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NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Social Science Civics Chapter 8: Rural Livelihoods

This chapter talks about the different jobs that people perform in villages to earn their livelihood. We would also look into the question of equality in these villages. It is also discussed whether people from all castes and classes enjoy equality of opportunity or not. We will look at the examples of different villages in India. We would learn about the problems that people face in these villages related to their work. Salient points to keep in mind from the chapter include the following:

  • The chapters begin with a case study of Kalpattu village in Tamil Nadu. People of this village perform different roles like blacksmiths, nurses, washermen, barbers etc. The chapter goes on to explain the demographic and natural surroundings of the village.
  • We also study a worker called Thulasi. She tells us about the problems she faces in her every day and also the low pay she receives.
  • We also read about a farmer called Sekar. He tells us the problems associated with small- scale farming in rural areas.
  • The chapter tells us about the dependence of farmers on rains.
  • We also get to know about the debt that these poor farmers and labourers have to incur.
  • The income group of farmers and the population share of these respective groups have been taught about in the chapter.
  • Selling milk and owning dairies is another common job in villages.
  • People in coastal villages are also dependent on fishing for their livelihood.
  • People in rural villages are also involved in seasonal jobs like harvesting.


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