Industry and assist in aiming at your goals. With Aakash comes its brand value along with the well tested business model and a whole lot of additional advantages like:

  1. 1. Association with a powerful and strong brand that gives you an immediate recognition
  2. 2. Broad segment of students (VIII, IX, X, XI, XII studying and XII passed students).
  3. 3. A meticulously designed system to enable centres to run effectively.
  4. 4. One of the largest talent hunt and scholarship exam, ANTHE
  5. 5. A network of like-minded individuals and successful persons to learn and get inspired from.
  6. 6. Quality coaching experience aiming to fulfil demand supply gap.
  7. 7. Regular centre visits by experienced faculty members and administrative staff
  8. 8. Detailed operation manuals and intensive training to impart the required skill set and test preparatory business understanding
  9. 9. An honest, dedicated and transparent approach, which forms the soul of our relationship with any business partner. Systematic recruitment and training programs for faculty members, which facilitate scalable growth while maintaining quality across our Aakash centres.
  10. 10. Academic and Pedagogy support through vast accumulation of products and services through classroom, online and distance coaching centred as per the needs of the students.
  11. 11. From time to time we undertake various corporate advertising and marketing campaigns to increase our brand awareness.
  12. 12. Technology and legal support.

Aakash Franchisee advantage:

Aakash Educational Services Limited has grown from a single centre and currently operates 170+ centres (including Franchise) network across India. As on March 31, 2018, we operate 67 Aakash centres in 42 cities through Franchise arrangements, wherein we enter into agreements with third party franchisees to conduct and operate Aakash Centres under the “Aakash” brand in accordance with the terms of the Franchise Agreements.

Join us as our partner in our journey of aiming towards success if you have

  1. • A will to succeed
  2. • Relevant skills and attitude to grow
  3. • Ideas that can change the face of the Industry
  4. • Experience and knowledge in the Test Preparatory Industry

In case you are interested, please connect with us at:

Registered Office:

Franchise Department
Aakash Educational Services Limited.

Aakash Tower, 8, Pusa Road,
New Delhi-110005
Ph.: 011-47623402
Fax: 011-47623472


Today, using a balanced mix of Teacher-led, Video-lecture driven, Computer-based and Web-based training, Aakash aims to make the learning process more informative, engaging and captivating for students. It constantly strives to enhance the everyday learning experience of students and is on the look-out for partners who can share its vision and goals.

Individuals or Companies who aspire to make a difference by transforming the lives of students are invited to join the Aakash brand.


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