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NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Social Science History Chapter 4: In the earliest cities

This chapter talks about the earliest human civilisations. It tells us about how the early cities developed. We would learn about the Harappan civilisation and construction of cities. We would be taught about city planning, and the different kinds of buildings found there. The chapter also teaches us about the craft and pottery done in the Harappan civilisation. We would also study about the decline of this civilisation and its abrupt end. Finally, the chapter would conclude by mentioning the trading of raw materials and the change in agricultural practices. Salient points of the chapter:

  • The chapter talks about one of the earliest cities of our subcontinent, Harappa.
  • All cities that had buildings and structures that looked like Harappa were called Harappan.
  • These cities were built around 4700 years ago.
  • They were built in two parts- the upper and higher part was called the citadel, and the lower part was called the lower town.
  • Special places were also built in some cities like the Great Bath in Mohenjodaro.
  • The chapter also talks about city planning- the houses, the drainage system and the streets.
  • The craft was very popular, and men and women both were engaged in work either in their houses or in workshops.
  • Most craft products were built of shells, stones, and metals like copper and bronze. Harappans also made seals, pots, beads.
  • People travelled to distant lands, and trade of raw materials was also very vibrant.
  • People who lived in the countryside grew crops and cattle.
  • Plough was developed during this period and was used in agriculture.
  • Around 3900 years ago, these cities vanished.
  • Scholars have suggested that this might have happened due to the drying up of rivers or because of some natural calamity.


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